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96-year-old Dorothy Cooper finally gets ID to vote(The Newsroom with Will Mcavoy fictional newsman)

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posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 09:53 PM

On Oct. 3, Cooper went to the Tennessee Department of Safety Driver Service Center to get her free photo ID, but workers there turned her down. Cooper, who has outlived two husbands, didn’t bring a marriage certificate to prove she was the same Dorothy Alexander from her 1915 birth certificate. On Thursday she came with her birth certificate, telephone bill, lease and a marriage certificate. Then state workers asked for an additional piece of evidence — her Social Security card. Charline Kilpatrick, a local Democrat who has been taking voters like Cooper to the Driver Service Centers to get IDs, immediately called Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s office to tell him about the Social Security card request. Adam Kleinheider, Ramsey’s communications director, said later on Thursday that he received the call, then called the Department of Safety. “[Kilpatrick] did express her view that we need to do more to educate on this, and we agree,” Kleinheider said. “We’ve tried to help in any way that we can.” Before Thursday, the Safety Department offered to help Cooper get a free ID, but she declined, telling them she’d decided to vote absentee. She said she later changed her mind, and Kilpatrick again offered a ride to the center. -year-old-dorothy-cooper-finally-gets-id-vote/

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I do not believe that anyone was against this woman voting in the first place. As the article states they need more training at the id place. It seems correct to me to ask for a picture id to vote and now they are offered for free. Problem solved. I can't even buy a pack of smokes without an id. Why should i be able to vote without one.
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