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U.S black ops assassinations to blame for renewed violence across N. Africa?? STOP THE LIES

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posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 12:53 PM

Originally posted by RiverRunsFree

Originally posted by
A friend of mine says that his family swears up and down they haven't heard of any such a movie.

I thought there was going to be a presentation of some evidence judging by the title, instead you present the above.... oh dear.

I don't fully buy this official story but I don't know the truth... and by what you've posted neither do you.

"STOP THE LIES" when you show they are lies (that's a challenge not confrontation btw).

Also out of interest, as I may have missed the point, why are these protesters attacking western targets? Is it because the leaders of a secret movement to unite Africa were killed? Then why are there no signs or slogans of from protesters pertaining to this? After all, their secret must be known now, after all this violence.

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Did you have a hard time comprehending the OP? I don't mean that offensively..... I'm serious...

Once again, the protesters are attacking western targets in retaliation for these alleged assassinations. The reason YOU on US corporate news don't see the signs or slogans is because THEY DON'T SHOW ANY SIGNS OR SLOGANS AT ALL. None about a MOVIE, and none about black ops assassinations.........
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