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Veteran Shot Dead by B.C. Police Treated for PTSD

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posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 04:42 AM

Veteran shot dead by B.C. police treated for PTSD

A man fatally shot at his home in a confrontation with RCMP in Prince George, B.C., was a veteran of the Bosnian conflict who was finally getting treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, says his family.

Greg Matters was a soldier for 15 years, his sister, Tracey, said on Thursday.

He left the Canadian Forces in 2009 and after he returned to his home town in northern British Columbia it became clear to those who loved him that Matters was suffering from PTSD, she said...

About a year and half ago, he began treatment at the Operational Stress Injury clinic in Vancouver, one of nine across Canada funded by Veterans Affairs...

But on Monday, an RCMP emergency response team was deployed to a rural property near Prince George, in the province's Central Interior, where a confrontation ensued, and 40-year-old Matters was fatally shot by police...

"This all goes back so much -- the police wishing to hurt me -- why do people want to hurt me -- I did nothing wrong but protect myself and more importantly my mother and property," Matters wrote to the Citizen in an email time-stamped 11:04 a.m. on Monday.

British Columbia's new Independent Investigations Office is looking into the shooting, and Matters said she has confidence in that investigation.

This is yet another tragedy with police forces using too much force in an event when alternatives in dealing with distressed persons could have been used.

I remember posting a thread a little while ago about BC Unleashes Independent Police Watchdog on RCMP And Police Forces [Re: Dziekanski...]

So I hope the officers, if found guilty or negligent in conducting a reasonable effort in controlling the situation, would have their licenses removed so that we can have a proper police unit out there to protect us in the future.

Heck, our tax dollars go to these RCMP and police officers to PROTECT us....and NOT to KILL US.

VIDEO: Family Speaks Out

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posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 09:55 AM
The RCMP is NOT a POLICE FORCE......It is essentially an occupying army belonging to the federal goverment.
These bully boys and perverts need to be outted for the overbearing undertrained roughnecks they really are.....
Time to DESTROY the RCMP and put in CIVILIAN POLICE FORCES>These troops are just not suited to local law enforcement.


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