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Are we playing the fool?

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 01:31 AM
Waking up.

Everyone here has "woken up" to a certain extent more or less. We acknowledge that things are not necessarily as they seem or claim to be in the broad spectrum.

Politics, media, economy, social unrest, civil liberties, domestic/foreign policy, war, military spending, aliens, governments, etc etc etc(this list could continue throughout the night).

What bothers me is how quickly this awakening has transpired, and what exactly it means. With the internet, information along with opinion can travel far and wide, moreso than ever, with the littlest excursion. It's all to easy to express ideas and opinions, and get them out to dozens, hundreds, thousands of people, even though you are a drop in the ocean. And really, that's a great thing, isn't it?

We have people "awakening" to all sorts of issues everywhere. We are the few who can see, who can understand, who can change what is. Right?

I wonder. I really do. The change is so damn whole,so righteous, so quick, that I wonder if we have out of the blindness of seeking the truth, we've been fooled into stepping into a trap.

Please, don't get me wrong. I have no political or ideological spin i'm trying to get through to you. I'm just asking the question, in all our intelligence, knowledge, the seek for truth and understanding within these global impurities and lies perpetrated on us as fact and truths, in our fight against it, are we not playing the fool, playing right into their hands?

After all, in the great span of things, if the popular term here, TPTB, have controlled most politics, major events, movements, trends, (again etc etc) it so crazy that we collectively have been lead to this minority, this new "thought form third party"?

We'd like to think we are part of a growing event to topple all this falseness, these lies and to attempt to lead the sheep to a better, smarter pasture. Are we? Or are we led to believe we are part of this movement, this new awakening, that we can topple this tyranny we are so convinced we live in?

Frankly, I don't think this is a new awakening. I think this is the summit we are ment to be a part of. Gun/ammo sales through the roof, people investing in off the grid living openly, doomsday prepers in the media eye, this isn't a valid movement, this is a trained, expected, forced movement.

I welcome your views and discussion on this topic. Please, to the best of your ability, do not defense to conserve/libs they say/we say argument, it's pointless here unless in valid terms, most of which seems to be exempt on this forum. Speak your mind on the subject, but attempt to not pray fall to ignorance by association.
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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 01:51 AM
I've been trying to think of how I could respond to this...
I agree with what you are saying here. I could play "devil's advocate" and say, what if what you are saying is what "they" want us to think we have no power? But I don't believe that.

"ordo ab chao"

That is what they want! That is what they are going to get.
I don't need to prove will prove itself, given time. The masses aren't ready for true "freedom"....even in the event of "revolution" things would just cycle around to the same garbage we have now......or worse!

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 07:51 AM
I think that if "prepping" in truth and honesty (not just buying a bunch of tactical crap and 30 years worth of rice and beans) is part of their agenda, then idk WTF TPTB are doing bc they've spent so long getting us dependent. True prepping is learning and applying self sufficiency... I don't see how that benefits the overlords one bit.

Maybe my mentality is more closely associated with the homesteader. I feel like the survival community has broken up into three main factions: Survivalists, Preppers, and Homesteaders. I think Homesteaders get a bad rap at times for being hillbillies or backwards. Some are perhaps, but homesteading doesn't have to mean running around in overalls barefoot and combing the highways for roadkill. It's a lifestyle for sure... One many people don't understand bc they think it's a giant step backwards. I disagree. I see that kind of self sufficiency as taking back responsibility for how we treat our bodies, our animals, our land and each other.

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 12:08 PM
Thanks for the comments, I'm not really sure if my post really expressed any of my feeling very clearly.

I guess the possibility that our eyes have really been opened is simply a matter of intelligent people questioning the grey in a mostly black and white world that we are led to believe this is, more often and in greater numbers. Communication between free thinkers rather than being a sponge to the MSM outlets.

Interest in the hidden world, hidden truths within what we are told is the truth of course is nothing new, nor are conspiracies and the lot. Myself, I suppose my eyes were opened a bit by that gem of a show known as the X Files, it was a popular mainstream show that made one think about the possibilities that our world, our governments, are not nearly what they appear to be. I think the whole 9/11 conspiracies were the real boot to the butt for alot of people, whether they bought into some of it or not, got them at least interested that things might not be what they seem.

This site, especially these topics we discuss have been around for some time, but the massive increase of people jumping on board to these kinds of ideas, ideals, in such a short time, people collectively questioning everything these days, preparing for some event in droves just because so many other people are doing it...I just feel we might be led down this path with a helping, shadowy hand. For what end, I have no idea.

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 12:50 PM
Most people are not actually that aware.

Most people have been caught unawares in their thinking that they are themselves aware.

People have only sought half-way and have locked themselves into a position of utter confusion. When you have only half of the truth, you still only have a whole lie.

This is the trap that was set and most everyone fell into it. Very few people are actually aware as to the real big picture.

IF there are a 100,000 people that are truly aware out of about 7 billion people, then only .0000143% of the population of the earth would be aware.

I haven't met one other person in my life that seems to be truly understanding what is going on. I imagine I have actually interacted with at least 20,000 different people and met double to triple that and shared the same oxygen with about 10 times that. So I might have shared, based on my own numbers, air with about 2 other people that might be aware as to what is actually going on.

Of course, by being aware, I do not mean that someone is all-knowing concerning all events... but rather that we have a fundamental understanding regarding the powers that are working in this world.

I am still waiting to see more people at ATS that get it.

I haven't seen many.

The greatest contributors to this website are certainly not the most aware (and if they are, they intend on sending people another direction). The ones that have been hanging around ATS for years upon years that do not post much or only recently signed up to make a comment - you know those people... I have found that about 10% of those people are more aware than most here.

I imagine that is because those who pay attention and listen more are likely to be more understanding than those who post endlessly and have no issue getting into endless debates and have no problem sharing a lot of nonsense information that is theoretical, incomplete, utterly biased (beyond the degree which should be acceptable concerning any individuals' allotted bias, which should be allowed to an extent for we are indeed human) and as well, most of the information here is completely USELESS!

It is good that ATS has provided a platform for all of these ideas and discussions to take place. I think it is wonderful. I think that these same discussions are taking place a lot more all around. However, it is peoples' responsibility to use these platforms wisely. If people would stop responding to and feeding childish behavior and useless bits of information that have no actual bearing on the reality with which we face, then these lost children that think they have something useful (whether for attention, which I understand - or to cause divisiveness, which I hate) will stop playing their games and start listening more. Simply ignore the foolishness and respond only where you have a genuine question or something genuine to add (and in my humble opinion, humor is not a bad thing - it's the derailing that occurs on account of it because adults are worse these days than a fart during nap session in a kindergarten class - everyone has to laugh and/or attack the event).

There is the potential for much learning and a greater awareness; but it's not going to happen. Or, at least, people aren't going to make it happen. People have become beyond repair, yet again, in this human history of ours - and this is exactly the excuse that "they" (whoever "they" ACTUALLY are) need to act the way that they have been acting and to catalyze the events that have, in the past, taken place many times and will, and are, unfolding now... and now more than ever.

No, I believe that people will not become aware until the moments before each of their deaths. I think that people have put such a blinder on themselves and have gone after any one notion that fits their own idea, their own paradigm they have created for the world around them, and anything that justifies those ideas, and people will not let go. Everyone must have full control - and yet ironically they would gain more authority by having relinquished that imagined control. Submission to an authority is required before one can learn how to be authoritative.

It bothers me a little that people are so backwards. For example, the people who believe that we are in control of our own destinies, or as many would call themselves, liberals, are the same people who think the government should be intervening in more affairs as if more freedoms would be awarded them via legislation of rights. But how blind must one be to believe that creating a law, a boundary, creates more freedom? But isn't the law a castle and you can only do as you wish as long as you are within those walls?

And then those that believe that our destiny is completely decided for us are the same that would tell the government to back off and let us do as we please. You call yourselves conservatives - but do you not know that in order for your destiny to be determined, one must have authority to determine it?

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 02:14 PM
I think it is ridiculous how backwards people make themselves. It only takes a few seconds of consideration to understand these ironies; these miserable ironies.

Irony should be redefined to mean that an imperfect individual existed and participated in any event. Irony is the inevitable result when a human being thinks one thing, says another, and then again does another and then speaks differently than what actually occurred.

Yet another thing that I find very ridiculous is that everyone has proven the old game, the rumor game, which is commonly referenced when discussing the accuracy of the media and history, has merit in its lesson. And yet everyone still, like fools with amnesia, turns around and regards their text books and their newspapers and their television set and now all the information on the internet!

It is truly maddening that people are jumping to conclusions so rapidly and boldly and fiercely - it's a ruse! You're playing a game and I see right through you. You're out for blood and your own justification. You're bored with your life so you intend to destroy everyone else for your satisfaction! You falsely claim the name of God and you rend to pieces those who follow you in the very same Name. You give a reason and an excuse to those who deny God - or rather, attribute His greatness to lesser beings, or things, or ideals, to cause them to hate and to rail against God for things that are not His character (and yet, it is also their responsibility to seek also, and not desire to be fed the truth instead of picking the fork up and putting it in their mouth themselves, as the plate has been set before them already).

But you're all playing the same game - a game, a useless game. It's a game of vanity.

I don't know that I have the ability to express to all people how exactly to arrive at the awareness that they need to understand and overcome the world. There are many who will not listen simply by reason of the fact that I mention God. You only hinder yourselves because of your bias. I understand your reasoning for denying and defying God; however I do not agree because the only arguments against Him come from your narcissism and self-esteem. You claim to be so wise as to proclaim that He does not exist and yet you will readily admit that you do not know everything. How ironic. You will put down those who claim to believe (and yet believing is no incredible thing; that is not the hard part) and you say, "Well how are you so arrogant to say to us that there is a God without proof?" The very same are the ones that claim to want the power to get rid of religion in the world because they see that many people die on account of it. Do you not see the irony in wanting to control everyone else so that, in your mind, more people are saved - and yet you reject the existence of the Creator that you reject because He claims dominion. How ironic that you claim dominion for yourselves and reject One greater than you that same dominion. And I think it goes without saying all those who claim that God is their God but at the very same have no problem exercising their dominion for their own gain are even more corrupt.

So from where does awareness come?

Humility. Patience. Understanding. Wisdom. Faith. Hope. Love.

And while love is the greatest of all these and gives power to the rest, if you lack any of the other attributes, then you are also lacking in love.

Lean not unto your own understanding, but believe in God. If you cannot lean unto your own understanding, how can you trust everyone else? But then, also, you don't need to put your trust into men; but instead put your love into men. This is how you gain wisdom and understanding.

But also know that we are still all human without a knowledge of all things. You simply do not know everything. When faced with this simple reality, the only logical conclusion is to put your faith, not into yourselves, but into God, who is light, which reveals all things and removes the darkness, and also who is wisdom, which gives us the understanding to know what it is that the light has revealed to us; and also who is love, which gives us the ability to suffer and withstand those things with which we are uncomfortable, which becomes apparent after all things have been revealed.

But as long as you rely on your own understanding and your own desire for control, all these things you see going wrong; all these lies, all these problems have power over you and everyone to whom you spread this disease of self-esteem and self-empowerment and self-knowledge. It is a disease contracted by choice. It is also cured by choice.

I have been interrupted during the course of the statement I desired to make.

So I will break here because there is quite a bit of conversation taking place here at my house.


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