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Prehistoric man – Azores?

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posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 12:07 AM
Great thread as always. That's a very interesting archipelago and it's entirely conceivable that it could have been reached at several different points in history, by various sailing peoples. Personally I would have turned back after the first 1000km of nothingness but there ya go. I wonder what the sea levels were like around there 20,000 years ago.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I've been working on an original story involving Alchemy and the Azores as a probable settlement of the Atlantean Age. I've collected all my info here (and more on the way as of today. I found this post while doing research on a new posting for my page) and you might find it interesting:

@Icelandic Volcanic/Azores Atlantis es/

Wild Wishing!!

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I believe the human migration into Australia happened about 40,000 years ago, and though sea level was lower, I imagine that still required boats of some sort, so I could imagine similar seafaring outings into the Atlantic. There is also evidence of rather ancient forays to South America by Polynesians; don't know if they are believed to be that old, but are certainly still way back in the past. Native Americans used to make ocean-going long boats solely with stone-age tools, so I could imagine much older stone-age cultures as also being capable of this.

Re-reading the post, I see it is not claiming the cave art on the islands is 40,000 years old, but rather just of the bronze age era, which is 3200-600 BC. It wouldn't surprise me at all that people with the technology and knowledge of this era could make it to the Azores. This was within the period that the myth of Odysseus occured. If the Greeks were cruising around the Mediterranean, they or other could have made forays into the Atlantic. The Polynesians were certainly cruising about in the Pacific during this time.

Also, I vaguely remember an ATS thread on this very topic once before, you might do a searchy-poo on it, if you are looking for more information on the matter.
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posted on May, 31 2013 @ 04:35 PM
if someone say people lived in açores 1500y ago or somethin i understand why the portuguese establishment try to deny it.we all pretty much understand,we know how this stuff works.

but wen an australian guy say that portuguese been in australia way before cook u wud expect the opposite but that doesnt happen,portuguese establishment just dont care n even do worst,they try to denied it too.

wen some portuguese say that portuguese been in america way before columbus n that they knew about brazil way before 1500 they do the same thing.

wen someone in portugal say that portuguese knew about antartida centuries ago they do the same thing.

wit claims like this we wud expect them to support,to help studyin,its somethin gud to portugal rite?but they dont,they try to discredit u or just dont say a # n u wont go far wit ur claims,no one will support u.
u hav to get an hd video recordin wit portuguese in brazil before 1500 or in america before columbus or in australia to make them care.even if that was possible they wud say that the videos were made up or somethin.

before portugal n spain existed around 800y ago there was al andalus in iberic penisula.wen portugal n spain were formed they tryed to destroy everythin that was related to al andalus wit the help of the catholic church.they burn buildings,destroyed millions of books,kicked moors n jewish out of iberic penisula,they did the best they cud to wipe them out of history.till not so long ago al andalus was pretty much a mistery n was pretty much a taboo.

if u want to study iberic penisula before greeks,romans,phoenicians,etc got here,there is nothin,its like people lived in caves 2500y ago,nobody studyied it here.its like they dont want u to know.forget about it,there was nothin.
wat we still hav is wat greeks,romans,etc wrote in books 2000y ago.we add nothin to that in 800y of portuguese history.

there must be old documents we can look rite?no,wat do they say?
u know the earthquake that destroyed lisbon 250y ago?well,they all burned,theres nothin left,wat a pity.

im not much into conspiraty theories is wrong wit this guys,its like they hiddin somethin.

i remember readin somewhere years ago wen portuguese arrived in açores(or madeira?!) there wasnt people there but there was somethin as gud as people..goats.
i remember readin that wen portuguese were explorin the south atlantic they sayin that they saw some crazy africans in the middle of the atlantic on their small n fragile boats.
lost?tryin to go somewhere?hav no clue.
theres stories of navigators that saw islands on south atlantic n put them on maps but then they sailed there n they werent there anymore.islands that appear n disapear.

i believe people may hav crossed the atlantic on ancient times but i dont believe romans,greeks,phoenicians,egypcians did it.they just cudnt do it.
wen people say phoenicians n carthago were great sailors that is a lie,they werent.
they sailed in mediterranean,mediterranean its a bathtub.atlantic ocean its hell on earth.

theres a reason pacific ocean hav that name,its pretty calm n pacific compared wit atlantic.
even today,people wit experience n modern boats die in atlantic ocean.

wen i was young n learned about portuguese history n portuguese discoverys n them tryin to sail to india i thought to myself,how hard is that?just sail south along the coast,pretty easy.
not really.u cant do that,u hav to sail to middle of atlantic to sail south,u wont hav land to guide u n wen u dont hav land to guide u,u better be a damn gud pilot n navigator cos theres a big chance u wont see land anymore.ull die there.
hundrends of portuguese died studyin winds n currents on atlantic ocean.took long time just to reach cape hope n wen u reach it u hav to sail almost to the shores of brazil just to get the rite wind to sail to the other side of africa.

the other day i was watchin a documentary on discovery channel about the whales on açores n the team got a call that a storm was comin.they left pretty fast.
now imagine a storm start in atlantic n u on a lilttle wooden boat 700y ago.u dont believe in god?u will.wen 20m waves start hittin on u from everywhere i bet ull want that somethin supernatural save u cos theres nothin a human being can do in that situacion.

some time on the sea without seein land n people start to get scared,people start wonderin if the pilot or navigator knows wat the hell their doin.not much food,not much water,u eat n drink wat n wen they tell
u,the sun is meltin ur brains,u just the kid who scrubs the floor.if u do the mistake to kill one of them its like u killin everyone on the boat.i wonder how many times some guys there got crazy n did somethin like that lol

id like to see that guy that sailed from polinesia to south america do the same thing on atlantic ocean.
even planes get lost in atlantic ocean lol

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