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Abductee support group thread

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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 09:29 AM

Originally posted by Stimpy
reply to post by HomerinNC

Glad your back,
I never complain about the traumatic part , as if i was given a choice i would pay or sacrafice anything to know if 'aliens' are real.
And i still dont know what a 'alien' really is.
I keep lurking on this site in hopes some abductee has a message for people that i feel could be genuine, like i i feel current abductees have some info that may be crucial to people in general.
And this info will only fall on open ears, whether or not they are abductees.
Its so hard to find current abductees.I really want to hunt them down and question them, maybe dress in all black, MIB style and freak them out haha kiddin

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what message are you looking for stimpy?
that is great that you would give or sacrifice 'anything' to know if aliens were real, but it is not necessary and probably something they put into your subconscious anyway

are aliens real? are we still wondering, really..i mean, time to get past that, even i had suspicions, i mean, come on, the odds of every single abductee inventing some story just do not pan out; obviously, they are real, they are taking people, animals, and there is just as obviously, a plan to all of it-wtf is it, i cannot tell you :

i know one thing, in general, in my life, i tend to judge, yes, judge folks by their actions, what can i is cheap, yes? so, i kinda do that with everything a bit? like if a doggie is always friendly to me, i might be more accepting than another cur who is trying to jump his fence and maybe go at me...just saying, it is very basic, it usually works, so i believe that most human beings use this system, too.

so why is the jump to apply it to extra-terrestrials so difficult? we see actions that are horrific, bizarre..these are not actions of anything 'benevolent'. if your neighbor told you that a dog had bit his kid, would you take your kid around that dog?? maybe one day the dog was nice to you--but the next day attacked two cats and killed them--we all know the whole 'well, she/he is always nice to ME' is a big red flag.

after dealing with this knowledge for two full years, and researching until my eyes turned off, talking to dozens of people in various fields(apfu comes to mind) here is what i feel i can tell someone about this phenomena:
1. it exists
2. the rabbit holes go very very deep
3. we are better off for knowing
4. there is something 'off' 'different' about all abductees, all experiencers
5. it is not random; it is very intentional
6. there is an agenda; however, it may even be hidden from those who think they know what it is
7. there is too much evidence of malevolency to believe that they have our best interests at heart

i am sure there is idea is to basically stop 'em; get the abductees together and use whatever it is that they want from us against them..look, i do not mean anyone any harm, but you have to understand, i am dealing with a now five year old who has had experiences...she was actually the 'divining rod' that convinced my daughter and i that all this was true--how can you argue with it?? for example, couple of days ago, she wants to tell me the 'noise' they make--nice. i have had countless animals mutilated--i mean, are we bad people or something? sure sure i had one 'dream' where i do not believe i was being hurt(but who can tell), but for the most part, i only have little 'snippets'--but it was the others' stories that made me cry and want to do something to change it..

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 11:23 AM
Here with manipulation in ufology to protect whatever they are doing in black operations, its very hard to know what is going on. But to me ET is only positive. But not mild. Don't know how to put this into words. First there are negatives, but they would be more renegades, or specific realms, and even there that would still have much positive and those seeking to progress. All realms would seek to progress. The military, do alot of abductions, and their own type of ET work, with some Et's involved, and also Entities, the Lower Astrals. I don't call that whole agenda ET. Et's are Higher Ups, Family, the managers of this system to me. Along with some civilizations that send scientists and others out to watch over.

So the military and so called elites here that work with lower astral entities are not working with ETs.

But that said, ET is way over our head, and not mild, and to explain this is hard. I recall being told that I was almost ready, to be awake, aware, conscious, during an abduction, but that this was very hard on the human psyche. Literally had primal fear, and clung to sleep falling swiftly. I was allowed a few snapshots of what happened, and it involved my son as well. But not memories of why I woke with wounds and a painful burn under my arm. And that group is not what I would ever call Higher Ups, but more moon based greys, and some other group involved that intercepted, and was human looking, but very tall. And literally felt as if an intercept, had taken place. Started with one group, ended with another.

Most of what is allowed for me to remember, is communication, with human ET's. Greys seem more about medical.

So not mild is like saying, its something to do with earth tests, and our level of frequency of Love and Integrity, and what we experience is often a wake up call, but not fun and light hearted, but more intense.

Sleeper brought up in his thread that the renegades, true negatives, who take people, have intercepts done, (which when I read made me think of what felt like occurred to my family during that abduction), and also, that in Military Type Abductions, where they goof up, in their medical, sometimes after an abductee is returned via ET, the ones watching over, do sail in and repair or clean up what the military bungled in the job.

I find that thread really interesting because it ties in with some things that seem to happen. Its like odd things he says, match.

Now during one experience. First I had a medical where they blanked me out after cutting me, while I was praying for help from Mother/Father/God, Higher Self, the angels and all that were positive to assist.

During the second one, it was very gentle. was in bed. The covers moved, and something was clipped on my fingertips. Then on the other side, someone knelt, there was impression in the bed, and my fingers were clipped as well as some other work and my head was being touched. I panicked, and started asking for protection.

Again it was lights out, but just before that curtain of sleep fell, a very gentle female mind met mine and said, "You do know this is the past don't you?"

When experiences occur, it usually involves the entire family, and my son has had missing time, while up, and 2 of my children sighted greys, as I had twice, while up and not in their beds, my older son was trying to get some sleep on the couch when it happened for him. But all of those occasions were a prelude to a bigger situation for the whole family.

However, despite asking for assistance to be safe, and having memories of not cooperating with a nordic couple and their medical, and mind games, told them what Love does and what Love does not do!!! I am very grateful to have woken up more and have researched and that is the main thing ET is doing with families, Waking Them Up, getting them to pay attention, to get back on task to what we came to do. Earth is a school and we came to improve ourselves and lend a helping hand.

Many of us are off track here, apathetic and asleep at the wheel. ET is waking some people up, who in turn need to nudge others.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 05:13 PM
this thread has been compromised; several of mine and others' posts have been deleted...

anyone have any idea why

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