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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 05:10 AM
“Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel,
because he has come to his people and redeemed them."

“Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again."

“Understand this, those who forget God, lest you be crushed and there is no one to deliver.”

In a small town on a narrow street in front of a house on a bench sits a white-haired old man with a sad face and sad smile thinking while watching some innocent children playing a game about Rome and Romans.
One child embodies Cesar the other is a slave the third is a Roman soldier .. but no one wants to be a senator.

"What became humanity or does not grown into anything because nothing has changed in human behavior."

Is mid-September and still warm maybe like 2000 years ago in a mid september.
His thoughts fly far away.

He imagine back 2000 thousand years the year 14 AD.... on the island of time to remember the beautiful days that we had. Though very ill Emperor Augustus still dreams that Rome will remain forever imperial capital.

He remembers Egypt and the good days when he came in power:

The exhausting and continuously journey through desert make the sweat skin of the horses to have a strange glow in the white sun.
Must make camp somewhere soldiers barely move and all need fresh water.
He remembers the words of a slave that the desert is the best friend for an egyptian.
Or rather slave in ancient Egypt with feet making mud bricks from straw or to carve in stone to build pharaohs pyramids than slave in Rome.But even the pharaohs were thought to be eternal than their slaves.

That battle from Actium leaded by his friend Marcus Vipsanius brought him in power.
He became Princeps and his road to Romes throne was assured as the first citizen.

He will never know that the naumachiahe( naval battle ) he gave for his victories will became later the beginning of the end for the roman empire.The feading of the lions with humans begins with two naumachiai at the inauguration of the Colluseum.
Lifting a hand and and descent hand with thumb down decided the fate of people in ancient Rome
as a lifting hand today one vote more or less decide the fate of a nation.
As by the own hand the roman empire has parished.
Slaves worked for Romans as entire nations fell into slavery.
Today whole nations have fallen into slavery in front of empires straw leaders who believe as eternal and smart
as Caesars or Pharoes.In the morning they wake up and look in the mirror and admire themselves or maybe because they were waiting to be admired.The Colluseum and blood thirsty crowds waiting eagerly
for human sacrifice.
Cesar think "what can I give them today. Lions are fed already and there are many slaves" and still sacrifice
must be made!For their power to be eternal ... eternal .. as pharaohs coffins.

Arena is full and the show begins the servants of the emperor fill the gold cup with red wine as the blood that
will be spilled.
Delirious crowd applaud the entry of slaves in the arena in chains powerless and defenseless and which can only pray a prayer that no one can take from them.
The drug of the crowds is their lives hanging in balance in the eyes without sight of beasts without thinking
like today it is the balance of power that is hanging in the hands of modern Pharoes and Cesars to offer
them the modern drug which is'money'to those who stand in their benches of this modern Colluseum.

Pyramids and the Colusseum still exist but they have no purpose than to study or visit,the Colusseum is a ruin
and proof of what is happening today and the fact that everything is the same only the slaves are modern slaves who can not (or are not allowed) to think.

That reoccuring dream obsessively come back to Augustus .This strange city with two palaces very tall,taller than any palace in Rome and those two bright birds flying towards the palaces.
That Old woman that he encountered in his way could she make Spells to him?

Maybe is Rome in the future .... over 2000 years from now, often he asked himself the question how will Rome look over 2000 years.
He must note this dream.Or maybe these are territories full of riches on the north side of who heard talking about but he is too sick to do an expedition.
Yes he must wrote this dream and leave that note as a legacy to those who will come to power maybe over 2000 years from now... a small town on a narrow street in front of a house on a bench where
sits a white-haired old man with a sad face and sad smile thinking while
watching some innocent children playing a game about Rome and Romans.

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