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The Most Incredible Volcano Video of ALL Time

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by 3n19m470

Originally posted by Wonderer2012

Originally posted by tvtexan
reply to post by Wonderer2012

To Wonderer2012, and everyone else that posted,


Once I was able to see the video on a full screen monitor and check out his other vids, I realized that I had made a mistake.

I apologize.

I'm an ash-hole!

Wonderer2012, I owe you a few stars and flags.

Haha, don't be silly, we all jump to conclusions from time to time

True, but that doesn't mean it does not cause harm when we do so. Especially when the first member to call fake has been around for about 3 years... And after the second accusation of fraud, how many people do you think actually stuck around or watched the video? And out of those who kept going, how many stayed after the third person chimed in with the "looks like a green screen" comment? Looks like about 10... Not bad for the most incredible REAL volcano of all time... I guess...? The apology from one member was sure polite... But I wonder if it was just too late for him to edit his accusational post, or... What? Cause that would've been a lot more helpful!

Let's face it... You may as well redo this thread. Maybe with assurances in the op that it is NOT fake. You can do it if you can find another forum that would be applicable... Like general discussion or fragile earth or even People...since this guy is known for doing dangerous videos you could put a partial focus on the man himself. I just think its a shame what these hooligans did to your thread.

Bless you for being so forgiving, we need more of that and less of the jumping of the conclusions and such. Especially when it is worded in a "I know for sure that what I'm saying is a fact" sort of a way, when the human thing to do would've been to say something more along the lines of "Well I'm not sure but that looks so awesome to me that it seems fake, but that could just be because its so awesome"... Instead, he stated that not only was it a fake, but it was so obvious that it was fake, so "bad that its good". I mean, it was case closed as far as he was concerned!

I say "the more human thing to do" because so many people around here act as if they are gods and they can know the impossible. Like this guy speaking as if he were there when the video was made!

Thanks for the support

I would like to think that ATS members would make up their own minds about a video and not let a negative comment (which was the first reply) stop people viewing it, but perhaps you were right.

The video is there I'm not going to post it again for the mods to send it to the trash bin section

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