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Russia, China join U.S. to sponsor resolution censuring Iran over nuclear bomb concerns

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 04:21 PM

The 35-nation board of the UN nuclear watchdog censured Iran on Thursday for defying international demands to curb uranium enrichment and failing to address mounting disquiet about its suspected research into atomic bombs.

Two days after Israel ramped up threats to attack its arch-enemy Iran, the board overwhelmingly passed a resolution voicing “serious concern” about Tehran’s nuclear advances but also making clear its desire for a peaceful resolution of the row.

Russia and China joined four U.S.-led Western powers in sponsoring the resolution to display big power unity on Iran.

It's about time. Yikes.

I think the US spoke on Israel's behalf and said basically listen, the IAF is just waiting to take off any day now, so unless you want massive regional war, atleast make an effort to stop Iran. Even though Russia provided money, technology and man-power lol.

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