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Dreams of 9/11?

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posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 11:44 AM
This morning, I had a deeply vivid dream in which a waterbed that we'd had for years began to leak. As the water level within the bed went down, we realized that some kind of creature had been living inside the mattress all this time. The thing was becoming agitated because the water level was lower.

My boyfiriend's brother (silly guy!) jumped on the bed, and suddenly a huge, brown hairy beast with long sharp talons on its hands and feet emerged. The beast emitted a screeching sound and began tearing the brother to shreds. My partner yelled for me to go and get help while he tried to save his brother.

I ran down the hallway, found a phone and dialed 911. A canned recorded message played as I listened to the cries of my boyfriend and his brother in the distance. In frustration, I kept saying, "This is so messed up! We need help and no one is there." Then, I awoke.

Later, I realized the dream might have been about the twin towers, brought on by seeing ads for 9-11 documentaries commemorating the anniversary of the event. Do you agree, and have you had any such dreams?

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