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Mark Dice and Alex Jones

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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 06:50 PM
He's really fallen out with him and it's made me wonder quite a bit about Jones really. He's on a radio show shortly to speak about him here (Bubba One channel 8pm ET. Which is 10 mins I think...) :

Some of his tweets recently about him :

"Alex Jones told me to *snip* off in April of 2011 on the phone and said he's done with me over a misunderstanding over payments for my book. "

"He owed me some money, and it was 2 weeks late and he said *snip* you i'll pay you next month when I owed the IRS some money for taxes."

"He's turned his back on other major players in the movement but most won't talk about it because they don't want his cult attacking them."

"I started debunking Alex Jones garbage when in my opinion I felt like his business model changed to hype, fear, and MLM weight loss Kool Aid."

"Alex Jones is a conspiracy shock jock who uses half truths, hype, misunderstandings and bull*snip* for an ENTERTAINING SHOW."

It's all on his twitter account over the last 24 hours (for those checking this later on, these tweets are from 17th-18th september.) :

So maybe several people on here are right and he really is full of it quite often.
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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 07:27 PM
I'm surprised at how many people like him, when all he does is call them idiots and whatnot. He really is full of it, just a case of weather he believes his own lies, really xD

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by robhines

yeah i had chance to talk to mark dice on twitter he basically said that he's just mentally burned out from the conspiracy genre. so i gave him some advise to take a break from all of "this" and just enjoy this ride that people call life.

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 11:33 PM
Alex Jones always thinks it's a case where someone is faking it to make it look like it. It's never what it is. It's always someone behinds the scenes manipulating it to make it look that way. After awhile you have to wonder what HE'S up to since he sees this pattern everywhere.

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 11:56 PM
Alex Jones is all about stretching any tiny piece of info he can get into the next coming false flag. He will promise it will be coming in like next 30-60 days. Then nothing and he will never address it and keep going.

This whole thing started last spring maybe when AJ posted a video where he said he would be cutting all the bs. Mark Dice posted a video response about how the AJ video was all bs, and I think Dice was actually cordial about it. Jones went nuts because he needs the attention and cant stand not being the king of conspiracies. The big fat baby whines a lot and alienates nearly every. Simple enough.

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by robhines
Hiya Rob, I think AJ has tapped into a jumpy and skittish audience who's own sense of what is real gives him miles of wriggle room.

I mean how can you ever be truly wrong when the motto of your crowd is "Ahhhh. But is it?" He can be shown to be wrong a hundred times and his fans will more likely suspect the dark arts of TPTB or the orchestrations of Illuminati psy-ops 'trying to make him look bad.'

'Hmmmm suspicious methinks.'

Dice seems like the latest model in a field that's been static for a long while. He needs to come up with a new slant on conspiracy and pitch it just right to the audience. Maybe next year I'll be avoiding as many Dice threads as Jones' threads?!

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 12:03 AM
Mark Dice is a poser.... Alex Jones for the win...

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 01:28 PM
Well he went onto the radio show and the host wouldn't let him get his point across at all really, it was bizarre. Even to the point that people thought the host had deliberately tried to make Dice look bad because he really supports Jones, but who knows what the case is there. They went through several subjects but the host always cut him off, which made me question the ego of the host actually, even though he did make a lot of sense at times.

I just think Mark doesn't give a crap about a lot of the daft stuff that goes in in the conspiracy theorist area and will call something out when he sees it, and has a lot of good points about Alex Jones. I've not actually read any of his books but have seen him at Bilderberg this year and also doing some other stuff with Luke Rudkowski and he seems like a decent person who doesn't take himself too seriously. The host didn't like Luke either and Mark had to stick up for him, so it makes me wonder more if there's some type of agenda going on, but that's the whole thing about conspiracy circles isn't it? There's always got to be an agenda or ten, even when there isn't one!

Not sure what Mark will do but I hope he finds what works best for him and avoids all the ego and bs that many of the others end up spouting, because even though he's not perfect he seems like a decent person who's not out to lead people the wrong way for a bit of cash.

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 01:48 PM
Alex Jones has one thing in common with ATS.
No September Clues discussion allowed.
Alex Jones is a gatekeeper for the REAL 9-11 truth.

Alex Jones and ATS both sprung into action after 9-11, and both seem created to keep people from the truth about 9-11, and the fake plane videos.

Finally, Alex Jones starts to mention bitcoins because of Max Kieser.
Alex has a monopoly on conspiracy information.

"There is a war on for your mind, and since you aren't using it, prison planet will."

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 02:05 PM
I was never an Alex Jones fanboy in that vein but I could... like, argue against a lot of the criticism with an objective angle rather than a "bash Alex Jones = bash his listeners = bash ME OMG!" thing. Over time (2 years' near-continuous listening this month, as it happens) I not only have been able to see the point of the more rational, vendetta-less critics but have developed my own gripes and outright issues with him and the show.

Not saying this will be anything new, but for what it's worth here are a couple that I can identify with:

1) The religion angle. Now I once thought that one could take any of his "get right with Christ/these people are Satan" rants and, rather than say IM NOT A XTIAN and leave, apply it to your own circumstances and beliefs. That went when I realised he has a real beef with "atheists" (quotes used intentionally) - not only in a "I believe so much that it only seems like I'm hating on you" way but actually coming out with stuff like "Top Atheists [?!?!] are deceiving atheists to be Satanists"....

2) The 'carnival-barking' - a phrase he actually uses when he realises he's getting a bit too InfoMercial rather than InfoWars. If all the products are (in his words) what he believes in, what he's tested and tried personally etc. etc. - which I believe is probably true with the water filters, the canned food, etc. - then why is he selling "male essence" pills and hosting REEEEEEALLY misleading hot-girl-in-the-banner Free Energy ads on the website? (I'm not bashing Free Energy - only, if he's tried it and believes it, why are we still having the Free Energy argument and not buying whatever Alex has discovered?!)

3) "..they're like moths following the light over a cliff like lemmings" Yes, I'm referring to his radio presence once you take away the screaming and the adverts. What really pisses me off is when he big-times it about how he's Not A Professional and he wouldn't be on the radio if he wasn't successful at what he does (ie: Find the facts, present the facts)....Sorry, he's admitted that he BUYS AIRTIME on GCN (again, not bashing that system) but then makes out like he got 'there' because of who he is as a presenter? This might not sound like much of a complaint and tbh it's not, it just grates on a personal level since I don't have the money (personal, sponsorship, CIA slush fund
) to buy a platform in my desired career...

4a) Mike 'The Health Ranger' Adams: Absolute charlatan with terrible radio presence and even worse business ethics

4b) Lindsay Williams: Liar. Nothing else needs saying if you read the name and knew who he was.

4c) Paul Joseph Watson: A droning demagogic wet fart who makes me feel a little ashamed of being identified in the 'conspiracy' community as coming from the same country as him. His writing's abysmal, I can't f*****g stand his voice, and worst of all he gets much higher billing than his brother Steve who I think *is actually pretty good at what's required of him* (ie: InfoWars articles and the occasional Skype interview and that). I wish I could say it was just a stupid 'I Hate Northerners' thing on my part, because then I'd feel better for knowing that everything comprising this problem leaves the Internet and everyone on it alone each time I log off, but it's not...

...but seriously. Why, then, do I keep listening? Or at the very least, will have heard enough in Week X to answer questions on it/qualify as A Listener? Partly for background noise, partly habit, partly because Coast2Coast turns out to be on at Even-More-Stupid'O'Clock in UK Time...
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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 02:05 PM
reply to post by magickmaster

Sorry, you posted while I was writing mine - what's September Clues?

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by Kolya
4a) Mike 'The Health Ranger' Adams: Absolute charlatan with terrible radio presence and even worse business ethics

Wow, how so? I've been reading his site a decent bit lately and have learned a few things about nutrition so thanks if you can let me know.

I have noticed a few things, like some of the products he promotes being crazy priced over here in the uk and his tendency to lead stories to a final ultimate end-game type scenario at some point into the future, (kind of fear-porn related like Alex?) but on the other hand he seems to know a lot about nutrition. Am still learning a lot in that area though (but you can often basically boil it down to avoid processed crap and eat decent fruit and veg regularly!) so can see how I'm not spotting what others might see as obvious problems.

On the same note what about Mercola? No idea if he's been on the Alex Jones show or not though.
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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by Kolya

September Clues is the video that reveals the REAL truth about 9-11. It breaks down the video frames and shows that it was CGI, and pre-fabricated before the event. It shows buildings missing in the skyline when jets crashed into the towers.

Everyone has an angle in this, and ATS and Alex Jones are aligned in this way. They pretend it has been debunked, but in reality, they hope you will never watch it for yourself.

Personally, I believe ATS and Alex Jones are both gatekeepers for this particular truth, that is growing in awareness but is being tightly controlled by a few in the media. September Clues shows how the MEDIA are the ones that pulled off 9-11, controlled and coordinated by intelligence agencies, but not really participated in because there were no hijackers or planes, in fact.

This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT reason ATS and Alex Jones exist, to keep THIS FROM YOU!
It can be viewed online.

The interesting thing is this.....whenever it is mentioned on ATS or on Alex Jones, it is BASHED and BASHED harder than anything, with NO EVIDENCE to debunk it. Just watch the reactions of the controllers when it's discussed.

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 03:03 PM
I posted this years ago to the Prison Planet forum - It's Called Alex Jones - Welcome to the Machine

A while about a year ago, I wrote this out in a hypothetical situation of how someone could have Co-Opted Alex Jones early in his career. While it is only speculation of a hypothetical conversation, todays broadcast reassured me I could be onto something.

If you take everything Alex Jones says, and Invert it, as if he were perhaps talking about himself, ..... or when he talks about the NWO, suppose he is talking about himself, and his own antics, .....sometimes it makes much more sense than what Alex is proclaiming.

Imagine this......

then, imagine this in context to what he had to say today....(posted at the end)

The Machine: Hey kid, we have something to talk with you about.
Alex Jones: Oh, yeah, I don't have anything to talk to you about, other than letting you have a piece of my mind. I hate what the system is doing to people, and there isn't anything you can tell me to change my mind. I have been researching your game and I know what you're all about.
The Machine: Settle down, young man, we're not here to harass you or bother you, we want to make you a very special offer.
Alex Jones: Yeah, i'm listening, what is it you want?
The Machine: We have been watching you. We have noticed you have some good qualities and you're very passionate. You really want to change the system, dont you?
Alex Jones: Yes, i'm sick of it! I can't stand the abuses, the concentration camps, the gearing up for martial law, the genocide, etc.
The Machine: Your a very articulate young man, and you appear to have a very memory retention as well. That can work well for you.
Alex Jones: Well, I have been studying the issues and they are important to me.
The Machine: Well, you know, people don't make a living hawking conspiracy books and videos. It's not a financially rewarding job.
Alex Jones: Well that's allright, I'm determined, i'll do what it takes, and who knows, maybe i'll become a famous film-maker one day.
The Machine: We already know that you'll become a famous film-maker one day.
Alex Jones: How do you know that? What do you mean?
The Machine: We told you what to dream. You dreamed of a big radio star, who made major films that were seen wide and far.
Alex Jones: And I like to eat in the steak bar. Do you think I will drive a Jaguar?
The Machine: Well, Alex, you know the only people who survive in the game, are the ones that play along with the rules of the game. You know this, don't you?
Alex Jones: Well, I dont necessarily believe that. If they want to kill me, they can do that. But they won't dampen my spirit and my effect on the world.
The Machine: Alex, there are worse things that can happen to you than you being injured or killed. Your family could suffer, and then you'll suffer even more. Now, i'm not saying that will happen, but i'm just proposing, that there are always people who can reach you, and hurt you. What is to stop them from doing this?
Alex Jones: Look, if you're threatening me, you better leave right now buddy, cause you're getting me real mad.
The Machine: Well, I don't want to get you mad Alex. Actually, you see, I came to speak to you to offer you a real serious and promising opportuinity.
Alex Jones: I knew it, of course, they want to stop me. Of course they want to buy me out or pay me off to suppress me right?
The Machine: No, actually we want to do the opposite.
Alex Jones: What do you mean? Is this some sort of a trick or something? You know, you can't fool me. I know all your games. You play people against each other, you rape, kill and destroy people's lives, you're all dirty players, and I can small your dirt a mile away.
The Machine: Well you know Alex, we are not all, "bad" people. Some of us actually oppose some of the ideas of the New World Order. We are not all on the same side, you know. There is great division in the ranks. You have heard of the John Birch Society haven't you?
Alex Jones: Yes, I know of them, they are a pretty good group of people.
The Machine: Well, yeah they are, and believe it or not, they work for us.
Alex Jones: In what way?
The Machine: Well, who do you think helped set up the John Birch Society? The Rockefeller's helped start it off. Oh, you were't aware of that, were you?
Alex Jones: Well, no, I wasn't. That just doesn't make sense. Why would the Rockefellers do that, when they are the ones who are pushing for a one-world government?
The Machine: Well, it's simple really. You're an intelligent person, Alex, I'm sure you'll understand this. The families that are in power that no real challenges in the world. We don't really believe the people will ever wake up even if the truth was placed right in front of them. We have tested this over and over, and we know the nature of peple and what makes them tick. As long as they have their luxuries, they will look the other way.
Alex Jones: Yeah, tell me about it.
The Machine: Well, you see, my friend, some of our supposed enemies are actually our "friends". Our friends not only recieve funding from us from time to time, they get left alone, in the overall scheme of things. Our "friends" get to meet all sorts of famous people, like celebrities and rock stars, and they get to basically do and say what they want. We don't treat our friends bad. After all, we are helping each other.
Alex Jones: Well, how are you proposing that I can help you, and you can help me?
The Machine: Just continue to do what your doing now. Don't change a thing, overall. You can keep talking about the New World Order, the FEMA concentration camps, the United Nations troops, the martial law program, the eugenics and genocide and things like gun rights and your views on god, abortion and the bible. That's all fine with us.
Alex Jones: Really! You are actually encouraging me to do this?
The Machine: Well, to a limit, of course.
Alex Jones: What limites are we talking about?. I dont know if I like the sound of that.
The Machine: Well, we are offering you success, Alex. We are offering you safety. We are offering you financial rewards that the ability to do what your heart and passion desires, with your life, and your activism.
Alex Jones: Well, what are these limits, then. Tell me now!
The Machine:
1.) We don't want you to encourage the people to rise up through violence or the use of guns. We don't want you provoking people. You can warn them all you want, but don't be provocative or encouraging with dangerous action. We want you to sound the ararms like Patrick Henry, but don't be a George Washington.
2.) We don't want you to encourage the "sovereign" activists through encouraging them to use the court system to fight for their freedoms. We will put you in touch with best insider, Larry Becraft. He is considered a "patriot attorney" and you will refer all IRS and court freedom activists in his direction, where he will corral them all in an orderly fashion. Our man Larry helps people SOMETIMES...and sometimes he needs to make some CASH! He is our man, so work with him.
3.) We are going to pull off a MAJOR event in the near future. We will let you in on some of it and keep you informed of some of the "inside" details, and you will become very popular around this subject, for informing people of theings the government isn't telling them. Your job will be to help us steer the information inthe direction we want it to go in. You see, there is a need to guide certain movements, and you will help us do this, and nobody will ever be the wiser.
4.) We need you to keep a focus on the major issues of the John Birch Society, and we will tolerate a variance from these topics, but the frocus MUST remain on the same topics that the Birch people have been working on for years. The One-World Government, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and you can even bring secret societies into the mix. You can talk a little on topics like Zionism and the Catholic Church, but these are the areas you will stay away from, for the most part, and what little information you reveal will be tightly controlled and packaged for the masses.
The Machine: Do you understand your assignment?
Alex Jones: Well, I don't understand why you're doing this, really and what my boundaries are?
The Machine: Alex, we need people to oppose the globalists. We need a visual and audio presence who is challenging our objectives. It is only through this process, when the waters of Chaos are stirred with the ingredients of Order, that society progresses. We have done this for thousands of years. There has to be opposition, and people have to be intellectually stimulated. If we don't have a voice out there opposing us, it will be apparent to the people that we have killed all the opposition, because they will surely know something is wrong, and wonder to themselves, how come no one is speaking about it?
Alex Jones: I see now, I see. This way we both get to do what we long as we each leave each other alone, in our private homes, so to speak, right?
The Machine: Exactly!
Alex Jones: Consider me a part of the team, but don't ever come up to me in public, or I will have to yell at you and make you look real bad, allright?
The Machine: Of course, Alex, my friend. And we will do the same, so please don't take it personally. This will be our little secret.

Now compare this to what he said today. .....Oct. 1, 2008

Alex Jones Quote "These people build giant computer companies.....they're worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Trilllions total. They design the buildings, the architecture, the roads, things work! They run things! ... you understand? ... They've got their stuff together! ...
They're in power! And they're arrogant! ... and they see you watching football games...and they see you fighting like white trash in your frontyards...and they see you stupidly buying the prozac ads and all the rest of it...and going along with their scam.....and they say don't have a right to live because you're so stupid you bought into what we did. ... They claim that they have 'rules', .... and that's why they tell you what they are going to do to you. ... (OP's Comment : Here is where he really reveals himself) ... I've even been told through the grapevine, and in person by elitists .....Alex, we're glad you're know, we believe that the slaves ought to have a chance to know what were going to do to them.....our intellects are so much greater than people are so pathetic and know, we want to give you a little head start...we want to give you a little idea of what were going to do to you...and you've got these self assured smiley faced tough guy men (Read alex jones) into their false illusion of them being tough....

Well, maybe this is Alex Jones TRUE role in life. To give us slovenly pathetic slaves a head start.....Has anyone considered this?

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by magickmaster

Hmm, I'll admit I'm not to-the-minute on 9/11 topics but even still, that sounds like something I should have checked out sooner. Thanks for the tip, I'll look it up.

Originally posted by robhines

Originally posted by Kolya
4a) Mike 'The Health Ranger' Adams: Absolute charlatan with terrible radio presence and even worse business ethics

Wow, how so? I've been reading his site a decent bit lately and have learned a few things about nutrition so thanks if you can let me know.

I have noticed a few things, like some of the products he promotes being crazy priced over here in the uk and his tendency to lead stories to a final ultimate end-game type scenario at some point into the future, (kind of fear-porn related like Alex?) but on the other hand he seems to know a lot about nutrition. Am still learning a lot in that area though (but you can often basically boil it down to avoid processed crap and eat decent fruit and veg regularly!) so can see how I'm not spotting what others might see as obvious problems.

On the same note what about Mercola? No idea if he's been on the Alex Jones show or not though.
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I only knew about him from his cringeworthy stand-in slots when Alex Jones took a holiday or whatever, but you mention Mercola at the end of the post: I've read some dodgy stuff about Mercola but having neither got into his stuff nor yet gone after any counter-point info on the negative press, I'm not qualified to really give an opinion.

However, I *can* use him to sum up Adams: He's a Mercola wannabe, that much is clear just from a once-over look at the two's public identities and so on. Adams has more recently tried to leap on the Conspiracy/Liberty bandwagon in tandem with doing turns on Alex Jones, like hawking radiation pills after Fukashima (iodine and kelp he was already selling for anything but anti-rad) and being all over the "SWAT Team Raids Amish Raw Milk Farm" stories on InfoWars etc. But he is REALLY bad at 'doing' the Liberty/Resistance Figure thing because it'll become obvious from ten minutes of his teeth-grindingly bad rambling that he seems to have an idea of what he should be doing as an AJ stand-in and then fail to live up to that by showing himself to be ignorant of basic (well, to the initiated) topics, combining that with his overall poor radio presence results in some shocking radio...

But more recently he's been shown up to be partial to some online vote-rigging from time to time - he got caught trying to fix a poll on Twitter for some health-blogger award or something. Given there was no (that I know of) physical prize involved, that's kinda desperate.

On the topic of nutrients: I'm as a rule VERY wary of a product or personality the more they put it/themselves forward as being "what THEY don't want you to know" - because most of the time, "they" are Office Of Trading Standards or the Fraud Squad or summat... In Adams' case, even I with my C-grade Science GCSE have known for a fact that some things he's said on InfoWars are flat-out false. I would like to balance the above by stating that I'm not down on nutrients/supplements - it's simply my response to cheats like Adams that make me sound like I may be

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by Kolya

Haha, wow that Shorty awards post is mental, thanks for linking.

Not sure exactly how bad or not he really is, but will still check his site from time to time, and I suppose the main thing to do is always research further and verify with several sources what you're taking in. One problem anyone has with natural health research and ideas is that they do have big pharma breathing down their necks, so when they eventually run into problems it's always worth remembering what anyone in that area has to deal with. Thanks though, you have some good points there.
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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Kolya

PM me or post when you have watched it, if you would. It's always good to get unbiased and new opinions on it.

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 04:40 PM
Thanks for your posts too magick, but I'm gonna try and steer clear of anything related to september clues if it's such a problem around here. Will have a search around on the net though.

posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by robhines

The main thing you have to watch out for, with Alex Jones, is his shameless promotions for overpriced gold and silver. $1700 oz gold is sold for $2000, with a $300 markup. That's not too much profit, is it?

MLM Pyramid schemes.

Mostly though, it's his fear mongering which tends to paralyze people instead of motivating them to real action.

Also, his constant use of NLP. He will say, "You are all Sheep to the government, and your stupid to them".
What the subconscious hears is "You are all sheep", "You are stupid", etc.
It's the direct stuff that imprints into the subconscious.

This can be used in many ways, but it's called NLP, and it speaks directly to the subconscious mind.

Oh, and he stretches the truth, exaggerates, twists truth and lies sometimes, but generally his main agenda is this....

Conspiracy = Question Everything = Supply Line for Alternative Info and Products = Media Empire = Silent Dissent = Big $$

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posted on Sep, 18 2012 @ 04:57 PM

Originally posted by magickmaster

Alex Jones and ATS both sprung into action after 9-11,

You must of arrived late to the game, because that is completely false!

The late comers are usually redneck republicans who haven't a clue till it hits them in the face, and then they go complain and make a youtube vids about the gooberment.
You guys over sleep! SHTF is here now, your living in it!

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