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I am ready to Baptize Extra-terrestrials

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 06:12 PM
How can anybody think that beings that are enlightened enough to be able to traverse the galaxy would come to a backward place like the earth then agree to being baptised into some primitive stone age dogma. This doesn't border on the rediculous it is the epitome of rediculous

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 06:26 PM

Originally posted by autowrench
reply to post by 2012newstart

You have got to be kidding. How will you baptise this guy?

Remember, they are said to stand 12 feet tall. Going to wrestle him down before he eats you alive? What's the plan here?
Seriously, when ET does come, they will set you all straight on your religions.

Autowrench, that is assuming the Reptilians have a religion. And the OP was not specific in which aliens.

Believe me, I don't think I would get near that Reptilian. I am confused now by all the talk of the different aliens. Did some come to earth a long time ago? They would not be considered alien anymore. If they are coming and going, then perhaps they are just on holiday.

But technically, because we went to the moon, that made us aliens there. And if we ever go to Mars we would be alien there also.

Does the term alien only apply for planets but not outer space? Are we aliens in outer space? Are they aliens in outer space? These are things I think about.

If an Earth made space ship is in outer space for several hundred years and encounters another ship from another planet in space also there several hundred years, are we each considered aliens in outer space?

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 06:38 PM
Please do…. I would love to see you melt or get vaporised while trying to convert them.

When they tell you that they are actually ‘your god’ will you follow them blindly and do whatever they say?

I think they will be setting a few records straight, and ‘being saved’ will not be one of the things that they will want.


posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 08:19 PM

Originally posted by charles1952
reply to post by 2012newstart

It seems you are making a couple of assumptions that have me curious (No, not the "it's safe to dunk them in water, assumption" (Although, if you want I'll tell you about my experience with a one-pound can of metallic Sodium.))

First, do we know that they need baptism and salvation? Perhaps they made the right choice in whatever their Garden of Eden was. They may not be fallen creatures, as we are.

Second, if they are fallen, how do we know what provisions God has made for their redemption? We know baptism is important for us, but is it for them?

Honestly? I would rather greet them with a sign that says "Go away, we are a sinful and violent people. Do not let us infect you."

We could only humbly guess what God's plans are. What if Adam and Eve didn't eat that fruit, so to speak? Will Jesus come again? There is much dispute within the christian theology. I prefer the view He would come anyway, because He is anyway the Son of God and wants to give us Divine resurrected life beyond what Adam and Eve had naturally. Would He die then? I don't know. But the history is what it is, and He already died once and for all. And let me guess He didn't die only for the most ungrateful people that appear to be on this planet, but once for all the creatures everywhere in the Universe. For whoever deems it necessary to get united to the only begotten Son of God. Of course it is a conscious choice, nothing can be done forcefully. I don't know how many of Them are fallen and whether they want to repent, or how many of them are not fallen, i.e. something like the state of Adam and Eve before the fall. Still they may want to encounter the Son of God, much more than us, both fallen and unwilling to get up for 20 centuries.

The wording in the Gospels in Greek when Jesus sends apostles to the end of the world, could mean everything. In fact it meant Universe, because the Greek understood - "everything" inside. The world they knew was limited and enlarged throughout centuries - Columbus etc. And today it is quite large beyond the planet Earth. Marck 16 the end uses in Greek the word Cosmos (in inclination). So there is a clear mandate from Jesus given before His Ascencion, to go to the ends of the Universe, or Cosmos. Not the translation tricks, but the essence of that mandate is what matters. What did Jesus mean by that - the 5 continents not know yet, or much more. After al, he also left the earth. And if he went to heaven, Enoch and Elijah did not - could not, being not resurrected. They are on other planets.

I guess a problem will arise from Christian churches because they will see the matter in their hands solely. But the history on earth shows for many peoples when the Christianity reached them, only few of the elite accepted it first until a community of believers formed in time, being only baptized without other sacraments. And only then a bishop was sent to them to confirm the already existing Christian community.

Every Christian regardless of the different Churches has the right to give baptism in exceptional situations, although here n Earth later it should enter the registry of the local parish...I consider exceptional situation if I go on board a ship to another planet, and if they want to enter in union with Jesus Christ's Divine life thru baptism. I will not wait for a permission from Earth that may be delayed due to issues of transportation, communication, or simply human error - delayed for centuries in theological disputes should the ET be given baptism and other sacraments. The life is going on, and I am ready to do my part while still in my own lifespan. The next generations of the Church may decide how exactly they will formulate it from theological point of view.

I write all that for two reasons:

First, the ET who reportedly have 200 races already present on Earth, read here. Let they know there are people ready for that. Because frankly that is the greatest gift the ET could ever take from Earth. Not gold, not other metals or oil, not human organs as some paint the picture in dark. It is the Divine presence.

Second, I want to encourage other devote people who might have not realized how powerful we are, and who might be ready for the same.

And third, of course I'd like to see more activity and more clear position on the part of the main churches. I mentioned Fr Funes the chief Vatican astronomer for a purpose, because he is one of the few who speaks of ET in public (see youtube). Many do not believe, and for many that is an area of negativity or demonic and therefore taboo to speak before people. Let go out of that frame and accept 21st century reality. That there are besides the spirits angels and devils, also ET who might be polarized, as we humans are. Perhaps we have only 90 days to make our minds for that!

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 08:30 PM
Let gve some numbers

There are 400, billion stars already discovered in our galaxy Milky Way. Only 10 years ago they were 200 billion. Recent estimates say it is expected 50 bln of them to have planetary systems, incuding similar to Earth. That makes 50 billion star systems with planets and possible life forms! The already discovered exo-planets (400 and rising fast) are abundantly spread nearby Earth on a distance of 100 light years, still a tiny minority in the vast galaxy. That is what is seen from telescopes, no sci-fi.

In fact the contactees speak of civilizations much nearer, such as Alfa Centauri the nearest star system. They just do not communicate the way we do with radio signals. But that is a whole new area if you want to enter into their testimonies - highly professional people who somehow now get the permission to speak in public. I suggest as a start the UFO Disclosure conference in the Washington DC national pressclub 2001.

The nearest Andromeda galaxy consists of 1 trillion stars (previous estimate at 200 bilion similar to ours).

Aren't there intelligent beings? Many say there are, many people inside secret projects say they are already in contact. Other researchers search evidence in historic records.

Did the ET know of Jesus? Perhaps they observe everything on Earth and know it in details. You know the signals from Earth travel with the speed of light. And their ships travel faster. So they have recorded everything from our history. Special devices could be used, such as looking glass. There are contactees such as mjr srg Robert Dean and Clifford Stone, who said recently in project Camelot interview that they have seen the Crucufuxion of Jesus, and that is hard to be seen - you have to be prepared, that everything in the world is interconnected, and srg Clifford Stone declared he still believes God created the world and Jesus Christ is His son...That would take volumes to speak on that topic alone - could we indeed SEE via special devices and distortion of space time what really happened in history. And could we be cheated in that, too...

Did they ever ask the Church of Jesus on Earth to receive Baptism? Since the time pf Peter and the apostles? or in modern days when it is clear the Vatican is in contact with them since the meeting of Eisenhower? (the same interview). Especially the human ET that are known to be a significant part of all ET? Were they refused the sacraments of Jesus because of any reason of medieval understanding that is still forceful in the churches? And how long that will be?

Is THIS the fact that actually stops them for so long, (decades or even centuries) to intervene in a positive way on Earth? We know they have been in contact since 1950s, those who we call benevolent ET, and still we do not see much result of that contact. The world is worse than ever, on the bring of nuclear and other catastrophes. I don't understand why they are still waiting. Do they prefer the extinction to actually start taking place, and then to do anything good? Here I am not even talking of those who are considered "negative" - Grey or worse. (Negative in terms of what we are told of them). I am talking of those who present themselves as benevolent serving-to-others, and mostly human-oid indistinguishable if they sit next to you in the plane.

So this is another reason for me to declare I am ready to do my part. And it may not be that small at all. If they do theirs.

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 08:53 PM
Unless of course they had some kind of indisputable proof that all the Abrahamic religions were false. Then you would be the one undergoing conversion, not them

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 09:41 PM
To administer the other sacraments, and especially the Most Holy Eucharist - the Real Divine Presence, is needed of course a validly consecrated bishop with authentic apostolic succession. But I believe the Churches will realize that pretty soon once the contact is made public. It is strange they are still not talking openly of ET even in theory. But how, if the people are not taking. Do we expect the church leaders will start talking first and making disclosure while the civil authorities and common people are reluctant, at best? Some church leader made attempts though, only to meet deaf ears of fanatic followers who refuse to look at those particular homilies in depth, the intention they were made (I will not be more precise not to offend anyone).

Once the process is a fact, the different apostolic churches who pretend to have authentic apostolic succession, will make a literal race to include more planets and civilizations in their flocks. Being a Catholic, I hope the Roman Catholic Church will be the leader in that process. But other churches will enter the race as well, once it is a part of the announced public reality. Including those churches without clear apostolic succession. Let be realistic, and see our own history. What now we may discuss in theory and hypothesis, tomorrow will be a reality. Especially if on Earth happen unpleasant events that, even if not extinct level events, still will make the life on earth not a very good option. With waves of immigrants of earth citizens to other planets where they will meet a better personal destiny for themselves and their offspring.

I expect initiative on the side of the extraterrestrials themselves. They have waited enough. They are the ones with upper hand in technology, and hopefully in psychology and understanding of those who do not think like them. We are aborigines compared to their highly advanced civilizations. Let they stretch the hand first. I expect they will do exactly that on or about Dec 21, 2012. But we have to be ready.

To spread the religious fanaticism that we see in some Islamic countries today, or the cold-blood killing without any religion that is well known on earth, is to spread destruction and death in the galaxy. We won't be allowed that. Perhaps that's why we are quarantined on Earth, some say. But that period comes to an end. Will the humanity outlive the hatred and violence, and offer to the world beyond the best it has, and that is God's direct revelation and divine real presence? How would the devote people who read me now, answer these questions? First for themselves, and later may be also in public forums? Let create a different and better public oppinion, instead of waiting to be shaped by agendas.

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 09:43 PM

Originally posted by Xaphan
Unless of course they had some kind of indisputable proof that all the Abrahamic religions were false. Then you would be the one undergoing conversion, not them

perhaps you wait for such a proof to make your views? I'd rather offer Them my proof of how true the Abrahamic CHRISTIANITY is. I believe what I talk, and will not wait an ET to teach me how God revealed Himself on Earth. Because there are such ET - you can only see the highly erudite speaker Alex Collier on behalf of Andromedans. They deny almost everything. It will be a hard conversion for them. But I will not go there - will choose another civ.

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 10:09 PM
If a powerful ET comes on Earth publicly and gives "proof" how Jesus is false, how the Bible is false, how God's talk to and miracles in favor of His people throughout history are all false, then we are talking of the End Time great deception of the antichrist.
It might not be exactly the draconians (dragon Revelation 12) or Transformers (I think this is the Iron beast) at first sight. The first to come might look like angelic human-oids, "like lamb but speak like beast". It will be a deception, such a big that no one will withstand who is not written in the book of life before creation. And even the elect ones will be tempted to the point of their endurance. Therefore the need of a rapture before all that, because the delusion will be too strong and convincing.

But I think we are still not in these last times. Only time can tell. I base my estimations on 2 Esdras book where archangel Uriel speaks of periods of time surpassing many times the life of civilizations on Earth. I will not enter this time in that topic, perhaps posted in this forum. Also, we don't have some of the signs that must precede the antichrist: the restored temple in Jerusalem and then its desecration.

The mere fact that we are not alone in our galaxy and in the vast Universe, still doesn't mean automatically that the first ones to come to our planet are exactly those of the great deception of end times. Instead, we may look closer to texts of Bible, such as Ezekiel 1 the description of what he calls "wheels that turn on all sides", or the taking of Elijah in a flying device with fire.

One consideration more for the devote people who search the truth: Elijah could not be taken to the final highest heaven. He was not resurrected. Nobody before Jesus was. Neither Enoch was. They both were taken somewhere else, with mortal bodies (perhaps as long living as Adam or more but not resurrected). They were taken to another planet, not to heaven, neither to the place where the righteous souls of the old testament awaited the Resurrection of Jesus. They were with bodies and needed flying devices. They did not fly in the air, leaving shoes. Elijah is described quite well in details. He even has a chance to throw his cloak from the lifting off vehicle. So, people with rapture expectations, think twice before rejecting the salvation spaceship when it comes for your personal rescue-rapture! Elijah did not reject it, did not name it "deception". Let not be bigger prophets than him!

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 12:01 AM

Originally posted by Xaphan
Unless of course they had some kind of indisputable proof that all the Abrahamic religions were false. Then you would be the one undergoing conversion, not them

naw, they'll just pull the aliens are demons card

they're pretty experienced with that one
the impatient can just FF to 3:20

of course the ending will be way different from the above
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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 10:00 AM

Originally posted by 2012newstart
The mere fact that we are not alone in our galaxy and in the vast Universe,


I do not think that word means what you think it does.

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 12:20 PM
I don't know what could be more dangerous, at the time when the world is on the brink of extinction, and certain circles within the Religions try to play Armageddon / Mahdi scenario. With or without Blue beam.
What's wrong to bring the Good news of the Gospel to other worlds? Apparently someone doesn't want that happen, and wants to destroy the life here on this planet - in Armageddonic scenario (that can't be true because you can't really force Jesus Christ who is God to come again before He /His Father decide so).
That is a full absurd. An entire sky with stars many more than in the time of Galileo, and still people who think in the frames of that time. And who prefer the death, even their own as "sacrifice" than to be open for God's grand design. That should by definition go beyond their narrow minds. "My ways are not your ways..."

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by The GUT
ATS Thread Title of the Year. Other than that, I have Noooooo idea what to say.

I do. We rely on carbon dating but we have no idea if what we postulate about the decay rate of carbon is even correct when it comes to dating how old things are. Just like how the earth is supposed to be 4 billion years old, yet that can't even be proven and since there were no eyewitnesses to that it's speculation. If you do not see it with your own eyes that is all it is, just speculation and faith based reasoning.

As for baptising E.T.'s, pointless waste of time for obvious reasons.

posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 01:21 PM
with the papal jesuit astronomers saying the Revelation of God (all Bible etc) is avaiable to any inteligent life that we might approach in the universe (or they - us), this opens a new page of history of christian religion. First to the Jews, then to the Gentiles (who were considered may be as different from the Jews than the human ET - from us). Then to the human ET. I don't know what that desire to frighten the folks by showign large tall reptilian with big teeth. Perhaps there are such, but we don't know their character might be better than ours. But surely there are such human ET who are Indistinguishable on our streets, and are ALREADy present among us.

Why they need sacraments? I gues that's why they are here. No, we are not fit for biological food or experiment. The entire agenda of the Grey is currently so demonized by all UFO researchers that I doubt it is the ture one. Also everyone uses the word Reptilian to offend someone else's research. As if all billion races reptilians are all evil. As if we are so good in first place. God came to sinners, and may be have chosen the worst planet of all, so all may enjoy the salvation in Jesus Christ.

posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 01:25 PM
I would also invite the ET races to come forth independently of any political or religious scenario. Perhaps they read forums. They are the policy makers. I don't know what stops them. Oh actually I do. They are still not permitted by higher force, called archangels. Whether the event is called rapture/rescue from Earth that must happen first? In other words, we may encounter our space brothers only once rescued on their ships. The left behinders may not have that chance. That is the theory of imminent ELE and the need of rescue. (See Ashtar evacuation plan) Other possibilities exist, let say which one will be played out finally. And for whom. For me it matters that scenario that ncludes myself as active person not as observer, or even less left behinder.

posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 02:27 PM

I am ready to Baptize Extra-terrestrials

How do you know that they aren't already happily baptised in their own faith?

posted on Mar, 25 2013 @ 05:30 PM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

I am ready to Baptize Extra-terrestrials

How do you know that they aren't already happily baptised in their own faith?

I believe these so called "ET's" most certainly do have their own faith. In the reports of people claiming to come in contact with "ET's" you'll see they never come here with some useful information like how to cure cancer or space travel itself, they basically come here preaching another gospel. I call them the space faring evangelists. There message is never about anything scientific as you would expect it to be, but its actually about slamming the God of the Bible with an ET spin on the rapture. This is why some UFO researchers concluded that this is largely a religious matter. I don't believe we ever came in contact with genuine "ET's" and never will come in contact with them but with fallen angels posing as space aliens, what many Christians and Bible scholars believe to be the "gods" of the Pagan religions. All this alien propaganda will play a major role in the end times. It will be a deception that will be so clever that even those that call themselves 'atheists' will fall for it, because its all going to make so much sense. To clarify, angels are not "aliens" in the sense of them being extraterrestrial as this implies that they are indigenous to our realm of existence, they are far more than mere biological specimens, they are celestial beings.

Evidence for a Spiritual Interpretation of Alien Contact:

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