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Here are the REAL facts

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 03:17 PM
Thank you Caroline Glick for clearing the air.

Here are a couple of facts:

On June 4 the White House confirmed that the US had killed Abu Yahya Al-Libi - OBL's Libyan lietenant who had moved into Al Qaeda's #2 spot after Ayman Zahawiri after the Navy SEALs whacked OBL.

On Tuesday 9/11, a tape was released of Zawahiri announcing that Libi had been killed earlier this year by a US drone attack. The Zawahiri tape was made during Ramadan which ended in the middle of last month. Zawahiri called for his terrorist underlings to avenge Libi's death and especially exhorted Libyans to take revenge.

The attack in Libya was well planned and executed. It wasn't about a spontaneous protest against some ridiculous internet movie of Muhammad. The assailants came armed to the teeth, with among other things, RPG 7s. They knew that the US Ambassador was in Benghazi rather than Tripoli. They knew how to track his movements, and were able to strike against him after he and his colleagues left the consulate building and tried to flee in a car. As Israel Channel 2's Arab Affairs Correspondent Ehud Yaari noted this evening, you don't often see well trained terrorists participating in protests of movies.

Then there is the attack in Cairo. They were led by Mohammad Zawahiri - Ayman Zawahiri's brother. According the Thomas Josclyn in the Weekly Standard, the US media has been idiotically presenting him as some sort of moderate despite the fact that in an interview with Al Jazeerah he said said, "We in al Qaeda..."

Egypt's US supported Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi recently released Zawahiri from Egyptian prison. The same Barack Obama who has no time in his schedule to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu next week in New York, is scheduled to meet Morsi.

The Egyptian government has not condemned the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo. But Morsi is demanding that the US government prosecute the film's creator.

You may be wondering how some movie no one's heard of has caused such a hullabaloo. Well, as it turns out, the film was screened on an Egyptian Salafist television channel. Obviously the Salafists -- many of whom, like Zawahiri were released from prison by Morsi, wanted to stir up anti-US violence on the eve of 9/11. So if the film is responsible for the violence, a finger needs to be pointed to its chief distributor -- Al Qaida's Egyptian friends and members.

With these facts in hand, it is clear that the attempts to present these acts of war against the US as the consequence of some stupid nothing movie are obscene attempts to deflect the blame for these unwarranted attacks onto their victims and away from their perpetrators.


Anyone who thinks Egypt will remain on good terms with either the US - who ironically helped the Islamist government get into power - or Israel, understands nothing about the ideology of the Muslim brotherhood.

As many have noted, nobody knew about the video, so how did it become such a big deal so quickly?? Apparently the Egyptian authorities decided to screen it on public TV, giving the radical masses good reason to storm the US embassy. Why? Why do they want to incite the masses? Perhaps to threaten US-Egyptian relations? To create a stir within the region of anti-americanism? Of perhaps drilling in the idea in the Islamic world that the west opposes Islam as much as Islam opposes the west?

On a deeper note, what is this nonsense being preached about CIA, Mossad, etc when the proof is in the pudding - it was EGYPT - and the ISLAMISTS who engineered this fiasco; and the US media in it's whitewashing the exact details of what actually happened - blaming a video for the murder of the ambassador to Libya and hiding the fact of it being an organized reprisal for the assassination of Al Qaeda's second in command, further implicates the US liberal media in yet another instance of extenuating the threat Islamism poses to the west.

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 03:38 PM
I can agree with the position the article states...the US should recall all diplomats and close its embassies in Egypt and Libya. Keep those destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea and focus on the video traveling between "Sam Becile" AKA Nakoula and Rev. Jones. Find out where it went for the additional subtitles and who handled it from there. You can't have one w/out the other. All are guilty from the looks of it. Drop a couple of drones in on their lap and that might make Mr. Eqyptian PM wake-up and wipe that grin off his face....

They are just trying to cause as much trouble as they can and those guys who colluded w/ the film and those two ALQ guys need a wake-up call....they are digging their own holes and don't know it....

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 03:44 PM
The REAL fact is that if we were not involved in other nations affairs, we would not have this problem.

Who cares what the government or the people of Egypt does or thinks? Let them fight their owns battles and we are only involved because we involved ourselves.

Ron Paul and the CIA were right.....blowback is a biotch!

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

So we shouldn't have relations with other countries i.e. ambassadors, consulates?

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 04:40 PM

Originally posted by dontreally
reply to post by sheepslayer247

So we shouldn't have relations with other countries i.e. ambassadors, consulates?

That's not what I am saying. I am asserting that diplomacy with other nations should be based on common interest and mutual respect. Since the US has been involved in overt and covert manipulation of the regions political landscape, by using money and the CIA, we have opened ourselves up to harsh criticism and backlash.

If the US took a stance that we would support the people of other nations to build a government of their own choosing, and did not have a hand in it's reformation, we would be able to have a relationship in which trade and peaceful coexistence is possible.

But when we compromise their own democratic process' to benefit our own selfish goals, we open ourselves up to situations like this.

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 10:25 PM
So.....when was it ever different?

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

We tried to be Isolationists...what did it get us...WWII. The U.S. Military is a Global Force and it exists because if it did not...people would be Invading Each others countries for this or that.

When the Tsunami hit in both Indonesia as well as later in BOTH CASES...the U.S. Navy was first on the scene with relief AID of Fresh Water, Food and Medical Supplies.

Japans own Government...that was intent on no longer allowing a U.S. Nuclear Powered Nimitz Class Carrier Group to be stationed in their country...changed it's mind as the U.S. Navy saved THOUSANDS OF LIVES and was able to get to areas the Japanese Government could not.

The U.S. Military exists because it needs to. Split Infinity

posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

The US government and military exist because we want it to. They both do a lot of good when and where they are needed.

That being said, we have never been an isolationist country.....ever!

At times we have been, and should be, non-interventionists. There is a big difference and we are safer when we are not trying force our might onto other nations that people wrongly believe would "be invading each other".

The fact is that it is not our place to force ourselves on other people's soverign nations just because we have the audacity to think they would be lost without us.

That is an arrogant and misled point of view that has led to more wars for the US than staying at home and minding our business.

posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

I do not believe that the U.S. should Invade or Impose it's will on other Nations except when that other Nation has broken a Treaty such as IRAN has broken the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Or a Nation is committing GENOCIDE such was the case in BOSNIA.

These are the times when the U.S. cannot just watch and must get involved. Split Infinity

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