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My response to MIST's challenge:

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posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 03:24 AM
I'm afraid I didn't get past the 2nd page of your challenge to me. I have a real job, with real, honest to goodness responsibilities and haven't the time you do. Even if I figured out how to fleece the masses, my conscience wouldn't allow that. I decided to get right to the point so that I may read intelligent posts from the real members of this community, not some huckster's garbage.

Let's make a couple things clear, and I mean crystal clear. I do not debate the bible. Had you the first inkling of God's word, you'd know that He forbids that. It is useless. There are people here that are fellow believers that have different takes on the Bible but if they are aware of that it is probably because they've read my point of view in other postings as I learned their point of view. I'm certainly not going to be called out into the street by some stranger passing through town thinking he is the new quick draw. You haven't a clue of my belief and the fact that you try and call me out for a debate has just proven your ignorance.
Congratulations, you lose in the first volley. Feel stupid now? You should. But, hey! Don't let that get you down, learn from your ignorance.

Second point: Who do you think you are, coming into our quaint little hamlet, talking down to us as if you are the ultimate authority on everything from religions you haven't a clue about to conspiracy ideas? I believe your ignorance on religion is self-evident, and I'll not even bother with that topic anymore. Let us move on to government/illuminati concepts:

In this little community, where, after just a couple days you think you know enough to attach percentages to things like intelligence and maturity, we have a collective research time of many decades. Many of us are old enough to have started our quest back in the good old days when books were the way information was passed around. Some of us have gotten together with like-minded people around tables and passed around information collected in person. Some of us have spent time, money and gas looking for tangible evidence of different conspiracies. We aren't the gullible, starry-eyed novices that people like yourself feed on, and you'll not come into our home and pretend to be the expert from afar, because pal, we are the collective researchers from around the globe, and we don't need your plagerized collection of bullcrap or your pompous attitude.

Let's see, I covered the debating the Bible against God's word (something about which you haven't a clue), the idea you're smarter than we are (yeah, copy/paste boy), have I missed anything?
Oh yeah, you freak of nature, when posting the juvenile "I'm here and my name is..." thread, don't be so presumptuous as to thank us for welcoming you. We reserve the right to welcome who we want, when we want. And since you decided to wipe your filthy feet on our carpet, pal, you are about as welcomed as your AIDES!

By the way, good night and drive carefully, MIST.

And BTW BTW, in response to your accusation that I have flamed you, trust me, when I flame you, you'll be too busy tring to put the flames out of your head and arse to knuckle pound that keyboard of yours. Peter carried a sword and I make it a habit to do that as well, both in reality and in cyberspace. I try to be selective when I use it, and only for a worthy cause. You ain't it.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 02:42 AM
I am dreadfully befuddled. Solomon, is there any reason why you can't respond to my response to your gauntlet?
An acknowledgement would be appreciated.


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