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Rich Guy + Demonic Encounter = Epic Story

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posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 09:24 PM
I just thought it would be intersting for you guys to hear this man's story as it is like chicken Soup for The Soul to hear the incredible things that can humble somebody whose got what you wish you had change his worldview after a remarkable encounter with the unseen spirit world.

Part 1

Part 2

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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by EfficientP

This is pure propaganda. There's a whole system this guy follows:

You begin with a cocky, self-confident, materialistic "every man's man" who has his whole life figured out. He doesn't need God (as he considers Christians to be living with a "crutch"), and he trusts in science and his senses, etc.

Suddenly you toss a lesson in humility his way. In this case, he wife divorces him because he doesn't love her, and she doesn't know the real him, or some "spiritual" reason. Suddenly our materialistic businessman becomes a devout atheist (for no discernible reason, but he mentions it in the video).

Next, you introduce some victims (his children) who will become important later. Now for the conflict. A spirit is all-of-a-sudden possessing his house. It manifests speaking "foreign languages" and terrorizing his family. All of a sudden the spirit is now a demon, ignoring the fact that demonic haunting and possession have stages which all cases develop along: Manifestation (where it is heard, not seen); Infestation (where it is seen and begins to command attention); Oppression (where it rules over those suffering); Possession.

Now, here comes the big reveal: the spirit mentions Hell, as if Hell and Heaven are the only two options available in the Afterlife. This becomes areal threat as his children and he might go to Hell (oh noes!) Following this, we have a rally against the New Age, against spiritualists, against evolution and how it can't explain the existence of demons, and all these various elements of modern aspects of living which deny Christ and Christianity.

Then, second lesson in humility: his family leaves, his business is suffering, he has to sell his home. He's stressed, single, and the like. To help himself, he goes out to relax and calm down. Second big reveal: via divine providence he is recognized by a performer who tells him: You have power over those spirits through Jesus Christ. Recap:

Reveal 1: the life you're living will lead you to Hell
Reveal 2: Jesus gives you power to change this

So, he pursues worldly interests, and follows the performer to her church, not because of Jesus (he's clear in stating) but because of sinful, lustful reasons. This, of course, leaves the platform wide open for his covnersion via some kind of miracle. Let's see what happens!

He arrives early and starts reading a Bible. He finds a passage discussing his spiritual battle. And, big reveal three: all of a sudden God enters his mind. Now he goes to church and is overwhelmed by the communal experience and the love of the praise and worship of God! Finally, he has his conversion as the Holy Spirit reaches out to him through the congregation and he is welcomed into the love of God and Jesus.

After this, he converts, believes in God, preaches about God's love and power, etc... and everything ends happily ever after because of the power of Jesus and God. Yay!

It's all propaganda. None of it is real.

I'm always saddened by people who are so susceptible to these types of retarded things. There are numerous methods for dealing with haunting, demons, and the like. Jesus being the least effective, and the one which results in the most deaths. He would have been better off turning to a Native American shaman. Or a New Ager who could sage his house. He could have even turned to a Wicca or a theosophical magician to cure his problem. He could have called some Ghost Hunters, or paranormal investigators to handle the situation.

Pure propaganda.

~ Wandering Scribe

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