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Good News Everybody! ....I have no news!

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posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 01:43 AM
Okay, first of all, this is my first post. I have been watching ATS for quite a while. In that time, for the first little bit, I found this site as a joke—a good laugh. Admittedly, after a while I saw some relevance in it. I saw some people who were worried, some people who hoaxed (for a good laugh and egg on certain people’s faces while other’s just had a laugh), and some people who asked questions.

Now, a little about me: I am in university for psychology as a major and political sciences as a minor. I am great at thinking about the world as a scientific object, that is to say: I think about everything as a reproducible experiment. I can show you a dime-a-dozen experiments you will call me a liar and a fraud for, yet I can reproduce those experiments a hundred times over—as any one of you can—the very same experiments psychologists, psychiatrists and even sociologists have been practicing for years.

I am also a person with extensive knowledge of Christianity and the occult. I am a former Mormon-turned-Wiccan-turned-pagan on the basis that I have seen things, felt things, heard things (etc) and done things (yes, I will admit) I cannot and will never be able to reproduce using the Scientific Method.

I am the Average Canadian. I grew up in an average Upper Middle Class neighborhood. I was the kind of teenage who knew everything and yet still managed to screw up their grades. I have been a druggy, a low income earner, and now I am once again a student (as mentioned above). My grades are great, blah, blah, blah.
I found ATS while loaded—honestly—and I had a great time reading some of the articles/forums. Some of them were downright funny. When I was bored I would come here and read a few pieces and be well entertained.

And then I found some forums that hit home, and then I actually started reading because I was interested. I started coming daily and just reading (trolling if you want to call it that), but as the days and weeks have gone on I have started to see a trend. You’ve got your ‘End of the World’, the World War III columnists who say WWIII has started or will start TOMORROW and the obvious hoaxers. As the U.S political election draws closer, inevitably, debate happens.

The trend I am seeing is not conspiracies, but wild conjecture and even purely idiotic claims that, anyone with a brain, can see through or can reason out scientifically. And those who reason these out in the forums are called naysayers and worse.

What I am not seeing lately is nothing that can be close to reality (Yes, reality can be a lot stranger than you think, I accept that).

We’ve got images going up that are about Nibiru, thus topics, which if you knew anything about physics—Newton and Kepler—you would realize could not exist. Or a better way to describe it: is *we* could not exist in the form we are now. It goes into a lot of different aspects, but the main one is simply this: gravity. With a second sun, Earth would be ripped out of the “sweet spot” or destroyed. Period.

December 21st 2012. First logical question: why would any civilization need a calendar going a thousand or more years into the future? Yes, as far as I know, images have been found that, interpreted loosely, show a “raise in radiation” but nowhere (not even counting the ‘new found calendar’) is there anything the Mayans show/foretell the end of the world.

The Illuminati Clock: what the hell? The perfectibilists(sp) are gone; good as dead. I have no intention to say the Illuminati do not exist—or some sort of NWO-type establishment—but really? A clock? A PUBLIC clock? A PUBLIC CLOCK ON A WEB SITE? Come on now. If the NWO wanted you to know something, you would know it, even if it was just something small and insignificant. It would be a bread crumb, something only certain members of the society might guess—like the ATS—with potential for the whole world to discover.
If some sort of New World Order exists, they are not going to cater to us. The best way is to use small, underhanded, events (and yes, 9/11 is small in worldwide affairs, even first-world nation). Then, when the dust begins to settle, use a little bit bigger event; let the dust settle a bit and use a bit bigger event. When everyone is sufficiently scared a ‘hero’ comes into play—a new JFK if you will—who will tell you your problems and give you a solution to solve it. Worse yet, he WOULD solve the problesm.

It’s the same as psych. At first I ask blatant questions: how’s your family doing, how’s work, etc. Then, when I think I have something I am concerned about, I ask more pointed questions. When I touch a nerve? I ‘beat around the bush’ and either ask insignificant questions that are actually incredibly significant, or in extreme cases, I use a sort of verbal slight-of-hand and get you to tell me what I want/need to know. A summation? I work small (small event), I get bigger (bigger event), and then I just sit back and (worst case scenario) let you offer me what I want to know. In that event, you tell me what I want to know (the hero per se).

If this was the 20’s to the 70’s (latest the eighties) war between the U.S, Isreal, Iran, and anyone else, would have been profitable and waged in a recession. Why? The people at home working in factories for the war effort. That could be the person making the bullets or putting together the armored vehicles. War means jobs and jobs means money in the economy. However, in this day and age, where everything is automated, war is no longer a means for money. War is now debt.

Granted there could be a war between Iran and Israel (or Russia or China or…), but it’s not going to be the same war we saw in Iraq (the first time). Afganistan and Iraq II are a prequel, tiny and insignificant countries. If war—a *real* war—was to break out it would be either (A) a short skirmish where diplomacy quickly finds some sort of resolution or (B) a “go-for-broke” scenario where large, countries fail.

If, as a hypothetical situation, the U.S went to war with China two things would happen. (1) As expected, one country would win due to military superiority (not counting numbers of people one country could pit against another) or (2) one of the countries would economically fail. If a (2) scenario were to happen, that is time to worry. That is when “go-for-broke” comes into play. That is when one country, whether militarily superior or not, has failed and will pull the stop-gap measures, in this case Nukes.

In closing ATS: I’m not saying there isn’t any weird crap going on in our world because there is. I will be the first one to raise my hand and say there is. Whether aliens or military, there are things in the night sky we can’t be sure of. We can’t explain what happens after death—no scientist can honestly try for it is the only undiscovered country we can’t access while alive—so ghosts, poltergeists, zombies, etc can actually exist. Metaphysics is a science not yet found.

What I am saying, ATS, is really read and fact-check what you putting your voice to. If there is a “second sun” find out what it COULD be.

Is Obama not from the states? You bet your ass he would not be allowed to run for Federal Candidacy.

Is Romney the devil? Well...the jury is still out on that one.

Is WWIII going to break out because of Israel and Iran? Doubtful. By the polit

posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 01:48 AM
political maneuvering in Syria as of late between 2 former superpowers? No. It would be more likely to see a Cold War 2.5.

Will you meet a time traveler that walks up to you and tells you he is a time traveler? That’s about as believable, and logical, as—oh, say—Hurricane Isaac stopping on the Louisiana sinkhole and sitting there to become some kind of religious and/or spiritual sign that we all are about to die because of a Zombie Apocalypse. Hell, that’s as logical as Obama, Romney and G.W Bush being related!

Be skeptical, be open-minded but for your mother’s sake…don’t be an idiot!
(Will there be a Zombie Apocalypse? There better damn well be! I paid good money for one… )

posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 01:59 AM
wow welcome aboard i thought that was the rant section bud
good to see a thinker join up a question for you who trained the first phycholagist and who told him it was ok to go out and practise boom boom

posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 02:10 AM
reply to post by Munku

Welcome to the are expected to clean your own cage, and don't throw food at the lurkers....

You'll fit in well here....look forward to meeting you in the forums.


posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 04:31 PM


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posted on Sep, 12 2012 @ 06:02 PM
Thank you!

Sorry for not thanking your comments earlier, I've been busy x.x.
I hope to actually start reading and (now) posting on the weekend


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