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The perfect bug-out bag for those of us VERY confined on money

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by AfterInfinity

I'm talking about a scenario in which you absolutely need to keep moving and walking is the only option ... maybe you're trying put distance between your family and some bad guys, or need to reach far off medical help as quick as possible or maybe you need to out run a lava flow. The 5-Hour Energy shots will give you a little more in the gas tank when your adrenaline rush wears off.

Oh, and the pepper thing does work - at least on dogs. I repeatedly warned those a-holes not to let their dogs crap in my yard (they never cleaned it up) ... a trip to the dollar store and $10 later no dog came near my yard until the next rain fall.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 11:18 AM
Tampons: To help stop bleeding.
WD 40 and "gaffer" tape: If it moves, and it shouldn't, use the tape. If it doesn't move, but it should, use the WD40.
Medicine and food can be sourced on the go, if you know your environment. Yes, take painkillers, but can you identify a willow tree? DId you know that chewing willow bark takes away pain. If you're gonna be moving fast for long periods, your muscles may rip, get tired or inflamed. Do you know what a Comfrey plant looks like? The old name is knitbone. Often called the miracle herb. Which mushrooms are edible, add some wild bird eggs you've scavenged and you have the makings of a mushroom omelette.

My luxury item is a small inflatable pillow...sweet dreams, nevermind TSHTF

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 11:49 AM
Im not being a jerk.. but you DO NOT need to go out and buy all of this stuff to survive or build a bug out bag. Promise.

Im a long time prepper and "survivalist".. but a thrivalist. We have had these discussions here for yrs AND on the radio show you can hear some practical beginner stuff. One mod I respect has about this same mindset and went through his house.. found what he needed in no time. Its a good experiment to run. EVERYTHING you need is available to you in your own home. Just do a quick exercise.. lets say a really slow crawling ICBM or zombie hoarde ( zombie can be anything.. ) is on its way to your house.. you have 10 minutes to gather what you need to survive until you settle somewhere. Look around your house.. WHAT do you need to SURVIVE?? At work? Look around work.. what do you see? WHat can you actually use? Survival is a MINDSET and not a grouping of gadgets or junk you buy.

I went to a survival camp several yrs ago and I was surprised at what I actually needed and didnt need.. and what NO ONE needs is a 60 LB backpack. I have made jokes on here for yrs about after the apocalypse looking through the woods at all of the really cool stuff in backpacks attached to the dead. Like easter egg hunting.
If youre going to buy anything.. buy fantastic shoes. That was my largest complaint... the shoes. You can also find EVERYTHING you want.. laying around. We are a wasteful society.. there is a trove of treasure most everywhere you look.

If you are "poor" and worried about surviving when you bug out.. look no further than your own home for your supplies. Besides, you can have all of the cool things in the world to help you, but if you are of the wrong mind set.. your not going to live long and you sure as hell wont thrive. For gods sake.. dont be a dope and lug around canned food. Food is easily found if you are sensible.

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