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UFO Fleet 2012 Starting From Alien Moonbase

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posted on Jul, 28 2013 @ 05:29 AM
Can someone explain me why all belive taht aliens exist or are among us,i mean i belive that they did visit this planet and left some of their tehnology like in russia where is forest called dead forest in which ppl when enter they get various deaseases and if they dont leave they die,there are some strange objects that went under water over hundred of years ,its sad that they willl shoot enything that is goin from space like meteorites into that woods that objects will destroy it with single beam shoot,now i belive this is true,and there are other locations in world that are similar like in france(i may be wrong with country)there is mountaine with labirinth passages in which is being sad that inhabit underground lizard species,eny man taht went down never returned,sow being all that sad,why is all taht things treated as normal?why nobody cares to explore that even more,like scientists or army,it yust have no sense,and about aliens,there is never eny proof,all talks about them,but never nothing,why do we humans talk about it and mak evideos like its real,i dont see eny sense in that?

p.s sorry my bad english.
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posted on Jul, 28 2013 @ 09:59 AM

EDIT: Plus....birds live on the moon?? Why would "birds" be a first guess at all?

Because,apparently, there's a lot of "bird lovers" on ATS

Saw this one before, nice post.
(Psst - let me whisper a secret to you, so bird lovers don't hear it:
((( It's most likely alien craft, the Moon is infested with them )))
(You didn't hear that from me!)


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