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Do what thou wilt

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posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 12:43 PM
Wrote this a few weeks back. It's about the perils of magick and the occult.

Heart of grief obscuring
Frozen in solace
Entranced by darkness alluring

Ministerial chalice
Elixer so sweet
Mystical malice
Cloaked in radiant gems of deceit

Great is the sacrifice to find
Sentient bones
To reign in ascension
From ebony thrones

Earnestly seek truth
Or embrace the lie
Become spellbound
By the hellhound
That dwells inside

Puppet of perdition
Fallen from grace
Triunity fission
Temple of waste

Demons that promise
Power and gifts
A symbol
An identity
Paradigm shift

Defiled spirit
Weak in dying days
Reaps the fruit
Of poisonous ways


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