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Life and Death episode 2 [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 03:15 PM
The morning came around to the sound of a world war two siren. Brian awoke startled, remembering his crazy dream, and also wondering why he had bought such an insane alarm when he was quite a light sleeper. I hate Tuesday's, he thought to himself. In fact there wasn't really a day in the working week, Brian did like.

Brian proceeded to get ready for work, oh the anticipation to see his boss almost put a frown on Brian's face. He despised Sandra with his entire soul. If she was to be an animal, Brian would suggest an anaconda. Unlucky for him, anacondas eat sloths.

Not that Brian didn't work hard and produce good reports, but try telling that to the cow.

As Brian headed downstairs to go he heard a strange noise.


What the Hell is that? thought Brian.

When he walked into the front room, Brian almost jumped from his skin. At least until he remembered that his crazy dream wasn't so crazy after all.

"Jesus! Can you put some clothes on?!" Cried Brian.

"Oh...sorry dude, people can't usually see me. I like to feel the air around my bone...s," Grimm replied, while stretching his non existent muscles. "So...what we upto today?"

"I'M off to work."

"Oh that's cool, we don't have to save the world or, no please don't let me stop you," answered Grimm.

"Oh, damn...I completely forgot...I'm the savior of the world," replied Brian.

"No need for sarcasm," said Grimm sarcastically. "It's ok, I'm just playing with you. Your job will be our platform for informing the world."

"Ok. Whatever, can we just go? I'm going to be late," Brian said hurriedly.

So, off they began on the trip to work. Brian always walked, he thought cars were too much hassle.

"Dude. I can't believe we're walking. You're 28 and you don't have a car? What the heck's wrong with you?" Grimm asked tapping his boney finger ontop of Brian's head.

"I don't want to drive, It's a choice thing, ok?" Said Brian agitated. "Anyway I think It's time you gave me a little proof, you are who you say you see that old guy sitting on the bench? Go give him the touch of death if you truely are the Grimm Reaper."

"Seriously?? What the Hell's wrong with you? I'm not killing some random guy when It's not his time. Jesus, Brian that's sick," Grimm replied sickened. "It may be my job, but It's not exactly a hobby."

"Ok, ok, so that was wrong of me. He does look like he's on his last legs though."

As they were waking down the street, a little old lady was struggling with her walking stick. It looked like the stick was walking her, as she tottered around in her high heels. Who in their right mind would have heels on in their 90's especially if you can't walk and need a stick to help you.

As she approached, Grimm moved his staff, and tripped the ancient woman over. It didn't take much, a quick breath in her direction would have been enough.

Everything turned to slow motion. Brian watched the old woman's life flash before her eyes, or maybe it was just her over stretched facial skin flapping in the air on Its way down.

"Nnnooooooo! What did you do that for?!" Screeched Brian, as he searched for a pulse. "She's dead! You've killed her!"

"Calm down Brian, it was her time. She was asking for it anyway, I'f only she wasn't playing mutton dressed as lamb." Said Grimm too calmly.

"What?! You mean you couldn't let her go home, and die gracefully?" Quizzed Brian. "She didn't have long to go anyway, by the look of her."

"Err...hello? If I didn't kill her now, I would of had to kill her later. Do you think people die naturally or something? Geez..who is this guy?..people don't pass on unless I kill them Brian. It was her time. Anyway, for all you know I just did the world a favour" Grimm confessed.

"What? You mean like she was a criminal or something?

"Yea, she could have been one of those kiddy fiddlers, she had those beady little eyes," Grimm replied inquisitively.

"You mean a pedophile?" Corrected Brian. "Don't be stupid, she had old person eyes, that's all."

"Oh really? Well I'll proceed to check the body for evidence then shall I?" Said Grimm as he began poking at the lifeless body.

"Oh my God, please don't violate the body." Cried Brian

"Aha! And what do we have here?...just as I suspected Brian, a picture containing two little kids. Case closed," Called Grimm smugly.

"You idiot! That's her grandchildren!" Screamed Brian.

"Is it Brian, is it?" Grimm replied.

Woooooo...wooop a siren sounded halting all the commotion, and a door slammed shut. "Don't move!" Shouted a police officer.

"Look! Wait! This isn't what it looks like, officer," pleaded Brian.

"Technically it is," said Grimm, as he received cold stares from Brian.

"What? A man standing over a helpless victim, purse open and you holding a picture of the grandkids. Your kind makes me sick," replied the officer, as he spat in disgust.

Brian looked to the side, "If you didn't kill her, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

In the moment of madness, Brian had just enough time to realise his mistake before he heard a high pitched buzzing noise, and felt his entire muscular system spasm in intensity and pain. The realisation of what was happening, was enough to make him pass out.

"Oops, maybe I should have killed her later," Grimm chuckled to himself as he got into the police car.

While Brian was unconsciously taken down to the station, the world edged a day closer to the end of days. Only a month to the 11th of September 2014, and Brian was no closer to saving the world.

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