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Arab Spring Designed To Fail?

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 10:15 PM
I've seen headlines recently in regards to Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East and if it is a failure due to the recent uprisings that have had some dire consequences for the U.S..Now... this got me thinking. What if the Arab Spring and the recent turmoil (film) was designed from the beginning to happen, in order to allow time for extremist groups to resurface "the bogeyman," which would give further justification to continue forward in destabilization and possible military intervention after securing strategic interests and military positioning.

Then once everything appears to be stationed and the extremists are well armed, you create a silly depiction of a religious icon in a movie to berate and demean, not to mention the cartoon that came out today, knowing the results or possibilities beforehand. This would be done to incite and bring out the masses including the extreme "bogeyman," all to continue moving ahead with the plan of war while imposing fear using links to dates such as when the American Ambassador was killed.

This whole idea from Egypt onwards had to known. I guess a decade with no one to blame anymore was enough, had to reignite the flame and the enemy in order to keep up the pursuit. And while the unrest continues over this film and cartoons, we can only guess who'll take the next shot at insulting to keep the flame kindled.

What's ironic about this is the film coming out Dec 19, about the killing of OBL called "Zero Dark Thirty." Which I'm sure we all know of or at least the current Administrations dealing with Hollywood in it's production. Talk about a recipe.

Anyways just some thoughts...

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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by Daedal

What I think is this. What you are seeing with this Arab spring is the birth pangs of the new Islamic superstate. Also known as the Caliphate.

Link to an article about it.

The Arab spring is all about getting rid of the old governments in the region so when the time is ripe a literal United States of Islam will appear. Practically overnight. And part of the problem here is who is going to run it. Sunnis or Shias. Saudi Arabia or Iran. Or a 3rd party.

And then they will take their Jihad to the West and work on making the world Muslim. One way or another.


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