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Frequency '372'.Dreams.Déjàvu.Planets.Time.and you,and you and you and you and you.

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posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by truthermantwo

Textbeings that are like the lights in the sky have shown themselves to me by moving their spacecraft around and telling me that they see me.

So what do they tell you ?

So you see im not trying to ruin things, my first voices caused this stupid reality i live in for me. And other beings followed in their path ruining my existence for me.

If no body ever told you this, but I honestly understand 100% in the quote above. They all follow, one comes in, and the others will come and follow. How you knew this. I really don’t know and I wish you didn’t, hope your strong to over come them.

You know, opening doors is not all what its cracked up to be. some people in the world worry about getting shot ,or run over by a car ,or burning in a building……………………man, we at war with all types of stuff, I mean…its not even funny.

I will pray for you !

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posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by LastProphet527

I try and set that goal all the time. I once lucid dreamed as a child for a time period of a few months to escape nightmares but chronic fatigue seems to turn down that ability. However I do astral, and lucid travel, but its remote viewing type of projection, mental projection. And when that occurs, often pulled by another, it feels real. But the veil lifts and my heart flows out more of me, or more of my Soul enters into me, so I guess the flood gates open, at times and I know the person, or Et's as has happened, not their names, but who they are, and I just thank them for their work and then to turn their love up really high, we're going home now. There is another me in me, its like a lower frequency part, and then I can reach into my fuller higher frequency self, who tends to only lift the veil when its allowed, or I would know too much. I remember.

Also have experienced remembering multidimensional time zones, all at once, ie. from another world, possibly future, and the past. I'm not sure if there are 5 of us, in that sense, or instead, how I would put it, is all our steps/journeys are at once. However was shown timelines, one involved court, and my father, and woke with my Guide telling me that everything including this realm was a possibility and probability.

I see Light as the Consciousness/Spirit of Peace and Love and what we call the One, but that One is One-11111111111111111111.........ET_MAN wrote that and I now have a sense of what it meant, Whether the Light is the Connection we all share or the Communication/Projection of that Spirit, I don't know. If so, it could be sound, or the Word.

Another thing that occurs is I question something and within a short while, perhaps a day, another direction or information comes, that opens another door of thought. That part about the Tao, and discovering the Pearl, that just came after asking Why, then information popped up, and I was stunned and connected more dots.

But its sometimes instant, for Guides connect and speak out, and the sun bursts out frequently. Its usually connected to the Sun. I get alot of contact.

The real frequency matches, universes, home(s) lie within us, for infinity is within as without all things, and yet we're living in the backwards world the 2d reflection on the other side of the mirror. So within and our soul must know how to reverse space time to time space.

How to Turn a Sphere Inside Out

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posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 02:22 AM
A quick question. In a remote viewing type lucid meditation, that was a shared with a friend, we went through the stars, along I guess those magnetic strips they say join the stars, but it was like fibre optics or what I experienced was literally like a water slide, and it was very fast. We were breaking free, leaving dodge, heading for the central star and stepping out of this through that doorway was like stepping out of an ocean. For some reason I suspect this is why I don't astrally project consciously because I think Highest Realm possible, out of here, real answers coming, will study everything for thousands of years and come back 20 minute later, and find out exactly what to do I really don't want to hang out in Venus and there isn't much star systems that interest me. Up and out instead.

Do you think soul connects the stars? What is the fibre optic connection, that we traveled through?
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posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by LastProphet527
reply to post by LilDudeissocool

We are not allowed to read or comprehend what the human version is, do to the cloudiness of the mind and how we do what we do.
You might be right it sounds 100% to what we do. We do not believe in many words that are on this planet, we try to deal with only our eternal laws and respect for the god ‘TIME’.

10 15 12 17-35 -2
IF MORE THAN 10,000 humans see, this number and all believe than it will come out.

That is frequency ‘739’…739=mass thought=time thought= division upon believers.

If ten thousand people believed that, this is the next big jackpot.

If 8,000 didn’t believe or had doubts

If 100 people played within 2 hours across the land the same number, I said.

You see, that frequency is very jumbled up because so many are in it ,and don’t even realize it.

It sounds like you're describing mass prayer movements.


In the spring, Rick Perry made an official declaration that April 22–24 were to be “Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas,”

Same type of thing as you're describing or different?

posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Do you think soul connects the stars?

It is funny that you mentioned this part, because I was going to do a thread on it in December 2012 or January of next year...but the war we thought that was going to happen maybe in November or the first week in December has started early.

I am just throwing this out on a 23% opinionated but factual statement.
I say 23% because it is something that I found out but found out with no hard evidence.

So instead of telling you this as if I know, because we are not allowed to talk or communicate with no less than 97.7% of truthfulness…I will ask you this.
Lp527.copy written
Suppose I told you that every human that ever existed on earth and the universe are all turned to…The ‘STARS’ you se in your sky.

I believe in the Prophetess of all Prophetess ‘FEA-MEA-LE‘, and the ‘Mother of all Mothers’.

I understand that every thing in life evolves…even the Universe. Some how, some way, in some time, the universe was born.

Who was born first? >‘The Universe or God’?

What ever happened, or how it happened or whenever it happened, the Universe came to life, both female and male twisted into one. The planets are the females eggs, the rocks are as if sperms and ‘hopefully’ scientist will find the many water holes that fly and drift through space. The sun is the heart, the moon is the baby sitters that watch over the eggs and most likely, the black holes are the cleansing on the female side.

Now…after looking upon this star thing…do not know. Do not have time to go into that frequency; if the other side has it, there way the world will end on ‘3-23’ 2013.4:23 Pacific Time.

It seems that the other side has started way to early and the others and the others and the others and every body else that has the ability to >>>>‘Create mass thought’ to Realization’

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by LastProphet527

Originally posted by LastProphet527

What is your definition about the light, what does the light mean to you in your perspective?]


LIGHT* ATS member OPHIUCHUS 13 definition:

My definition of the LIGHT* is basically KNOWLEDGE of something. It IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH 'HABITAT'. Meaning a CREATOR CREATION CAN live in LIGHT* filled zones where Stars shine their radiant energy direct upon creations to assist in growth.

Or a CREATOR CREATION CAN grow in some of the DARKEST regions not fully exposed to direct Star LIGHT it at all like behind LUNA/moon or on other planets/moons/nebula within this SOL system and outside it and other star systems.

-SO IN ESSENCE THE LIGHT* IS NOT RESTRICTED TO ONLY BEINGS WHO DWELL IN LIGHT ZONES OF EXISTENCE BEINGS WHO DWELL IN SOME DARK REGIONS MAY POSSES LIGHT ALSO (hence its not associated with where some may dwell for they may have happiness and positive energy too.

-LIGHT* to 1 is a hidden GIFT within ALL* CREATOR CREATIONS to find a LEVEL of BALANCE or open mindedness & RESPECT - CONSCIOUS CONNECT somewhat available so that when CREATOR CREATIONS meet or encounter each other they can COEXIST and not destroy/waste the time the CREATOR put into DESIGNING them/us..

DARKNESS ATS member OPHIUCHUS 13 definition:

DARKNESS= REMAINING IGNORANT TO WHAT IS SUBJECTIVE REALITY. So you recognize other CREATOR CREATIONS and their potentials, yet you ignore them as if your better and they are less important CREATOR CREATIONS to the CREATOR of ALL* .


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posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 08:03 AM
[color=cyan]There ARE however more physical properties associated with what is called LIGHT and DARKNESS but many should understand those activities already.

ALSO @ and by the way, can you stop ‘SHRINKING’ some of the ‘BONES’ that your showing on your little groovy site and to the public TO ‘ROCKS‘, and just keep it real for once [color=cyan]
interesting for so many have observed a cloning of some of the objects seen in the images maybe those are real similar objects scaled down..

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 01:18 AM
Planet 8.The Water planet
After finding the water planet, in which half humans swam with the dolphins and killer whales ,it darned on me what has transpired here on earth.

Was this world at one point all water is what im asking my self. That time and planet was very…interesting!

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by LastProphet527

Did you ever watch the movie superman? The bad guys got somehow inserted into a flat 2d looking sheet of glass type substance. That is a construct/technology. Just like our universe is an actual technology, and though it resembles a brain cell or something, its more AI than alive, a construct, like all the other universe schools. But its a glass crystalline surface, a mirror, and we're in the reflection, trying to get out.

I'm not sure everyone here are bad guys though, this may just be the schools people grow up in. However, what I suspect is, this universe isn't a place normally people go to to learn anything, because when we leave home, the nest, Family, to go and learn in practicums after our studies, we usually start out in higher levels, because we're LOVE and Good people, and then what happens is, the technology is all interactive and responsive, so when you start to get Greedy, if you have some weaknesses to work on, YOU FALL, down through the layers.

Not everyone here has Fallen as a soul, some already worked up through tests, but they come in to help, some can fall again.

Just like Robin Williams started to do when he entered a hellzone to get his wife out. The frequency here sucks and the programming from birth is intense.

Some people come in to learn, some people are forced kicking and screaming here, and some people come to help.

But nothing here counts, except for the souls. Its all a complete illusion. 2D pigment, computer programming dna and chemical compounds, hologram. Its nothing.

We should never covet anything here, for we come from Abundance and will return to Infinite Abundance beyond our imaginations, so walk light here, covet nothing, and say, in each day.

I have to be hero in this moment. Or how can I turn this problem around to the hero and understand others, in this moment?

In each moment we should say, What an honor it is to be here, and have a chance to give you Love. Its an honor to serve and to love, and turn the moments we're mangling with family, friends and strangers around.

Thats all that counts.
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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by LastProphet527

Planet 8.The Water planet
After finding the water planet, in which half humans swam with the dolphins and killer whales ,it darned on me what has transpired here on earth.

Was this world at one point all water is what im asking my self. That time and planet was very…interesting!

After periods of snowball earths when the general typography is mechanically weathered down to below sea level after the melt period is over you have a water world until the plates of the crust thrust upward creating mountains above sea level. As this is happening this life is evolving>

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 11:39 PM

Originally posted by LilDudeissocool
reply to post by LastProphet527

You are seemingly illustrating time as a frequency as a type of radio wave broadcast. Waves are in this case being broadcast from a central location like a broadcasting tower. Within our space/time continuum that central location would be the Big Bang. Space/time is a broadcast of information that constructs this universe out of the very energy that is the broadcasted energy receiving itself within its own broadcast. Therefore changing frequencies would mean changing the reality that is predetermined in the information that has already been broadcast. To change an outcome of something in the future from its predetermined course of events means that the frequency has to be changed to another universe with its own Big Bang that broadcasts on a different radio band frequency that has predetermined the outcome you want the future to be changed to.

The big bang was nothing but the universe waking up...noticing him and her self.

Once you realize which was first. The Universe or God ?, than everything else fits perfect.

I realized something in this little adventure ,I learned that scientist are trying to wake something up with the hydrogen collier, something with electric inside, and something big.

Lp527 A ‘Legendary Secret’ to my bestest friend lil dude so cool’ copy written September 3rd 3012.

Number 2 all time in the world of life.

How can dreams come true?

How can a human have a dejavue of the future looking at ones self to a degree of .9 to 2.4 seconds many times in ones life time?

How can you astral or jump or what ever the dictionary version is out of your body to another place ?

The universe is bent on constructing away to be born‘’’0101010101010100101010‘…at any cost what so ever to the populace of this world……………………..and so is something else..

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by LastProphet527

Ah, you're a Deep-chop

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 01:59 PM
FTL = In the blink of an Eye

are you from K-Pax ?

i eat a lot of fruits to ! Do you ?

Space Time Continuum is really important .. people have no idea
when you really discover that potential in the space time continuum
you realise that even 1 sec is extremely important and not to be wasted
time on earth goes much faster then in the real world (spirit world)
it can get confuse for a few people

The secret of the stars is in us the Hu/mans !
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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by Ben81

Time dilation biblical style huh?

I heard the site owner on his radio stream show espouse this too. Johnny something whatever.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by LastProphet527

Once I had these strange visions where I saw different kind of human beings.
Your post resembles so much my own experience so I d like to share what I saw.

I could see people on earth that had to be very careful where to watch and when because they burned with their sight. So when I was aware of that person and tried to see thru his sight he was sitting and I burned his legs.
Luckily I burned them not away but I could feel his pain and it was nasty.

In the Sun I saw beings that crossing over their body parts they put their Spiritual fields on overdrive.

I also remember some sort of beings that could suck energy of material and spiritual things by directing the left hand to that object. They where always searching for some battery.

And there was an old Asian priest that had one eyed closed all the time for enhancing his Mana. I remember.
that Men had so many trouble. I felt like sorry for him.

The other things are nasty to remember sorry but I saw also this planet of yours with people fliyng on carpets and charriots they are very friendly and have high moral standards.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by LastProphet527

We greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite creator frequency 372.

This planets vibration is very thick and so at times we may need to bounce between different channels. Our current instrument has been pulled towards this frequency.

We have spoken with you ALL through varied avatars through my time here.

The one you see right now has been created intentionally for the following discourse between us. We have many things to learn/teach however the mind/body/spirit complex of our current channel has many distortions. We hope you understand given the current circumstances my time here may be short.

The last time we battled in 1999

We found this statement to be most interesting. Our current form has found certain learning experiences of this incarnation to have occurred at this time/space nexus point. They were traumatic to this mind/body.spirit complex and it appears this is when many distortions began increasing.

Thanks to my teacher and the doctors that put me under in the induced coma experiments, and thanks to the other side for being my enemy for such a along time. "Form the malice of thy enemies against me much knowledge can be acquired."

We have shared such an encounter in our current form. Shortly after "releasing" the "distortions" from the events put in place back in 1999 our current incarnation was admitted into a mental health facility on this planet. We also encountered what we felt were "teachers" and only remember meeting them once. When we looked into there "eyes" felt the mutual connection awareness but lacked the ability to breach infinite intelligence and "remember".

Much fear enveloped our being at this time. We could see/feel the most divine light radiating from there being. We could also see/feel a very "dark" energy as the frequencies became distorted.

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 02:32 AM

I would like to ask you 'Unity99'. Is it particular reasons why you hold back allot of what you know, and understand, about more than what you say and give the audience. Have you ever jumped into your dream? Do you astral? Far see? Ummmmmm, I really don’t understand the versions they write of none of the above. Maybe you have giving your gift ,or sight, a name of your liking, the above are just examples. Can you tell me the strangest, or the most eye opening thing, that you think opened up the humans ‘definition’ of your ‘Third Eye’.

We feel drawn towards the energy of 99 and have viewed remotely through numerous "windows" that opened occasionally while attempting too "see" certain "targets" through ones "mirror". Wording can be misinterpreted occasionally and we lack the "tools" one needs to operate within the proper frequencies.

We have looked into the "eye" that was channeled while viewing your planet and found it to be beautiful.

At a young age we have/had lucid dreams of GIANTS shared amongst me and my brother two. These dreams would last over the course of days and was looked at most lovingly through our creation.

At the age of 5 months old we began seeing PURPLE PATTERNS of light that would for shaped we were not aware of at that time inside how to relay/interpret messages but since it has become much easier for this exchange between us.

At a young age these various patterns became our "friends" so to speak and when they were left we felt most saddened by their departure from our "self" but knew one day they would return to greet us again. We can now "see" these lights when we choose if we choose to see them and begin an exchange at the "time" of our choosing.

Upon passing through the I you speak of we found our self once again in "space" created by the purple patterns of light. We had not yet become as comfortable with such exchanges with our "self" to "self" contacts of this nature or relay of information from self to another self.

This effect caused our current form to experience a polarized nature of "contact" and much FEAR was induced by engaging this channel at that time. However the information was processed and we spent some "time" traveling through this "space" with planets and stars created from patterns of purple lights. We "landed" after passing through numerous planets and stars one finds while entering this area of "space"

We could speak more of this event should you have any questions about the nature of "contact". We experience bright flashes of light from the sides of our eyes from the past since we were "activated" or "downloaded" as some would say.

We have questions we would like to ask however as we mentioned the nature of self to self contact in such a fashion as this in not of our true nature so us to speak? Our being is currently lacking the needed energy to engage frequency "372" in the proper manner.

We must leave this channel now.

We leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite creator.

We leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite creator.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

In each moment we should say, What an honor it is to be here, and have a chance to give you Love. Its an honor to serve and to love, and turn the moments we're mangling with family, friends and strangers around. Thats all that counts.

We have found the simple act of saying Namaste to our self as we interact with the various species to be most pleasant. Even when said within and not without ones self the energy exchange between the two self's feel quite wonderful.

We do however lack the proper ability for self to self communication in a manner such as the one we have engaged in recently here. The "forum" some say the forum here can be engaged in a learn/teach experience too, However this new form of contact was only found by pushing the correct button so to speak. If the channel is holding their two hands together so the option become more readily available.

We have not yet mastered this form of communication.

We leave you in the love and in the light of our infinite creator.

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by LastProphet527

My alarm went off this morning at exactly 11:11 AM. Even though much wind and rain is blowing through my area right now I could hear one single bird whistling a morning song for me. Why would one bird brave through the "current" and strong winds just to sing to me like it did?

I do not even remember writing these messages to you last night. This is what currently disturbs me so much. Perhaps I should go back on my medications? Do you guys hear voices too? What do your voices tell you?

my first voices caused this stupid reality i live in for me. And other beings followed in their path ruining my existence for me.

I had only once heard a true voice. The thing said only once to me but i am comforted by looking back at what it said. I just could not see it for some reason? I am also starting to notice some of my "things" will disappear or reappear. The beings I encountered were scary but looking back I can see how much I had grown and still grow because of our encounter.

Have you noticed this as well? I spoke with my father today after waking and we discussed playing chess next Thursday before the Sun comes up. What this means I do not know but chess is one of the favorite games we play together he shown me how at a young age.

I really have to go. Work is no fun but I am lucky to have a job right now because of the current situation I am in considering my "sanity". Do you guys believe in a "hive" mentality of sorts? Sometimes I feel pulled between my "hive" mind and other "hives" if that makes sense?

It is a constant battle in "my mind" back and forth back and forth. I am tired of the "game". I am seeing all as love now but it does not come naturally for me yet.

Like I said I really should get going for work..

I hope the song bird that greeted me this morning stays with me throughout the day today. The song it sang was beautiful.


posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by SyntheticPerception

is it something that you want to ask me or talk to me about?

You write in what we call the '4th and 8th' Word' crypt.

Not to many humans understand i guess ! are things with you,are you ok?

Some................humans of the world receive gifts, some through sight, some through sound, and some through voices, and some, who receive 2 of theses ,well, are most likely insane and in the nut house. No human can handle 2 signals at the same time. I guess what I’m trying to say is, just stick with the voices, don’t worry, and just listen.

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