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It's All About The Letter...

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 12:10 PM
Why don't I make this thread a continuation of this one?

That thread was started 3 days before This story came out. And as usual, the positive part of a story wasn't included in the original thread. It's about a 7 year old fan of the San Francisco 49ers who was heartbroken that his team lost. But instead of sending a death threat to Mr. Williams, like many adults did, he sent this instead:

Dear Mr. Williams: We just watched the Playoff game. I feel really bad for you but I wanted to tell you that you had a great season. you sould be very proud, so I wanted to say thank you. I am your # 1 FAN! Owen Shure Los Angeles, CA

p.s. your awsome

We were reminded of this on ESPN this morning, and it really does help put it all in perspective. It is, after all, just a game. Personally, I think that kid deserves season tickets in any part of Candlestick Park that he wants.

Good stuff.

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