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Iranian group raises price on Satanic Verse's Author Rushdie's head

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 11:21 AM
A lot of today's real problems are caused by the corporatism and the greedy money hungry elites who are making their profit by orchestrating wars and conflicts all over the world ... in an ancient well known attempt they are yet again trying to make us believe that it is because of the differences of our religions or cultures or skin colors or whatever, that we are in a very deep poop which we are right now!!... why should you automatically be considered a threat to me if you are a Muslim or christian or a Jew?! think about it.throughout the history people never really had any personal beef against other people..only kings and rulers had issues between themselves... but this old trick has been working for ages.people fell for it 3000 years ago,they fall for it today,and they will in the year 3012! pathetically sad.

posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 02:11 PM
Perhaps the muslim common people should take those provocations as a divine test on the progress and evolution of Islam.

Will they allow emotions to rule, or logic and reason as Islam is intended?

Words do not kill, only humans do. Mankind had been gifted with a brain to discern facts from lies. No word is worth dying or taking another's life for. Rather, change of perceptions can only be used back by words. Force gains surrender of body temporarily, but never the heart and mind that is forever.

Allah lives within our hearts, and thus for Satan to control and manipulate us, it is only possible through our minds. And those controls are emotions, - such as greed, envy, hate, pride, sloth, wrath,etc.

Today, we had seen how Satan had manipulated those few muslims into wrath and the slaughter of our common Creator's innocent children. Fortunately, many more muslims, and other mainstream faithfuls and been rational and sought for dialogue and other peaceful means instead.

May mankind and true muslims open their eyes to who are Satan's minions by their actions which is clear and evident for all to see, as taught by prophet Muhammad.

They need help, and if it is rejected, then muslims will have to make a choice - to be true to Allah as prophet Muhammad had taught, never to harm innocents, or to take direct action upon those blasphemous beasts whom had failed the test with their murder of innocents, lies, excuses, propaganda and tarnished Islam for decades if not centuries.....

posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 11:19 AM
Today, the muslim world can finally see the reality of how Satan had infiltrated into Islam, as Prophet Muhammad had warned.

A sad day, more so one when the Pakistan authorities hailed that day as a day to show muslim's love to the prophet Muhammad with peaceful protests against insulting his name. Innocents had died yet again, death and destruction follows, by the very ones whom claimed that the prophet had been insulted.

There was absolutely NO justification for the deaths to innocents at the rallies. This is not Islam.

When a policeman shoots to stop another armed man to prevent murder, he is innocent of wrong doing. Those brave policemen were only protecting the innocents from armed man, and many of them were either shot or wounded, along with civilian shot and wounded by armed men. Why in a supposed peaceful protest and supported by the State were there men armed with high calibre AK47s? Who are they????

But it had to happen, so that all true muslims will see the reality of what had happened to Islam, which had been contaminated by those devil worshippers hiding under and misusing Islam for their murderous agenda - such as the militants, jihadists, taliban, Iran's terrorists groups such as the hizbollahs, revolutionary guards and the cunning apostates.

Prophet Muhammad would have understood the mocking of his name, and even the carnage, for it was as he expected from the evil of Satan, but he WILL NOT comprehend why true muslims refused to act upon those who are trying to destroy Islam.

He had never claimed to be God, nor seek any human to worship him. Time and time again, he reminded his followers that he was only the Messenger of Allah, and it is Allah that is to be worshipped and venerated, central tenets of civilisational moral and ethical guides followed, and not him.

Thus he would have understood the mockings and slaughter by evil men, as he had done in the past, but he CANNOT comprehend the apathy of his followers for evil done in his name and most important of all - in the name of Allah.

Nor can he comprehend why true muslims are fearful to stand up against those evil men whom had misused the religion, propaganded and lied to his more simple flock, and slaughtered innocent lives, despite all his brave efforts and examples in his life to teach and guide to have courage, more so against Satan and his minions.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by korathin

If being against a system that is not only outdated, but has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to reasonable thinking people, completely inaccurate, makes me a bigot, then so be it.

I don't give a crap what people do with their lives, I dont care if they are a member of any religion, I dont care if they are gay, I dont care if they eat meat. What I do object to is people who decide to enforce their lifestyle on others. This problem runs deep in religion, christians are commanded by their book to do so.

So, while I adapt a "live and let live" policy, it is very difficult to stick to when I have idiots preaching to me in the street or knocking on my door trying to get me to follow their religion, so their leaders can get even richer through my donations. And yes you are right, there are members of all sorts of groups who do the same thing, and I equally do not appreciate that. Big Issue? No thanks. No, I don't want to make a claim for an accident I never had. No, I do not want to switch my internet or energy providers. Its all the same thing, sales people trying to sell you their product or ideals. I can think for myself and make up my own mind about things. When I want something, I go looking. I do not need the government, or any ridiculous "holy" books to do my thinking for me, and if that means I am going straight to hell, then bring it on.

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