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Psychic Detective Dream

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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 04:03 AM
Tuesday night. (March, 2009. I keep track of many of my dreams because most often they are so vivid.)

The dream began with me standing next to a black SUV type vehicle with a silver front grill. To my right was a tall slender woman with straight blond hair, to my left was a police detective on the other side of the vehicle. The blond woman was wearing dark slacks and a light blue windbreaker type jacket with white lining. The detective was wearing typical police detective gear, all black.

It was night, kind of chilly, and the scene took place outside some very dilapidated castle ruins - just partial stone walls jutting up. The left-sided ruin had a single empty window.

The ground was dirt, but past the detective on my left was some tall weeds that went down an embankment. Way down the embankment and across a field was a lake, which I couldn't see in the dark but knew was there.

The blond woman was some sort of psychic detective, but she was having trouble with this case so they needed me there. This woman knew who the killer was, but could not connect with the victim.

The first thing I remember feeling was an overwhelming sense of sadness. I could mentally see a woman, average height, white with black long curly hair, and I knew she was dead. I told them there was a great sorrow there, this was the murder scene, and I saw her in water. I thought of this woman's children, husband, family.. I connected with her like I knew who she was.

I told them she was in the lake.

Then I woke up.


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