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White Buffalo Calf Woman

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 05:09 AM
I know I've heard that the Lakota people had a song of healing in the past. Does anyone have any info on that?

If it does heal diseases which ones does it? I know lots of Natives have diabetes these days, but I want to know one thing: Do any of the tribes have a cure for the rising modern day illnesses we see?

I have always agreed with the teachings that humanity should live in harmony with nature. Perhaps the rise in diseases that we see in modern society are related to all the toxicity of 'modernization' ? Don't get me wrong here, I love all the electronic gadgets in the world (however I DO NOT own an Iphone!).

What I need to know is if there is any knowledge from the Natives on curing diseases, specifically of the autoimmune types such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

Knowledge has been suppressed in many places in the world, but I believe it can be found.

Thanks to the OP who posted this thread, sugarcookie1!

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by InFriNiTee

Much of the western herbalism practiced today in the USA came from Native American knowledge and traditional uses. Although usage of plants and their parts differ among tribes throughout the USA, the knowledge is invaluable and deeply rooted in their history..

I know they have Sweat Lodge Ceremony's for healing but as far as i know the tribes have no cure for the rising modern day illnesses like arthritis or diabetes..

I know there is about 3,200 herbs the tribes work with, including how to make extracts and tinctures but you would have to go to one of there Lodge ceremony's to find out what heals what..

I know there is a huge uprise of diabetes in the Lakota people but i think its from poor diet and exercise ..

Diabetes rates correlate with poverty, poor people eat unhealthy diets and roughly one third of Native Americans live below the poverty level... Federal policies have also played a part, particularly the USDA commodities program, which for decades supplied low-income Native Americans with surplus food.


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