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Conventional wisdom says the conventions are awful. Conventional wisdom is correct.

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 05:45 AM
This take on the US party conventions in the Spectator was spot on.

My, how each party is doing its best to make the other seem strangely electable. If Republican arrogance grates, Democratic smugness is just as aggravating.

[...] no sentient person can possibly watch these pep rallies and think he or she wants to have any part of either party. By their nature, parties are cults, but their creepiness is never better displayed than at their quadrennial conventions.

The theme of this week, always present in the background and sometimes stated quite explicitly, is that the United States and, hell, the world too, is lucky to have Barack Obama as its savior and protector.

If no one has yet quite plumbed the depths George Pataki reached in 2004, it’s not for want of trying. Eight years ago, Pataki told the world: “Ladies and gentlemen, on this night and in this fight, there is another who holds high that torch of freedom. He is one of those men God and fate somehow lead to the fore in times of challenge. And he is lighting the way to better times, a safer land, and hope. He is my friend, he is our president, President George W. Bush.” People actually cheered this.

If the Republicans demonstrated their unfitness for office in Tampa last week, all one can say today is that, on the evidence put before the court thus far, the Democrats are determined to give the Republicans a run for their money. No matter how pundits dress it up, this election is a contest between two political parties that deserve one another.

The Spectator

Let's face it. Neither Romney nor Obama, nor their arrogant/smug parties, are anything to get excited about.

One can only worry about the future.

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