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Just Some Issues.

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 11:47 PM
Hi, This is going to keep me up way too late, I'm going to be brief.

We are all aware of the entangled mass of regulations, red tape, (or the more arbitrary types of laws) that groups of people over time have enshrouded the globe with. Some for good reason, many leave people scratching their heads.. "Who gets paid to write a law like that" what I am usually thinking.

For the sake of conspiracy, maybe those laws are being exaggerated? Taken out of context? Quite possible. How can I trust the source of who is reporting this law exists? I didn't personally see that it's true.

Anyway. 911. I don't understand how a helicopter rescue wasn't attempted. I never thought to search this question online all these years. I never really heard it mentioned, part of any theories or in the news on WHY is wasn't attempted. Mind you I don't think I was glued to multiple news outlets for lengths of time either. Maybe it was explained.

Whatever the possible reasons of why a helicopter rescue wasn't initiated only leads to other concerns that arise.

Quite frankly, who gave the ok to build such structures in such close proximity to other buildings and without proper safety preparedness? The average person has to jump through hoops to get a garden shed put on their property, or some other construction to their property. There are a lot of other things involving infrastructure that are designed by these "engineers" but how do they know what they are really building when you build something that scale? Look at freaking Fukushima... do they really know what they are doing? A building as tall as TWC should have built in redundancies or it doesn't get built. They could have had large over-sized helicopters hangared nearby just for skyscraper rescue. design large super strength baskets perfect for getting in close, and away from any antennas. Something. It should have been part of the design from the start.

The people that are tied into the red tape that involves building something like TWC or Fukushima is what is troubling. These people represent us, yet this stuff happens. They now want to regulate and control your healthcare. Its nothing new though I guess really. nothing the average citizen would ever get away with if they tried. Oh yeah I knew there were other examples. The Gulf oil disaster not to mention oil tanker spills over the years. You really could go on and on. Look at what they do to our economy jobs OUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

...The airliners.. why would you build an airliner that has direct access to the cockpit? For a non aero-mechanical type of guy wouldn't something like a divider wall be standard? The piloting staff could have their own little chunk of plane inaccessible to all others save for maybe two attendants and such. They enter exit through separate portal. They build these planes like this...AND THEN the FFA and government rubber stamp it, AND THEN they want to search you and your baby bottles.

I'm going to stop there that last part just popped into my head while typeing and spellchecking. Its hard to believe though they build a big jumbo jet and you can if you really tired get into the cockpit right? IDK I don't fly. But yet instead of fixing that (another one of their blunders) they want to search you!!!
Maybe this Obamacare won't affect me, but how do I know? How do you know? I put my faith that nobody will ever figure out a way to give healthcare to everyone who needs it for free. unless some unknown knowledge comes to us, maybe A.I. but no man or woman will be able to print the solution out on paper. Ever. They want you to think they can so you think you need them to control it for you.

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 12:26 AM
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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 12:27 AM
Yeah, who knows.... Cheapness? Cultural inertia? Management by crisis? Idiots who occupy jobs that are just one click beyond their intellectual depth?

My mom long ago told me that the world is run by C-students. Unappreciated; hidebound in their thinking; intellectually dulled; bullied by their bosses; hated by their peers. Incapable of comprehending or rewarding brilliance; making their decisions in the safety of committees....

Look at how the Japanese solve problems: They adore weird, effective, completely out-of-the-box solutions. They love their gadgets; they love smart people--they reward smart people. They take a chance, and they take personal responsibility. Gotta love 'em, the little bastards. But that kind of thinking would never fly here. Here, that kind of thinker would be ground to dust in the cogs of red tape and regulation.

Maybe that's why....

Aha. I see CookieIII had a revelation while I was still typing my response. Well, it still stands; I'm not going to erase it just to get along....
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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by Mailman

I don't understand how a helicopter rescue wasn't attempted.

Helicopters need to breath, just like a car or human. Fly a helicopter into thick smoke and the engine will stall.

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 06:06 AM
reply to post by Mailman

I dont think a chopper would be able to get too close to a building with the rotors turning and such. Besides a chopper would only be able to hold a few people at a time and would not be very plausible to rescue a building full of thousands.

Airplane cockpits I'm guessing are designed that way for the pilots convenience. Pilots have to eat, drink pee and poop like everyone else. Unless they somehow find a way to incorporate all that into the cockpit.

As to your original question, I think its a simple answer. The more laws they have, the more they can fine you for breaking them. Complicating things unnecessarily also makes people frustrated and give up on things like applying for Federal benefits and the like.

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 05:55 PM
I would have liked to be able to read JamesC comment, Maybe I am totally missing something or insulted someone unintentionally.

Maybe I won't like Romneycare either. I was just watching people jump out of those towers, and its just hard to believe that they ran out of options and that was the last choice they were capable of making. Who would think of this and prepare before hand though, even when your designing the building?

Apparently there are people saying that there were memos and training operations that this could happen. You would hope that it would have been a big part of the thoughts of those designing a big flying bus or a building jutting into the air. People shaping the world, but it's technically their first day on the job. Wheres the oversight? They have all these standards and strict guidelines for building airplanes (or skyscrapers & nuclear reactors, and oil wells), but apparently they failed pretending to be the experts. Now they probably just spend millions more per year organizing flight security that just ride around in the plane, watching normal citizens 99.9% of the time.

I didn't think about the air intake of a chopper engine. Though for such a grand achievement of building a skyscraper that can even be earthquake proof in parts of the world, a helicopter rescue would just seem kind of hokey now that I think about it. What about a crane pre-built on the roof to lower people down? More safety hatches and ladders so people could get to a different floor and the roof. Maybe a structure on the exterior of the building like a fire escape on a grand scale. I don't know they are the ones who went to school for this. I just don't understand how so much is overlooked in so many aspects of large scale stuff.

All over you have to conform to a set protocol. Where as it appears the official side of things gets to fly by the seat of its pants. Casting a vote doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Yet people are so embroiled in these politics they make it become almost nonfunctional.


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