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Does anyone here have experience working in the funeral/mortuary business??

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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 12:31 AM
I received a funny offer a few days ago and Ive been mulling it over. I need more info that may vary from my circle of friends so where better to ask than ATS where diversity abounds.

I an am ex RN and older. Havent "worked" in a while as in a steady job in a few yrs due to my middle daughters transplant and the many complications. What I do is some victims advocacy when the regular advocate is swamped.. which is often around here.. and though I dont anymore, I ran the crime stoppers in our town. I also work as volunteer only with troubled youth, but we dragged in some more volunteers so I have more time again. I was speaking with a few friends over our coffee meeting and one of them who is in LE suggested I look into funeral or mortuary work. I was griping about being bored, believe it or not! LOL! We had a decent discussion.. with my background and all plus knowing a lot of folks in town this may be an option. He knows one of the funeral directors who needed a new person here by the first part of next year due to one of the employees having a baby.

Now, I have NO desire to work in embalming or the other services. Deceased adults dont bother me.. I worked in a level 1 trauma center ER for yrs. Its the kids that kill me. I can deal with complete assholes and I learned relatively quickly how to deal with grieving and heartbroken families. I guess I have the qualifications.. Id only have to renew my PALS and BLS certification to be compliant with Il law. I am an RN as mentioned plus a Masters in Science.. though its mainly entomology related. LOL! I have a fabulous wardrobe.. and lots of black shoes. So I figure Im set as I was offered this position. My oldest daughter who cant find a job agreed to be my live in paid nanny.

Everything seems to be set, but given my age.. Ive been around and I know well that there are things lurking under the surface in EVERY profession. I definitely experienced that in my first career! My question to the ATS community is.. if you are a professional in the funeral or mortuary business.. what do I need to consider in my decision??? My only experience with this industry is with my own family funerals and when I was in ER.. the body removal guys if I had to accompany a gurney to the back dock. What are the demands of a Funeral Directors Assistant?? The pay is about 30K and less than half of my previous pay.. but more peaceful I think. I HOPE! We are financially comfortable so thats not the issue. I need to know what goes on. YOUR experiences. I dont mean horror stories.. though they are fun too and I can sure share some from the ER... but Im really just trying to make an informed choice so I dont commit to something Id have to back out on later. I HATE it when its done to me and certainly dont want to do it to a family business in my own town.

Thanks and Im dead tired.. Ill check the thread in a bit. If I fall asleep it probably wont be until tomorrow. Weekends just arent exciting as they used to be and it sucks getting old! LOL!

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 06:29 AM
I've never worked in the mortuary business but after making funeral arrangements several times I have a few ideas about what your duties might be. As an assistant director you could be doing many things including; working with clients to decide what funeral arrangements they would like, scheduling delivery and removal of memorial items such as flowers, guest books, cremains etc from funeral home to church to clients home. You may be writing obituaries and maintaining same on websites. You might also be in charge of the physical building and scheduling cleaning, repairs and doing the same with their vans, hearses and limos.

The people work could be very taxing as most clients are quite emotional after losing loved ones. A sensitive person such as yourself could be a real asset in this area. Death takes no holidays and you may have no weekends or holidays as their work will continue at those times.

That's just my best guess from what I've been exposed to after making arrangements for several people including my dad who passed a few days ago. It could be a very tiring job but also a very rewarding one if you feel you have served the interests of the deceased families well. I don't think 30k would be a good salary for such a position depending upon what kind of hours you would be expected to work but maybe that's good money for where you live.

I do know for a fact most funeral homes are very profitable and should be able to pay well for good help. All in all I would say one would need great people skills, be very organized, good with numbers, flexible and very, very detail oriented as any small thing overlooked could be a potential disaster.

Good luck in deciding and if you take it then I hope you will find it a rewarding career

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 11:02 AM
Yeah, I bet there are some funny stories behind the scenes while the heartbroken are crying their eyes out in the front end. Ha ha.

Let's laugh about the guy who laid there a week because he had no one or the woman whose cat ate half her face or the motorcycle rider whose face was sliced off by a windshield.

Yes, the dignity of the dead is certainly a funny business.

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