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Did BP delay sealing the well so they could use it later?

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 09:39 PM
I just came across this story on one of the legal sites I regularly check and it brought me up short. I did a search and checked this forum by scrolling down and didn't see this covered. It just steams me to no end. I'd watched a fair portion of this while nursing a broken ankle and couldn't get over the endless gusher blowing oil into the deep waters of the Gulf 24 hours a way for week after terrible week. Now, we learn they may have been able to end this early and quickly??

NEW ORLEANS (CN) - BP delayed sealing the broken wellhead in the Deepwater Horizon disaster to make sure it could "salvage the well for future use," according to a dozen new plaintiffs who say they have nerve diseases from the spill, and will not join the class action settlement.

This is a new suit of 12 people who are consolidating but not directly joining their move with the 120,000 people already seeking damages for their illnesses and direct losses as a result of the spill and lack of resolution at the early point they claim it was possible.

"After the blowout and before the well was finally sealed, BP was aware of procedures that would immediately block the flow of oil into the Gulf, yet it delayed the implementation of any such procedures, and limited its efforts to plug the well to options that would salvage the well for future use, instead of selecting procedures that would stop the flow of oil as soon as possible regardless of the well's continued functionality," according to the federal complaint. "As such, BP increased the magnitude of, and damage caused by, the spill by willfully and/or wantonly and recklessly choosing its profits over the lives of the workers on the vessel, the safety of the environment, and the health, welfare, and value of the people, businesses, and property of the Gulf states."

This is just hard to fathom although it is about time the charges come out in the open, by specifics and under the harsh light of daylight in open court.

Nearly 2 million gallons of Corexit were sprayed and injected into the oil during the 87 days before the wellhead was capped.
Lead plaintiff Paul Doom claims says BP "injected at least 770,000 gallons of chemical dispersants directly into the damaged wellhead and otherwise directed its contractors, including Airborne Support (ASI) to apply considerable amounts of chemical dispersants directly onto the territorial waters of Florida."
In doing so, Doom says, "BP recklessly, willfully and/or wantonly failed to use ordinary care by electing to use chemical dispersants that are more toxic than others in the response efforts and thereby amplified the toxic effects on the marine environment and the damages to plaintiffs. ...

I absolutely do not want to see this settle. The attorney goes on to say that the reason he will not join the Class Action lawsuit is that the damage cap is entirely insufficient for the damages his clients have and may continue to suffer for the rest of their lives as a result of neurotoxic poisoning. The damage cap under the Class Action suit of the larger group is up to $60,000 each. I must say, a family member was recently in ICU for a medical issue to find $10,000 a day base rates. $60,000 sounds like almost nothing if a lifetime of Neuro-issues are involved.

Unlike other cases recently in the news and focused on suing people for money, this seems pretty clear on the face for fault and liability. The commercials they still run promising that it's all just fine now almost make me ill to watch.

What does everyone else think? Will BP ever be made to pay for what they did to our Gulf and it's waters?

posted on Sep, 14 2012 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Makes sense, why not have the option to use the well. The well is good. The equipment was bad. We need the oil. I say go for it!


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