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State health care programs and why their Illegal

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 12:34 PM
This thread is dedicated to the debate on Statewide health care programs.

I have heard over and over again reasons why Obama's healthcare program is illegal. The greatest reason being, The constitution does not delegate health care to the federal government. Understandable.

However, What are your arguments against statewide programs that are endorsed by the state governments?
I believe state care programs could spur competition between the various states and generate more tax revenue because of it. Not too mention, it will address a REAL problem of people lacking health care AND those that can't afford it. I think it's the libertarian thing to do. It's the AMERICAN thing to do. And our state constitutions can be amended if need be, to address this issue. Also, being that it's statewide and not federal, governments would be able to address any local state issues that arise that a federal government could not. Disagree? Why?

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