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It's babies lost, not born, that tend to shorten a mother's life

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posted on Sep, 15 2012 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by SpaceJockey1

Well souls don't enter until after 12, and in fact much closer to birth itself and often after birth. In fact, would imagine souls come and go alot at that stage.

When one of my sons was born, when I put him down to nap, and watered the lawn and big garden I'd created, pregnant with him, he would fly to me, an cradle against my chest. I was able to pick it up and it and its a memory I'll hold all my life, watering the garden with my infant with me, even when he slept. He was the only one that did that.

Babies fly free when they're sleeping and they don't stay in the womb much either, and they don't enter early.

Everything about abortion, and human development/soul is a perceptional thing.

The 8 weeks to me is a compromise, I normally would say 12, however, the body suits starts to go through brain changes from 7 weeks or so on, and there is a point where we have to say, OK, what constitutes humanity. Brain development is a big part of preparation for a live birth, I'd say. 8 weeks is a compromise.

Basically the rule of thumb is, do spontaneous miscarriages occur and the fetus is lost.

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