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Programming the Masses

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 01:55 PM
I was recently on youtube and as often happens, one minute you're watching some boxing or a movie review etc, next thing you end up at something completely random and unexpected.

Somehow I ended up viewing a trailer for a movie from 1986 called Delta Force. It's an action movie starring Chuck Norris but as I viewed the clip, I was left very unsettled. Here's the clip-

On the surface, it is just an action movie. But when you take a step back and consider what it is really about, there's more to it than simple entertainment. Here are a few quotes from the trailer-

"The enemy doesn't care who gets hurt, not how young, not how innocent, how helpless...It's a New Age of Terror, which requires a new breed of warrior, America's elite anti terrorist commandos committed to destroying the enemies of freedom..."

Now if you take the quotes from the movie trailer, that is essentially the 'War on Terror' that was waged after 9/11.

'Islamic terrorists who will kill anyone no matter if they are innocent or children, a new age of terror, America coming to the rescue to fight the enemies of freedom.'

I just find it very strange this was in a movie from 1986, it is almost as though the movie industry is used to program the masses, as if they implant the ideas into the consciousness of the peple before it happens.

If you check movies in the run up to 9/11, Islamic people are not painted in a very good light at all, there are numerous more examples.

So whilst the movie industry is entertainment to many people, consider how it is used by the elite to form public opinion, to program the masses, to shape the consciousness of the people.

With this theory, Hollywood can be used to hint at where the world is heading.

I watched Total Recall last night- tech built into humans, the police state, surveillance state, domestic terrorism- it's all in there. Hollywood is a tool of the elite to program people for the future.

9/11 didn't create Islamophobia, it was implanted into the mind's of westerners way before it even happened. Much of the time, we just watch a moview without even realising we are being programmed- think about Back to the Future- the early plot of that film shows the Doc who has stole Plutonium off Libyan terrorists to work the DeLorean! I'm not even making that up, you can check it

It won't stop me watching movies, but at the same time, be aware they ARE programming us to think a certain way and to accept what's coming.

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

Hmmmmm like John Rambo the symbolism of late 80s america helped the poor taliban fight the dastardly deeds of the nasty invading russian empire oh how things change lol

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