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I, Pet Goat II Director Interviewed: "A pet goat could actually be a false-flag operation"

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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 06:48 AM

The man behind I, Pet Goat II--Louis Lefebvre--has been interviewed for VICE. He talks all about the film and some of the hidden symbols within it.

What does the title mean? Is it referring to the book George Bush was reading when he was told about the twin towers?

Yes, the title I, Pet Goat II refers to the book, “The Pet Goat”, that George Bush was reading in the classroom that day. The title is a play on that and, in the context of the art, might imply that we are the pet goats, kept neatly boxed in to our little reality in order to be controlled. I personally feel very strongly that the 9/11 attacks were actually controlled demolitions ordered by insiders in order to keep people in fear, give a pretext for more resourceful wars in the Middle East and bring about the Patriot Act that took many civil liberties away from us. So, in this context, a pet goat could actually be a false-flag operation. The title could then mean one false-flag, two false-flags – and on and on the endless chicanery continues.


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