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Defiance does not equal hate.

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posted on Sep, 15 2012 @ 07:10 PM
I just wanted to remind all those peace loving people in the world that just because you find fault with a religion that ensures violence and you stand in disagreement of total annihilation of peace through ignorant protest from delusioned followers of a religion that would have you beheaded for simple actions does not make you a hater.

In the end satan is the enemy and a certain religion is his tool for destruction of your day to day life. They are putting you on verbal lock down and images of their founder will cause your head to roll if they get the chance.
Remember that the same people that would have you beheaded are following a delusion set in place by a liar.
So what to do now? One thing for sure is to not just write off these protest as a bunch of fringe lunatics because it is clearly stated in their doctrine to hate and behead the unbelievers. Yes that means most of you.

Jesus said turn the other cheek but not turn the ignorant or nieve cheek. In the end all we need is love but do not go silently into the night. Stand your ground until the line in the sand becomes too clear to ignore.


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