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Comprador Bourgeoisie - This may change your view of the world

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 10:17 AM
comprador bourgeoisie (uncountable)

1.A section of an indigenous middle class allied with foreign investors, multi-national corporations, bankers, and military interests

So what is really going on in the world today? Everyone has their theories and while the theories may be different, most agree that it is organised chaos. The difficulty is in understanding exactly who is organising the chaos and why.

Wkleeks released a very interesting email correspondence between a group in spain called the CJC (collectives of young communists) and their counterparts in syria. It provides a different perspective of what is going on in Syria and what has happened in Egpyt, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon. The response from Syria is long so I will not post it all but it is posted in english on a Syrian website linked below.

Dear comrades from de Youth Khaled Bagdas:
> Many greetings from Spain!
> From CJC (Collectives of Young Communists) Spain, we want to know about the
> situation of the "protests" in your country. We can´t take confidence in the
> mass medias information in Spain and we want to have some trust information
> about this.
> For us it´s important give a political position to our militants and for the
> spanish youth about that issue as soon as posible, to break with the
> hegemony of the imperialist ideology.

> I wait your answer!
> Commission of International Relations of CJC.

And the response -

Dear Comrades,
kindly find below the Communiqué on the meeting of the Central
Committee of the Syrian Communist Party that you can find it on the
lin; " ".
Comradely Greetings,
Rashid Moussa
Responsible of the international relations of SCYU-KBY

Communiqué on the meeting of the Central Committee of the Syrian
Communist Party

during the discussion of the political situation the Central Committee deems the most important thing the world has witnessed between two meetings of the central committee is great promotion of mass movement in the Arabs world which manifested by overthrowing the two hireling regimes of imperialism in Tunisia, Egypt, and by wider mass protests and witnessed in many Arab countries against the regimes connected with imperialism. The Arab national liberation movement is witnessing a significant promotion, which currently occupies a distinguished place in the anti imperialist international liberation movement as predicted by the 11th Congress of the Syrian Communist Party .

After the defeat of U.S. imperialism on the ground of Iraq and defeat the imperialist Zionist aggression on Lebanon in 2006, the popular masses overthrow the two symbolic of imperialism in Tunisia and Egypt. revolution in Tunisia and Egypt, despite the difference in the detail and contrast in the circumstances, have carried out against the two regimes are absolutely loyal to imperialism and have close ties with Zionism, two regimes are based on tyranny, despite some institutional appearances.

Full response-
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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 10:34 AM
Very interesting... not sure what to think of it.

Could an expert on this subject offer some simplified insight into what this means?


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