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The Blackout

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posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 06:10 AM
It was the cold,

my skin had goose bumps, that sterile smell almost burning my nose, the cold hard surface, I can feel the weight of my own body crushing down on me, hard to breath. My brain kicks in returning enough to open my eyes now, without moving I let them adjust to the room that contains me, Bright shades of white and green. The taste of congealed blood in my mouth makes way to the realization that I can't move at all, oh its quick, that fear jumps in, fuelled by that familiar adrenaline rush. All I can do is breath and move my eyes, the fear is thick. I glance around the room; my sight is limited to the ceiling and a peripheral cocktail of blurred geometry on either side.

This place was alien to me.

What the hell is going on?
Clouded, my mind races to piece this all together and catch up,
What was I last doing, what happen?
I scan my brain for recent memories,
Nothing but that fear, and the endless blackness.

"Scared yet?" like an ice pick to the temple that deep clear voice breaks the silence smashed by another wave of adrenaline and uncertain fear. I hold my breath now to listen and focus in.

"What you're experiencing is an awakening; you will sleep now and when you wake you will comply with all that is suggested from this point foreword."

My mind eats the words like it's the last thing I will ever experience in this lifetime, creepy, I agreed with everything. What the hell was going on? I had no control.


Now I don't speak at all, waiting in my cell i am consumed by the horrors that haunt me daily, my memory reminds me in full vivid color. I was helpless to stop it, feeling like a puppet being force to watch a horrific nightmare unfold before me. Now I can't stop crying, my eyes don't stop weeping. The whole world knows what I have done, and I agree.

Just kill me already and end this misery.

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