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Orchestrated Middle East Violence- Why Current Events Should Not Surprise Anybody

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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 02:24 PM
The past few days has seen a lot of speculation over the recent protests and violence in the middle east.

The way it is happening all at once suggests it has been orchestrated. The anti American sentiment has seemingly sweeped the region in less than a week. Of course, it has built up over years. One video released does not cause this kind of reaction, it has been planned for some time.

The recent protests helps portray the middle east region as against the USA and Israel- ie, it sets up the image of an enemy (without an enemy or threat, they wouldn't get their war). The west allowed the Muslim Brotherhood into Egypt, none of this should really come as a surprise, this theory of allowing 'enemies' take over nations and create hatred has been known since the Arab spring began.

This is important because the policy planners need 'justification' to wage another war. Whilst the public sees the middle east turn against them, we draw closer to an 'event' that will be used to justify military action.

I don't know where or how they plan to implement this 'event', but it is coming, we all feel it.

I've seen the real policy makers (not what the politicians tell the public) point out over and over that America needs justification to start a military campaign. All the propaganda and warnings of pending attacks aren't for the fun of it, something is planned and I don't think we have long before it happens.

Not got much more to say really, I feel time is short before this plan goes into action. It could come domestically or internationally, but it will almost certainly be used to justify more military action in the region.

We're all pawns in this game.

Look at this think tank article from Jan 2011, article entitled 'Don't Fear the Muslim Brotherhood'-

They should not be afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood. Living with it won’t be easy but it should not be seen as inevitably our enemy. We need not demonize it nor endorse it. In any case, Egyptians now will decide their fate and the role they want the Ikhwan to play in their future.

They knew all along the MB would get into power. And they knew exactly the agenda they were seriving. Look at what the MB promotes as thousands of Egyptians gather to be indoctrinated-

There is no way the policy planners who allowed the MB to take over Egypt never knew where it would lead.

Many on this forum, myself included have seen this plan come into action for months-

Whilst the Zionists are pushing the tensions further and further (wanting to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities etc)- the Muslim Brotherhood, which by all means is working for CIA/MI5, is going to be voted into power in Egypt in May. Yeah, next month! They will no longer support the Israel/Egypt PeaceTreaty signed in the 1970's ('78 or '79).

Libya is seemingly under the power of the Muslim Brotherhood as well (what liberation the Libyans received from NATO and her rebels), Syria will be next, you'll have the entire middle east willing to see Israel be attacked, there'll be all kinds of horrendous false flags and the US and her allies will have to step in to protect Israel and the 'freedom of the world' (which will in actuality take away all freedom once WW3 is over)- the entire middle east will be destroyed and ready for rebuilding under the elite's control.

I got the date wrong for when the MB got into power, but I knew it was going to happen. This agenda is hardly hidden and current events show it playing out exactly how they want it to.

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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 03:14 PM
FYI, just saw in another thread that Obama has won the right to detain Americans indefinately while all this commotion was going on.

Seems like they're killing two birds with one stone.

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