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Conspiracy...**WARNING: NOT for the faint of religion

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 01:18 PM
***WARNING: this contains opinions and views that may be offensive to others, none intended
What if the greatest conspiracy is in fact religion in itself?
Several years back I came to the conclusion that religion is all bologna. All of them. I can no longer stand any religion, or just the idea of it. I get frustrated to the point beyond belief.
To start:
Mind you I am surrounded by Christians, and was the only one of my mothers sons who actually went to church. I loved it. I got in arguments with kids 2 times my age for being satanic (rather funny memory). I've attended dozens of churches. Each one was better than the last. I would attend church and then be a council to my older brother while he went through some of the hardest times I've seen him have (emotionally). Then when my time came, I went into depression, I suppose (I think that's also kinda a myth, excuse for a poor attitude).
But first one event that occurred at my last church was just mind blowing. This church was also one that had many of my mothers coworkers attending, and her boss (

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 01:39 PM
Please use more indention (enter key) in your thread.

Will make it readable.

I love the enter key.

I use it all the time.


posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 02:34 PM
***just a little more to add.
I can no longer grasp the physical belief of religion. The idea of one being watching over all of us all the time is unbelievable. The rewards, punishment, and stories told by such books are stories you tell to children. I can not take a full grown adult serious who is talking to a imaginary god, a figment of folklore, books, and stories passed on.
I hate to say it but if eel like religion is a sign of weekness. Sounds bad, but I truly feel that way (personally). My real life that I really live is really ticking away and I have real problems, now let me stop and ask for a miracle from the sky. C'mon! Bologna! One needs to look inward, find that inner strength, that inner knowledge, and not quit or surrender EVER. The human spirit is a strong thing and if on has the will to survive he can, in times of hardship he finds the problem, finds a solution, fixes it and carries on till the next problem.
Tis a very similar concept to old people. Ha . Wisdom comes with age, as a givin I believe I could re-word that to wisdom comes from experience, and have the same meaning. The more problems you run into, the more opportunities that are thrust your way for self improvement. Knowledge is one of the strongest thing in the world. I suppose it's time for a peak into why I think it's weakness. Ok. I feel like a well maintained human being, has the muscle and ability to make what he needs. The brains to survive, adapt, and stay sane. But fear, fear makes us wonder, makes us question. Fear makes us look to other for answers, for help. That dependence on others I see as weakness, that's just me and that's because of my own personal history and experiences.
so don't get me wrong I know religion empoweres and in some ways strengthens its followers. That's why religion is so fascinating. Its an amazing site when you see a real religious group working with each other and in harmony helping each other along the same path to righteousness. When the people are genuine, the intentions are genuine, and the atmosphere is genuine, people are bound to be happy.
Humans want to feel like we are apart of something bigger. Why, because isn't everything apart of a bigger picture? Even though on many accounts were apart of many pictures, basically walking art museums. In religious groups the people gather, sing, dance, drink?, pray, study, and obey. Obey who? Or obey what. Obey the book. Obey what some people thousands of years ago wrote down and just said it true. In 2000 years what if some type of future person or new species or aliens explore the planet and discover a book, let's say 'the five people you meet in heaven' and they believe that as a historical fact. Or a situation resembling the movie "Galaxy Quest" main plot point.I merely see weakness as relying on others for your own survival. I understand sometimes people have no choice, but those who have the ability to better themselves and blatantly remain blind.
Or perhaps they remain blind and oblivious because of the fear. Fear of the unknown. Afraid of what trouble await them in life, around the corner, down that dark ally, or what happens once you lose everyone and everything you know, all of it taken in what is to be called your death...GOD will not decide when you die, hopefully you will. By being safe, smart, fit, and self sufficient!
€THE BIG 1. What if the POPE doesn't believe. What if the powers that have much more power than you and I have somehow gotten proof that he does or does not exist. What if all the higher ups know, What IF they just spread the same stuff around over and over just to keep the sheep flocking and do what needs be done when its said to be done. By the sheperd ofcourse. And what if (literally thought this up 3 seconds ago) what if these questions are to what the masons(some free)
hold the answer too???

Ok I know this has gone on for a long time, because from start to finish (the thread) I swear it's been like 2 hours and I just keep ranting I feel with no end. I'm in fear.i fear the end of this post. Concluding what i am sure you wanted over 5000 word ago. I hope the warnings were sufficient. I just don't want to have to deal with any trouble regarding warnings, banning, or just hurting your feelings (remember, really guilty). I try not to post my stupid beliefs on to much, as haven't even visited in months
I would like a little feed back on execution of. Long ass thread, I feel I typed a small story...

I hope you all at some point in time at least like part of the thread.
Just added the €The BIg 1, hope this thread makes you think at least a little bit

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

My apologies, I have horrible luck with computers, mainly laptops so opted out and just got my iPad which I now use. But I did try t use it when appropriate. Definitely looked real nice on my end brother. Haha

**oh I see what ya mean. Now that I think about it, the letters are prolly a lot smaller on the computer screen or even a phone screen. Noted, I shall use it more frequently
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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 03:01 PM
Organized Religion = Corruption

Faith = Hope

Hope = Fortitude

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 04:30 PM
If people would stop worrying about what some contrived, invisible deity in the sky thinks of them and would just live their lives, the world be such a better place

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by TheLonewolf

I'm not sure if I completely agree.

Certainly it's better live a life assuming someone is always watching.

I don't think anyone really knows what our "creater"

Is like, or what he wants. Perhaps the Egyptians were on to something though,

And them Mayan, and Aztec were on to something...

Keeps the pressure on to make the correct choice, or decision.

I for one was the class clown, yet for some reason if I were to have to standup while everyone

remained seated, I would be like a vampire in the sun,
my body temp skyrockets, heart pounding, start sweating and get choked up.
I graduated just this year, and in my school
We had to do a senior project which includes write a at least 8 page report and then present the topic via PowerPoint or prezi to a classroom of the English teachers choosing.
I learned many skills while doing that project,
And for something we (class of 2012) dreaded for 5 years
(8th gr was merged into the high school)
Turned out to be one of the best things for me and
Something I recommend to all the under classmen.
However the worst part was the presentation,I was nervous internally,
I projected nothing but
My ability to handle it. Also I got real stoned before the presentation (1st hour) lol
But I was able t over come my fear then and there,
the teacher whom I presented to said I seemed real comfortable,
I was not. Haha. But the just throwing yourself into your fears
is sometimes the best and easiest way to conquer them.
After that there was one humourous occasion where I had to present
another thing to a class and as soon as I went to say my first word,
all eyes on me, trying not to crack under pressure,
my throat instantly dries up and I can't breath or talk.
8o I had to go get a drink and the trick was to just go with it,
make the best of it, turnit into a joke, become victorious against the fear!

I'm not sure why I told this story, but it just happened. Deal with it

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