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16 Yr Old Questioned by FBI Over You Tube Video: about Ron Paul & Police State!!

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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 05:56 PM
This is funny, know why? Because most Americans still believe they live in the "home of the brave, land of the free",

posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 12:35 AM
I really liked the video and the message.

I followed Ron Paul for the last election, and then Obama swept in and promised "change" and everybody fell for that...

Well, lets hope people have learned this time. Trust me when I say that both Obama and Romney are the same personality, no matter what they try to appear like now before the election. They will both carry on destroying your country.

But yeah. You will get the candidate you deserve. I watched the thread where some american diplomat got killed, and comments were posted with "lets show them not to mess with America" and stuff like that...

Not many people here seem to realize that they are being played to go along with another war. Most people still see this as two opposing teams (America vs Libya), not realizing that civilians in both Libya and America are on the same team, and the oppressive governments are on the other.

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posted on Sep, 13 2012 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by jimmyx
c'mon people....the amount of school shootings has put the school districts on alerts for possible threats. the FBI, working in conjuction with national education institutions, have probably put out a list of behavioral indications that MIGHT lead a student to harm others. probably school officials did not want to take chances with their students lives and contacted the FBI...if your child was in that school, i don't think you would want some kid going off the deep these times, schools needs to protect the students and i think this is right?...hell no...but this is what it has come to.
because of the columbine shootings... parents, politicians, pundits, were all saying "why didn't anyone see this coming, and report?" they do...and parents, politicians, pundits, will now be saying "what about the childs rights" can't have it both ways
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Praise Lenin!

Yes. Pre-crime.Then they try to turn the kid into a soviet dhs spy. Seriously though CIAnon is not even a real hacking group. They are a false flag.

You cannot have freedom and security at the same time.

posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 05:13 AM
This is the type of stuff that scares me - like really. This is the reason i've had to go 'underground' when visiting sites like this or 'researching'.

I used to fancy visiting Miami, California, Las Vegas and some of the old skool parts of America - (never New York, it's just a city, i dont understand the hype, theres citys everywhere with shops and the same stuff as in citys).

Anyway, because of this, and because I've viewed certain things, expressed my opinion sometimes, downloaded certain software, done other 'non-PC' actions, digital protests etc I wouldn't feel safe visiting.

This new 'detain anyone we think is a terrorist law whether we have proof or not' is worrying. There was a story in the paper of a UK couple sent home for posting on Twitter they were going to 'blow up America and dig up Elvis's grave' - basically they meant go all out, enjoy themselves, do everything possible to enjoy the country, 'blow up' getting drunk etc. They were pulled aside by TSA and interrogated for hours regarding their comments, shouted at and then sent back home - not welcome.

If that was me i'd not be seen again - and I'm no real threat to America - i'm just part of the mass that want a change to the lies, death and destruction of our planet... maybe I am I threat after all because that's not what they want.

(When I say America, i mean the government, not the citizens).

posted on Sep, 15 2012 @ 10:03 PM
So it wasnt over the youtube video, they were looking to recruit him to spy on anonymous.

posted on Sep, 16 2012 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by Merinda

Yeah so covert right? If ATS knows I am sure Anon Knows. lol They're probably chasing their own tails. Who are Occupy and Anon protestors?? When you look in the mirror you really do see your own reflection! No surprise there. Maybe ATS will become a branch like the DOD.

FBI: We now have a reason to arrest them since we labeled everything as terrorist!

FBI: Come on guys lets go arrest Anon and Occupy!!

FBI: Oh wait minute, we can't do that because we would be arresting ourselves!

posted on Mar, 16 2013 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by anon72

“They also asked me why I had talked to my teacher about the Illuminati,” writes Hallman. “I told them it was just harmless talk about the 1776 Illuminati that formed from the enlightenment era. I said my teacher said they are/were terrorists and not to talk about them (this caused the FBI agents to look puzzled and they changed the subject very fast to Anonymous). In the end they finally left for an “important meeting.”

Is Alex Jones the only news source on this?

Just wondering because I believe if this were true, (the kid is a minor) any red blooded american Parents would have filed a lawsuit against FBI for soliciting a minor. That would be on mainstream news.

If this is true, sounds like it may be the teacher they are interested in but... it is highly doubtful any agency would try to recruit or employ a minor for this reason.

wonderful quote above, whoever said it.

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