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The Road of Life...The Road in Life

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posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 05:25 AM
Before this road of life there is a road to life.

At the begining the road of life is not decided.

As children in the early years this road of life is under construction.

We build this road with the help of many people that are around us.

From a certain age begins the road in life..which at the begining can be very narrow and tortuous full of curves crooked more or less dangerous.

This road has only one way.

Sometimes has dead ends or it just stops.It happens...

Sometimes is sloping and you must climb and can have moments when we are tired but it passes.

But as we advance in life it can become increasingly smoother.

The road of life is a unique journey that you should not miss and always have to admire the beauties that appear in our path.

How is your Road of Life?


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