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Coincidentally Political Chaos on Big Emerging Markets

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posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 09:43 AM
BRIC was coined to refer to the 4 emerging big countries which are Brazil, Russia, India and China. It had prediction that these four countries are going to become the wealthier than the G7 countries by next 5-7 decades year. Agglutinate BRIC have a very big economy with more than a quarter of the world's land area and more than 35% of the world’s population. Jim O'Neill of Goldman Sachs had unveiled his report that India’s GDP will nearly as much as The United states and China’s is going to more than double USA’s by 2050.

Notwithstanding, in this year, we are facing with slowness global economy, have appeared in European region. The BRIC have totally effected. Moreover, they have confronted with their political chaos in the same time as well.

Overlapping territorial claims area: Senkaku-Diaoyu islands

The China Mainland and the ROC (Republic of China: so-called Taiwan) have been claiming that the islands was a part of Chinese territory since century 1500s at least but Japan army had took take possession of the islands during the war between the two countries’ dynasty in 1890s. Following with the war between the China formed as Republic and the Empire of Japan until Japan was surrender in World War II; it should pass the islands back to China. Somehow, Japan had unaccepted China’s ownership reference at 1500s and said that they have a fully rights on the islands after the transfer of administration from United States to Japan in 1971 after Japan surrendered.This controversy seems never-ending.

Chaos in northeast India

Particularly, in Assam area surrounded by Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China, more than 200 ethnic groups residence. Assam also has a number of natural resources have never been discovered. The natives accused The Mainland have been ignoring and treating them as the second-class citizens. They founded many self-governances and local trooped. The conflict in Assam started in 1970s and ongoing, since then 10,000 was died. In recent, this July, nearly 80 people have been died of this conflict.

Pussy Riot

Political disputing, Russian Rock band “Pussy Riot” has just fired up another political disputing on the biggest land area communism country of the world. They made a music video named “Punk Prayer: Holy Mother, Chase Putin Away!” in the rest of the year. They certainly insist on their ideology to resisting The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and Kirill I, the Moscow Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Three members of the band were arrested and accused of hooliganism. On August 17, they were sentenced to imprison for two years. There are many criticisms occurred over Europe. However, the latest public opinion survey stated that it still has many various sentiments around Russia.

What do you think why those thing occuring?

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 10:46 AM
The worlds forcasters, have a sort of steady-state mentality, with a growth factor built into it....
Their predictions seldom follow the actual curve.....
I think that the world will turn out to be a very different place than anyone can predict....
My reasoning runs thus because of the immmense amount of variables involved.....
Who the hell do these people think they are when they try to forcast what seven billion people will do?
Relax buddy.....the things been spinning for four billion years and hasnt stopped yet.....peace...

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