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Noam Chomsky - a true genius

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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by RealSpoke

If you aren't an anarchist then you can't call yourself libertarian... end of story. You have absolutely no clue about the label you call yourself.

That's true.

Libertarian necessarily implies "anarchism". It just doesn't sound nice.

No it doesn't. You can create a product and have people buy it with no oversight. You can create a factory and own it with no oversight.

To override corruption, you need oversight.

A little bit of oversight.

For instance, I just finished reading "the crisis caravan" by Linda Polman, detailing how inept and corrupt the humanitarian aid industry is; her conclusions are, in order to remedy the underlying problem of unregulated pursuit of contracts by NGO's and INGO's, there should be an organization overseeing and limiting NGO/INGO activity according to a set of guidelines.

The problem is, NGO's are greedy for contracts, regardless of the context in which they function; they for instance helped the hutus - the perpetrators of genocide - instead of tutsis - the majority of the victims of genocide. Or in Sudan, the Sudanese government imposes taxes on every humanitarian item imported into the country, sometimes demanding double the cost of every item; so cars, jeeps, tarps, aid kits, etc, all of it is levied, and this fills the coffers of the rogue government.

It's either you allow this insanity to continue, for the sake of "free markets" or you enforce rules and guidelines that the parties must abide by.
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