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America Buckling Under Weight Of Obama’s Failed Presidency…

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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by jtma508
reply to post by Gridrebel

No one said the economy was good. Don't be a troll. The point I made and what the available data supports is that the economy has been steadily improving. Keep in mind, oh ye of infinitessimally short memory, a bunch of well-connected, Wall Street banksters tanked virtually the entire GLOBAL economy back in 2007 (either as part of a sinister comspiracy or because they're simply greedy asshats that let things get out-of-control). No one --- not even Mittens of the Majik Underpants --- is going to throw some majical switch and make things all 2000 again (economic peak) Things have been on the decline since right after Bush v2.0 was sworn in. That's a fact, jack.

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No, the economy is not steadily improving. And Bush didn't exactly inherit a booming economy. The unemployment rate has held to a steady 8% since Obama took office. And you contradicted yourself by stating "the economy has been steadily improving" and "things have been on the decline since right after Bush..." If being a troll means telling the truth then I shall troll away.

posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Gridrebel

The unemployment rate is only one (lagging) measure of the economy. Demand has to increase for businesses to expand to increase hiring to lower the unemployment rate. Got that?

In no way did I contradict myself. You simply can't digest what I'm saying. Let me shift into Sesame Street level for you. The economy's last expansion peaked in 2000-early 2001 (March 2001 according to the study I provided. It began to contract after that. 9/11 caused a large episodic contraction which we partially recovered from after a period of several months. Then the Wall Street asshats put a fork in it during 2006-2007. It crashed in 2008-2009 and since then has slowly been recovering. Google housing prices, business start/close ratio, GDP, export/import ratio, Baltic Dry Index, the markets, and any of the other indicators associated with the broader economy. Again, unemployment is only one small measure that LAGS behind the others. The working ~92% need have to start buying to dirve demand and all the rest will follow.

posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 07:34 PM

Originally posted by buster2010

Originally posted by guohua
Obama's answer to a College Student on the best way to get a Job,

At a town hall hosted by Univision this afternoon in Florida, a college student asked President Obama for advice on how to get a job. Obama first lavished praise on the journalists hosting the forum and then admitted that the economy has not been doing well for the last four years:

"The economy has been very tough for the last four years," Obama said. "And so there are a lot of young people out there who graduated, who have a great education, but have still had trouble getting work."

The president then said the best thing the college student could do to get a job is to get an education.

It appears obama cares more about Kissing The A** of the Journalist than giving an honest answer that was well thought out.
OK, you people want another fours years of Stupid Answers Like That?
Yes, Continue to get in debt to the government with more student loan bills. Don't think for yourself, you might discover that Voting For The Other Guy is The Answer!

You don't even comprehend what Obama is even talking about do you? The reason why a lot of college kids can't find jobs after graduating is because they take crap courses. There are plenty of jobs out there but kids aren't taking courses that will prepare them for those jobs.

I Comprehended Perfectly,,, Your Messiah had no answer for her, You don't know what her degree was and what it was in, now do you? Neither did obuma, He wanted to Blame Bush!
More than likely obuma wanted her to go further in-debt with a student loan.

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posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 04:48 AM

Originally posted by jtma508

People are largely ignorant, polarized parrots. And for that reason we ARE doomed.

Would love to post about getting active and trying to educate people...
But there are a lot of people who want it simple. Some want USA to go down, and I ain't talking no terrorists here, but sulking cynics. After going thru a rough time they want everyone to do the same.
But the DOOM could be real bad and there are still people willing to fight the good fight.
USA was not a better place in the 19th century.
But it's REAL hard, fighting the privatly owner media selling the myth 24/7.
Maybe USA got too rich and that lead to arrogance and ignorance?
But no one wants the DOOM, cept a few crazies. The fight MUST go on!
Hang in there people, in the end we can't lose this. Even if there is a DOOM.
People are waking up. It's just sooooo slow...

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