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Time Travel With A Twist Dream

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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 04:04 AM
Friday night. (March, 2009. Another dream I kept a record of.)

The dream began with me leaving a castle and running with another girl down a path. Warning bells were going off. The sky had suddenly become dark, cold... big black clouds rolled in. Birds were flying ahead of them, scattering. People were screaming and yelling inside the walls. Rain and hail began pouring from the sky.

We ran full speed down the path and up a hill, hurrying inside a small stone building. Once inside I could see it was anachronistic. The interior was mostly bare, but had orange colored walls and large round glass windows that were not visible from the outside. It was as if the building was disguised on the outside.

When I walked in it didn't surprise me that it was so different and out of place. The two slender and very tall aliens we were talking to didn't phase me, either. They were time travelers and we were heading to our next destinations.

The funny thing was that when you time traveled you weren't yourself physically. You became someone from that period of time. This time, when we arrived, I became a little boy of about 10 living in Europe somewhere. It was a sunny day.

I was upset because my parents had gotten my brother a puppy, and in doing so had told me I had to get rid of the puppy I had picked out. They had told me to take it and drown the thing. It was a little black Labrador-type pup. I walked down this dirt road and found a rectangular fountain that no longer worked and was full of standing water. Water lilies and dead leaves floated on its surface.

I climbed in and held the puppy down under the water, but he kept lifting his little head up. The water wasn't very deep, and my heart wasn't in it anyway. I was crying.

Finally after two or three attempts to get it over with just so I wouldn't be in trouble, I gave up and grabbed the puppy and held him... Petted him... And resolved myself to finding him a home instead, somewhere where my parents wouldn't know I hadn't drowned him.

I trudged further down the road a bit and found a group of people having an enormous outdoor feast. They were all well-dressed. Long flowing dresses, white collars, Victorian era, maybe. A rather chubby wealthy looking woman saw me and invited me over. There was 4 or 5 rows of long wooden tables with benches and platters, bowls, and goblets covering every one. I remember roast pig and bowls full of grapes and loaves of bread and shiny silver everywhere.

I told them my sad story and she let me put the puppy down. He went from table to table underneath while people fed him scraps from the feast. They told me several gentlemen there had need for hunting dogs. Perhaps one of them would take the pup home.

Then I woke up.
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