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French police seek answers for strange multiple shooting in Alps.

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 04:07 PM
Four people (possibly British) shot dead in forested area near the alps. One of the deceased is rumoured to be a passing cyclist. Another young girl is in critical condition. Two women were shot dead in the back of a UK registered car, and possibly another male also killed with them.

Many spent cartridges found around the crime scene.

'No theory yet'
The area has now been sealed off by some 60 police, who have started a criminal investigation into what they are calling a multiple murder.

Five people including a child have been found shot in and around a British-registered car parked in an Alpine beauty spot.

Firefighters were alerted by a cyclist who discovered a girl lying in seriously injured in front of the vehicle in a secluded car park near the village of Chevaline, close to Lake Annecy.

A second man "dressed in cycling gear" was found "in the proximity of the car", according to gendarmes, who said the ground around the vehicle was littered with bullet cartridges, suggesting all the gunshots had come from outside the car. A bicycle belonging to the man was found nearby.

This link suggests it may be an armed robbery gone wrong:

Police believe the cyclist may have tried to assist the victims during an armed robbery.

but then it says.

The victims were found riddled in bullets following a "deliberate assassination," according to a source quoted by the Daily Mail. uthor=%2Fhome%2Fsearch.html%3Fs%3D%26authornamef%3DPeter%2BAllen

Three of the corpses were in a car parked in a forest lay-by in hills next to Lake Annecy
Badly wounded young girl, was also found in the 4x4, but later died of her injuries
Male cyclist found dead nearby with gunshot wounds
Armed police were tonight seen surrounding the Grenoble hospital where the single young survivor of the attack was in an intensive care unit

So what is this? A robbery? An assassination? Another terrorist or religiously motivated attack like the Tolouse shootings?

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 08:25 PM
Poster earlier here

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