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What To Do When The Russians Come

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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 08:55 PM
I finally found this book. I've been looking for it for months. It's an old book, published in 1984. And it will always hold a special place in my heart because I enjoy what if scenarios and that's how I looked at it. I looked upon this book as a what if scenario because it was all about what would happen if the Russians would somehow managed to take over America.

Copyright © 1984 by Robert Conquest and Jon Manchip White

In short it does go into detail how a Russian occupation of America handles your life. But the big difference between it and what is happening now in America is that it wasn't through a bloddless occupation, it was through a military invasion.

Here's a few choice excerpts for you:


Try to picture yourself as you might be in ten years time, perhaps less. We are assuming that you are one of the lucky ones. None of your family have been killed, except a distant cousin shot in the street early on, and your brother-in-law in the marines who was executed as a war criminal. None of the women have been raped. Your job was one of the many that ceased to exist, and your savings have been extinguished by the “currency reform,” but you had enough food and fuel to carry you through until you found your present low-paid post in one of the huge new rationing offices.

Your home was not wrecked or even damaged. And it was not impressive enough to be confiscated for the new elite or for Soviet officers. You escaped strangers being billeted on you by quickly settling into it a couple of families of friends who had lost theirs. You get on reasonably well, and although there is inevitable friction and the occasional flare-up, you are long since used to the overcrowding. You had a tiring trip to work, changing twice between jam-packed buses; but it really is too far to bicycle.

Once in the office things were fairly quiet, except that the ex-economics professor, who sweeps the floors and tidies up the washrooms, grumbled when they came around for the weekly compulsory contribution to the State Loan. How long can he last if he keeps doing that? On your return journey you got your permit to visit your old parents in a neighboring state next month, after waiting only an hour. And when you drew the potato ration, you were pleased to find it was practically the right weight and of reasonable quality, capable of making a decent meal when you mix it with one of your bouillon cubes. What’s more, while waiting in line for it, you met a friend who told you where some apples were available, and you hurried over there and managed to get a couple. So here it is, only nine at night and you are already back home. You have not had time to look at the paper, but when you settle down to read it, there is little except news of Soviet industrial and artistic achievements and speeches by American Communists recently back from Moscow.

You do notice an account of the trial of a dozen local officials for sabotage; but they are not from the Department of Agriculture, so this does not mean another famine. You start to remark on this, but you quickly break off. The children are around, and the younger ones might unthinkingly repeat what you say somewhere outside or at school. Your ears catch the crunch of boots at the end of the street. A Soviet platoon goes past. You automatically draw back still farther from the window. But it is only a routine patrol, not one of the special squads, so you relax as you see the helmets flickering in the red glow of the lone street lamp.

Yes, so far you have certainly been lucky. Next door, the old schoolteacher was arrested a few weeks ago for failing to abuse President Truman in a history lesson. Half a block away, the chairperson of the local Democratic party resisted arrest and was shot on the spot. (Her Republican opposite number, from [10] another section of town, is in the uranium mines in Northwest Canada and rumored to be on the point of death.) The widow in the house across the way had a son in the FBI, who has vanished without trace. And the Chinese couple a little farther down have been deported. ...

Suppertime. A delicious smell from the Primus stove—the potatoes are nearly boiling. Tomorrow is another day. Today, at least, has been uneventful ... a good day.

This may not happen.

But, on the other hand, IT MAY ...


The majority of American citizens are patriotic, naturally [35] outspoken, and innately opposed to the idea of dictatorship. Many frank remarks will be made in the early months of the occupation that will very soon be bitterly regretted. The Soviet authorities will not, of course, be able to arrest everybody, but since it will be necessary to repress and deter hostile thought and action, the number of arrests will obviously run into millions. In a “difficult” country like America, where the tradition of liberty has been strong, the probability is that, apart from executions, about 25 percent of the adult population will ultimately be sent to forced-labor camps or exiled under compulsory settlement in distant desert and arctic regions or in the USSR. If past performance is anything to go by, around 5 percent of the prisoners in the labor camps would be women, although in a country like the United States, where women are so influential and play such a prominent role in the national life, the figure may be much higher. In these circumstances, you will have given thought to the future of your children. Sometimes, particularly in the early days, it will be usual for children to go to relatives should both their parents be arrested. If you have been unable to make such an arrangement in advance or no such relatives are available, the probability is that they will survive as members of gangs of urchins living on their wits, subject to arrest and incarceration in adult jails as soon as they are in their teens.

Later, State orphan homes, often barely distinguishable from reformatories, will be set up for such children. There they will be indoctrinated in Communist beliefs and, later, if suitable, sent to serve in the police and other units. You should seriously consider how you can best equip your children for both spiritual and physical survival should they become lost or orphans. First, like yourselves, the rule is to be fit, [36] not fat. When things start to look menacing, your relations with them must be particularly warm and trusting for they will only have you to turn to in a world that is becoming filled with suspicion and hatred and where nobody can be expected to talk freely and honestly.

When I first read it, I was enthralled by it. However, I took it as a joke. But now, a lot of what the book has talked about, it really foretold a fair amount of what's happening today. There are constant attacks on our constitutional rights and people are working to tear down America any way they can.

I highly recommend this book. It was a prophetic book in its day.

Just remember:

"This is how liberty ends, with thunderous applause."
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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 09:09 PM
Yeah! We get Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen and Jenifer Grey and a bunch of 80's teen idols and shout "Wolverines!!!!"

That's how we win.

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by EvilSadamClone

Not a scenario I want to live, but it very well could happen. It could even be China doing the invading. In the event of an E.M.P. we could very easily be invaded by any militarily capable country.

I'm in the US and although some don't like the idea I have to say thank God that we are a heavily armed civilian nation. You're gonna catch hell trying to invade these shores.

Heck, we got Granny's sporting Glocks.
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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 10:21 PM
Please don't let this thread die. This is an important book for this forum.

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by EvilSadamClone

Great Thread you started here! I hope it does not die. Looks like they had a glimpse of our possible future here in the States. Thanx for the link to the book. Will read soon.......
Had to come back to add this. Here Quoted from the Intro is this:

It is widely accepted that the United States now faces a real possibility of succumbing to the power of an alien regime unless the right policies are pursued.

It is not the purpose of this book to argue which policies are right. Its aim is quite different. It is, first, to show the American citizen clearly and factually what the results of this possible Soviet domination could be and how it would affect him or her personally; and second, to give some serious advice on how to survive.

How can you, the individual American citizen, expect your personal record to be treated by the new masters?

What kind of existence, under Soviet domination, can you look forward to?

Will there be any possibility of protest, resistance, and revolt; and what forms might they take?

This book offers you insights into what it will be like and advice as to survival behavior in the far-from-impossible event that this is what the future holds in store.

You should not take what we say as some horrible fantasy. Every word is based on the actual experience of hundreds of millions of ordinary people, in a dozen countries—people like yourself, most of whom had no more thought of the possibility of what actually happened to them than most Americans do today."
Later, Syx.

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