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The madness of EU's history through a Finnish perspective and Finnish history in a nutshell

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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 07:26 PM
Since not much is written about the EU here I thought of writing a little piece of my mind from an inside view as a concerned citizen, I think it will be a good summary just about wherever you are. This is a not-so-mainstream ‘history’ lesson about the dark history the EU and EMU and spontaneous impressions from a Finnish perspective and baked in is Finnish history in a nutshell. Now it may sound boring, but I both think and hope you’ll find it rather intriguing instead since I’ll almost only write from memory with exception of some years (so please do checkup facts before citing me too much in any work of scientific nature). The sarcasm level is quite high FYI. And I’m not a history teacher, nor a teacher in any shape or form. I just got this crazy idea and just had to do it, everything is the truth as I see it. Hope you’ll enjoy and perhaps even learn something.

(Skip this if you are only interested in the juicy EU part, I'll just quote myself here since I find it a lot more readable that way)

Well begin with a quick history in a nutshell, first Finland belonged to no one were free and the Sami people lived there in harmony with their reindeers (NO! no polar bears!) and ancient mystical lore, but before that were the cave bears and some cave men, but not that many because of cold weather. Then the Finns came probably from the Baltic or something and started gathering and hunting especially squirrels. Then the Swedes invaded with Bishop Henrik, there were suddenly bibles and surprise swords in 1100, according to legend Henrik the Bishop was slain with an axe by the angry peasant Lalli after his wife had lied to him that they took their money, while she actually had given it to them.. or something similar it’s only a legend anyways… probably. No one really knows when but suddenly Finland was part of Sweden. Then the Swedish aristocracy emerged and prospered as a result. 1809 Napoleon wanted a Swedish blockade against Britain, made a deal with Tsar Alexander of Russia who invaded Finland and triumphed.

Under Russia there were attempts to make the land Russian but it failed almost miserably after much effort of resistance and many trials. Then there was instability and dangers of large revolts and Finland wanted to become independent. Surprisingly when the Finnish people demanded freedom Lenin put his head out of a window and said “okay”, he thought they’ll come back crawling soon enough and this way he didn’t have to deal with a large rebellion at an inconvenient time.

The Finns were perplexed and could not agree who should be king, they scouted a German noble or prince or whatever and almost made him king (ok, looked it up he was a prince and his name was: Friedrich Karl Ludwig Konstantin von Hessen-Kassel-Rumpenheim, I’m seriously not kidding). But then Germany was losing WWI and appointing him would be political fiasco, so Finland suddenly became a republic instead in 1917, must have sucked to be prince Rumpenheim though. But first there was much fighting, Red vs. White. White won. And whoever became the first president instead.. I forgot.. ah remembered now, It was Svinhufvud, which is old Swedish for Swinehead, yes seriously.

Let’s skip a few years again, they’re pretty boring anyways except for the part in WWII.

There is much pride in taking on the Soviets in the “Winter war” when they invaded after faking that Finland fired artillery over their border.. and actually doing very well against the gargantuan opponent due to guerilla tactics and advantage in terrain and related equipment, for every Finn 10 Soviets fell.. I even heard there were almost like a few concentration camps here for Soviet prisoners (no executions to my knowledge though, only crappy conditions), but that topic is hush hush and is never supposed to be talked about, so don’t tell anyone, ok? Ok. Even children were used as soldiers to an extent at least for scouting purposes during the next war (but this is an even better kept secret and should never even be remembered). Finland actually sort of started that war but got their ass kicked really good anyways. Much land and wealth was to be paid to Soviet. Industry thus got a kick start, especially large shipwright and the forest industry and most if not all of it was actually paid...

And we’re walking again.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992 there was much rejoice, I think.. The Kekkonen-Paasikivi policy was finally ended and there was a chance to orient westwards politically. President Kekkonen was always pleasing the Soviet leaders and doing what was wanted from us and President Paasikivi did only what we had to to keep the peace but nothing more. In other words, the ‘finnish maiden’ (an expression not unlike motherland, fatherland etc.) was acting as the Soviet’s bitch for quite some time after losing the second conflict/war during WWII. This even got a name and became known as Finlandization, which there is some shame about in Finland.

(Commence reading for EU part)

So in 1994, after the fall of Soviet, the Finnish people were told that now we can join the glorious EU which will bring us immense fortune through cheaper trade through the union and whatnot, I was still too young at the time to remember. Most of the Finnish people bought it and voted yes in a referendum, but it was only a trade union, right? There was no mention of any federation or joined military, there wasn’t even any shared currency mentioned. Thus in 1995 Finland entered the EU and all was well.. at first. Little did most people know that the referendum was by no means binding, which now seems to be a rule with democracy in the EU.

Thanks probably to the bought media some crooked politicians, the most notorious is currently our renown Mr. President (at the time he was minister of justice), fooled both the parliament and the Finnish people into thinking that the Maastrich treaty was in no means a binding obligation to implement the €. There was to be a separate vote in parliament deciding this, so the treaty was signed. Now isn't it funny at this point noting that this particular individual has been witnessed going to Bilderberg meetings?

Hmm well, let’s continue.

The treaty was in fact binding however, and sure enough the € was forced through without any vote of the people or even parliament. The people were told that prices would go way down in stores and it will be great for the consumer, additionally think of the great benefit of not having to change currency when traveling! Corporation digged this too and critics were frowned upon and not heeded any attention whatsoever.

Never mind that the implementation was in direct conflict with the constitution no less (surely the constitution comes before international treaties and an international apology and withdrawal from the treaty should have been made instead).. but instead, the politicians called it a "technicality" in media. A technicality which stated that "the currency of Finland is Finnish marks" and the "only entity allowed to issue the currency of Finland is the Finnish central bank" (freely translated). At the same time the € was in use and the Finnish central bank had no power over issuing the bills, only the coins. Thus they quickly began the process of changing the constitution.

Continuation in next post.

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 07:27 PM

All was well in lala land and the happy life continued without many people heeding the complicated and EU much attention, but somehow some people got suspicious that prices seemed to actually be higher than what they were with their previous currency and rising all the time, but it was difficult to compare to a currency that no longer existed. The media however, told the people that everything actually really is cheaper according to investigations.. and many believed them.

Then there was to be a glorious EU constitution, uniting us all! But the EU politicians did not want the people to have their say, that would be bad for them you see. But 2-3 countries constitution demanded a referendum. After a resounding ‘NON’ the constitution was rejected. And the EU politicians were annoyed and complained of much work all for nothing, and this will set back our work for years! Then they started to work around the rejection with another treaty containing the exact same wordings. The aristocracy class that is EU-politicians seemed to show itself a bit.

Then the EU only made regulation after regulation.. There was to be no straight bananas in stores, they are an eyesore, a deformation and not complying with regulation, so it was banned. The union also had other problems like somehow shortly it seemed like it was a union made with the purpose of reallocating funds to only big farms that comply with all the insane policies, and almost banning production of some things in some regions seemingly with the purpose of making the regions “banana republics”.

Nobody even knew anything, and not that many know now, about the immense corruption, apparently there are millions and millions of € allocated to for instance building projects in Italy which never were built and the money goes to the smarter new age mafia instead milking the EU cow and dividing the cities into regions instead of fighting with each other. The EU aren’t competent enough to investigate this though, corruption only seems to be exposed by the bureau of investigative journalism. Nobody even knows the fact that EU commissions accounts have been disapproved by their own auditors for.. now it would probably be 16 years. Actually each country paying EU any money is committing a felony according to Christopher Story, who apparently might to have been assassinated in 2010. (Story tells us to ask Paul Craig in the Serious fraud office if anyone dares).

Then in 2009 we have Catherine Ashton who was not voted but appointed “High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy” by 27 government representatives, who knows what sort of agreement there was. As well as the Foreign minister she also is the VP of the European commission. At the same time we got a EU president, Herman Van Rompuy AKA Gollum, he is almost never present during the commission meetings and only appears once in a while triumphing aloud that the “crisis Is over” and similar nonsense. Nevertheless he earns 500 000€ annually, more than the US president. These posts appeared almost out of nowhere and I hardly noticed any of it in media, I think I stumbled upon the Foreign minister post it in a Gadaffi or Al-Islam video on YouTube or something similar before that I knew nothing about it. José Manuel Barroso amazingly got voted into the post of the president of the European commission. But he was in fact also the only candidate, still he somehow seems to be very proud to have been ‘elected’.

Now then, we have bad financial times. It is important that it is handled with extreme care, very important. In fact so important that when an elected prime minister tries to get a referendum going the bureaucrats cry ‘heresy’ and rip his power away and appoint an unelected and appointed ‘technocrat’ into office. They do the same thing in Greece and Italy and even Spain gets their own technocrat all according to the will of Goldman Sachs and their owners (allegedly a specific family I Britain beginning with R who historically has had a lot to do with gold). And nobody has a problem with the lack of democracy and legitimacy here while allegedly trying to bring democracy to Libya, wtf?!

Instead of letting people decide of their EU and EMU future and the possible default of their country, even instead of writing off debt the politicians decided to give all the member states money to the bankers practicing usury and while doing so they fool the people that it goes to the Greek people. As a good measure (or rather to avoid default) a tiny bit of debt was written off of Greece. The people of the nations that has to do the bailing out are angry and blame the lazy greeks and Italians who don’t work and only take siestas, while up in the north they all slave away and are responsible and live within their means, or so they claim. The corruption of the states in the south are also complained about. Meanwhile the people of Greece who allegedly are chillaxing and getting money for nothing are protesting and throwing Molotov cocktails, now why is this? In Finland there is only a short FNB notice about this each and every time if at all, absolutely no pictures that can invoke protests seem to be policy.

Remember, I told you we had a president who has been to Bilderberg meetings, well that is only the tip of the iceberg. Currently the prime minister as well as the finance minister are known to have been to Bilderberg meetings, and they both are the ones who has always been for bailing out the banks. They won’t even investigate what other options would mean, like a ‘fixit’, but blindly seem to follow what they have been told. The previous prime minister has also attended. Oh well we have a nice bonfire going with our money, might as well throw in some more. How about a 1.3 billion € guarantee for the export industry? Sounds good? How about 44 milj. € for more missiles, they are so frequently used by our country that they will make a fine addition. And remember we are saving with budget cuts, so why not keep the state owed television network () budget at 500 milj € and all the crappy shows that no one watches. Instead let’s make a TV tax in addition to the already insane amount of tax on gas, tobacco, alcohol and pretty high tax on everything else too in addition to increased taxes on wages and city tax.

Yay, we all got a pretty large increase in our salary like the first time in four years. Fun times and great celebration, but after closer inspection I concluded that the inflation percentage of a single year is higher than the raise percentage. There goes the happy mood. Oh and btw FED, thanks for setting the policy of keeping all the rates so low that inflation is several times higher the rates you get out of your savings accounts.. oh and about the pension we’ve been working and paying for.. They tell us it’ll probably be scrapped by the time we would need it, but it doesn’t matter anyways since we aren’t supposed to retire at all, I hear. They’ll probably even necessitate us in our work chair by then. Oh well.

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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 07:28 PM

Now we are being told that Italy don’t need any bailout, but they still ask for lower lending rates. That being different how exactly? Ah well, who cares. But the ESM that is being implemented seems nice.. For Goldman Sachs and the other manipulators that is. Apparently since every country’s budget goes straight into the black hole that is bailouts every country will soon be have a high enough foreign debt so that the ‘untouchables’ (the ESM mafioso) can go in and say “Hey! You are not complying with policy, bad boy! We’ll take it from here” and seize control. Thus the entire region will be in a financial federation under ‘untouchable’ private control before we know it, but strangely nobody seems to understand this. Yes, both they and their institution enjoy immunity from lawsuits in a court of law but can sue whomever they feel like themselves.

Many in Finland are still so afraid of the Russians that they would accept anything to feel secure, Nato this and a full-fledged EU federation that. Besides, if Russia invaded Finland it would be political suicide since Finland is member in the EU. They think wars just happen and the US military is the upholder of democracy and bringer of peace and justice, never realizing that the true threat is Nato, (and sorry to say) the US with their cronies and the globalization commonly called 'the NWO'. Sad thing is the Finnish mentality is to grind your teeth, shut up and mutter silent curses.. and never ever protest. Oh and on weekends go into a drunken stupor Saturday, Friday.. many do it even Wednesday.. Then start all over again.

Nato is even worse than the EU since it really is an aggressor not a defense alliance, a vassal of the US military which is the tool for 'Globalization'. Research the recent war in Libya if you don't believe me, especially the reason behind the war and you'll see that a LOT of recent wars were just to protect the status of the petro $, which is the only thing keeping the $ afloat. And the never ending new flow of freshly printed $'s finance all the nice plans the top cat elites have in store for the world.

The NWO btw, really is nothing else than all the organizations which don't answer to any specific country and are operating on an international arena (UN, Trilateral, WTO, WHO, IMF etc.), this was surely the original meaning of the expression. I won't deny however, that there are evil forces at work with their own agendas probably even in the highest places that has a dark agenda.. but I guarantee some are on that train because they believe it is the track to an unified planet. And really who know what the final destination will be? Personally, I just condemn it because of the ethics of the methods used so far. But one thing I do know though, the EU is the FAIL-train.

The last sad truth I’ll share in this post about people in general is that the ones who actually see the truth usually get very depressed and perhaps even suicidal. They can never tell anyone because if they do they are labeled crazy, so they begin to anonymously spread the word the sheeple on news sites comment sections (the few that are left) and argue their points in forums.. but soon they realize that people really don't want to know because it would hurt their psyche and their little utopian world view would come crushing down the very instant they even would begin to forsake their emotional bias for logic, deep down they are afraid without perhaps even themselves realizing it.. they become irritated and angry and stop writing / talking to you. Usually the truth seeker end up on conspiracy forums talking among themselves because that is the only place where they can feel accepted. Now what am I doing again?

Now this should be all fine and dandy right, but is it really? Too much might be at stake. When is it time to go all in with the truth? I refer you to the results of the economic crisis and a likely WWIII. I recommend watching user “StormCloudsGathering” videos on youtube regarding the financial crisis and WWIII. It resembles my own conclusions about what might happen on the international arena.

Now I need sleep.
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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by anno141

I reckon, there could've been slightly shorter version to the same: "Having fought for liberty, not giving up for banks nor federation of EU".

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by deckdel
reply to post by anno141

I reckon, there could've been slightly shorter version to the same: "Having fought for liberty, not giving up for banks nor federation of EU".

Well perhaps, but that wouldn't say much would it? Besides, that's wasn't my point at all anyways. I'm no nationalist, far from it. The government isn't much better than the EU, they are all fully corrupt and despicable. I think the fact that society/government stays exactly the same for hundreds of years and cannot change is utterly ridiculous, while we jump at every new scientific innovation we have in sight.

In fact I might be more of an globalist, though I could never support the current actions of the Globalists on the international arena due to their bad ethics. I am sort of an Libertarian, any government should consist of the people who should be in control of the government and in a position to contribute if wanted.

What I was doing was providing much insight in condensed form. I told you much of the complete madness, lunacy, corruption and criminal behavior of the EU. I told you about controllers behind the scenes, especially the biggest player to my knowledge at least regarding the EU. I told you about the true agenda behind all the US and Nato wars, I even told you what the NWO really is and the misconception behind today's meaning. I told you about the negative aspect of human nature when hearing and finding out the truth, which is why the truth stays away from the mainstream. I told you what will happen next unless we stop the evil criminals.

But the perhaps not-so-smart thing I did, was to begin with where the Finns were 'coming from', their geopolitical history and its ramifications for their involvement in the EU and the people's mentality in general, in other words a different viewpoint for you. I obviously started with it to get events in historic order, but Captain Hindsight tells me that leaving it out would have been for the better. For all this info I still would argue it was pretty condensed.

But let's summarize instead then: "EU bad. Current forms of government bad. Nationalism bad. Nato bad. Hate, anger and violence bad. Corruption, deception, surveillance and oppression bad. Lobbyism bad.

Transparency good. Freedom good. Unity, peace, understanding and unconditional love good". There.

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