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Breaking Chains From TBI

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 04:15 PM
MY STORY is about the indomitable will to survive the worst challenges and still remain both alive and determined to bring information to others, in hopes they will not have to suffer similar circumstances.

I was brought up from hostile origins, my parents were indigenous natives of this continent, both north and south, in the 1930's. Both had very little chance or opportunity of breaking from the depravity of their past, but, succeeded in their lifetimes to do so. I repeated many of their mistakes. I was a single parent by age 32 with little or no help from anyone, family, ex-husband, agencies, or courts. Still, I managed to successfully work for DISNEY, FIRESTONE TIRES, Eagle Mtn. Casino, & several doctors, dentists before going back to school to get my degree. I only succeeded to get an AA in English, with HONOR, before an uncanny series of 5 auto accidents completely altered the course of my life.

I use to cry about the unfairness of the Los Angeles Superior Family Court when in 1989 my ex-husband's paid attorney succeeded to obtain full physical custody of our sons, after submitting a feigned handwritten ledger reporting Child Support payments, made in cash, to me right at the time I had been injured while working at Disney. I use to cry over the broken trust I had with my LDS church leader, a member of the Bishopric who was also a jeweler and had stolen/replaced my 1.24kt, rare champagne diamond with a smaller, lower quality diamond after I took the ring in for a repair. I even use to cry over the injustice by the Tulare County DA who attempted to prosecute me for Welfare Fraud at a time where for 10 months my sons were living with me which forced my ex-husband to pay child support to Tulare County during this period. Rather than pay the child support my ex-husband preferred to claim he had physical custody of our sons and was prepared to testify against me after he and the Prosecutor agreed to have me arrested.

I guess I didn't really have anything to cry about until after a 3rd accident, 2003, when I lost all of my former capacities of exceptional functioning which enabled me to succeed at everything, jobs, college, 3.89GPA, within my home, family, community, with everything I ever tried in life. Right before this accident I'd gone to Germany and had decided to obtain an Education Visa, hoping to learn of the social issues/concerns which were plainly pointing toward the horizon of our current global economic situation. Less than a month after I returned from my travels in Germany I was rear ended by another lousy UNDERINSURED DRIVER in California which caused problems doctors had little or no understanding of; Traumatic Brain Injuries. The misdiagnosis was CONCUSSION, which didn't explain all the changes to my behaviors and the severe loss of all my cognitive functioning.

The worst part has to be all the changes I've observed and experienced from everybody else. Before the 2003 auto accident I use to carry two dance cards to meet the demands of my day to day activities. I'd hired an attorney for the previous 2001 accident recommended by a knowledgable family member. The attorney was only too glad to pick up another case with the subsequent 2003 accident. TBI interfered with all of my abilities, mental, physical, spiritual. Little did I realize the attorney observed the dramatic changes to my personality between the 2001 and 2003 accidents, used them against me, for profit, before abandoning me to stand alone, unprepared, uninformed, in dealing with my Auto Insurer on the 2003 UI claim and even placed a LEIN against any Settlement I may receive from this claim. Audaciously, this same attorney now advertises on the web; SPECIALIZES IN TBI INJURIES.

The TBI has forced me to live in and out of my car for 9 years, until moving to Cedar City, UT. I now reside in GOVERNMENT HOUSING through Section 8. My Auto Insurer has persisted to torment/harass/threaten/coerce me to accept a ridiculously low Settlement Offer. A year ago, after experiencing the pains associated with traveling to unfamiliar places, for another one of their demands to attend several depositions I offered to release them of any obligation if they were willing to offer me a Settlement for the 2003 accident in the amount of $1. They refused, claiming it would be unethical.

To this day, I can't go anywhere without having to contend the avarice of people's predatory tendencies. I have pain in between my neck and skull which has never gone away and when there is inflammation which is usually constant my cognitive senses are either corrupted or diminished. I suffer constant nightmares which are basically the reliving of every and all past hurts from my entire life. Pain melds within pain constantly. I fear for the RETURNING SOLDIERS who have TBI. If they do NOT get immediate and proper medical attention I have no doubt there will be a greater and growing number of casualties related to this INVISIBLE DISABILITY upon our American future's horizon.

If only I could find a way to break from the demeaning, degrading, demoralizing GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS which have not the slightest interest or concern to actually help me. Since 2003 my MEDICARE costs/DEBT has nearly reached a half a million dollars! The idea of a National Healthcare System only promises an undoubted burden of escalating DEBT to anyone and everybody who is able to work and pay taxes. Right now, I would gladly pay any amount of TAXES if I could return to work knowing my TAX $$ truly helped. My personal experiences PROVE MEDICARE PROVIDERS/lawyers/politicians are nothing more than forked tongued SLACKERS! I hate thinking about the half million spent and I am still having medical problems, TBI, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Depression, etc., with no absolutely no reasonable medical treatment to provide relief for these injuries! I don't even want to imagine how a half million dollars could have helped me in so many other ways.

The fact both my former Attorney and my Auto Insurance have no problem forcing this unconscionable, unrealistic DEBT of Medical Costs upon MEDICARE is unquestionably criminal and negligent. What has happened to the fortitude, grace, and beauty of this spectacularly beautiful country and it's once worthy citizens?

I dedicate to my sons, CJ and Justin, all my determination and courage to continue to fight against all INVISIBLE BATTLES & WARS. My personal struggles, these past 9 years, has placed upon my sons, the hope of my future, a great and heavy burden, both undue and unfair, in having to fight against the ever growing ICONIC MONSTERS who so easily, readily attempt to suck the life blood out of any and all who would pay them to simply live up to the promises made in their pursuit of FREE ENTERPRISE. All the while, these ICONIC MONSTERS have only grown toward acting with absolute disregard, DISLOYALTY toward those who have contributed to raise them up toward immeasurable success.

I praise and applaud the courage my family, CJ & Sheri & Justin, exemplify by holding up the banner for moral aptitude with a willingness to fight and die for truth. We, who understand the importance of truth, will never cease to rise up against anyone,or anything, who would try to steal our freedom and rob US of the livelihood freedom brings. My gratitude is Eternal for the determination, these individuals faced, throughout the past 9 years of untold, countless challenges.
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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by dtourmined

TBI notwithstanding, you obviously have exceptional intellectual ability.

Sounds like a rough time and really bad luck...

Hang in there....and Welcome!

This is a nice place to visit if you don't take it too seriously. Lots of smart, funny, helpful, and interesting people on here...

See you around!

I look forward to your additional posts.

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by dtourmined

Sounds as if you have lived enough life, and hardships, for 5 people, yet still move forward. Welcome to'll find kindred Souls here....enjoy your journey here.....


posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 04:48 PM
Bet that felt good to get off your chest! Stay strong, you sound like a fighter.

Welcome to ATS! I hope that things look up for you soon.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by dtourmined

Welcome Welcome new ATS member.

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