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'Darling Humans' a gift from the Moon [2014WC]

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 09:04 AM
Darling Humans, Children of my dream, creators of your nightmare, I have for you, your final Gift,

Tears are shed from eyes that have witnessed your sadness, your madness, your descent into Consciousness. I would wipe them away from my cheeks, but I must feel the manifestation of eons of mistakes, trickling down my face.

I had such high hopes for you and your future, unknown and left up to you. I watched and prayed that you might wake up to the simplicity of Life, but it seems my wanting was for nought.

How did you expect this all to end? Did you even think that it would end, at all?

Every one of you has ingested a lifetime of self-deceit, holding on to delusions of your own infinity. Was the deceit so sweet that you became addicted to it? Is the act of lying to yourselves akin to the highest of pleasures?

Why do you make me do this? Why must I value a creature that does not value itself?

Watch the skies. Do you see the stars? Do you hear the winds die down, as if they were alive? Listen to the silence.

The Moon is about to reveal itself.

Yes. I am the Moon. I am the one that resides within the Moon.

I am the one.

I am the one that creates the electricity pulse that has killed all of your machines and creations, and I will soon turn crackling fingers towards you.

I can see you all now, down on your knees. Pray. Hope. Cry out to me in vain.

I choose to be deaf.

I think it, and it is done. I am the Universe.

I am the one.

The power of me now turns to your brains. Now all of your memories come flooding back to you. Your birth is seen with a developed mind. The very notion of being born is driving the cogs of your final insanity.

I am the Solipsist. I am one of many. I am one and many.

We are one.
You are me.
You are now leaving me.

The lightning crosses the skies, and the rest of your life flashes along with it. I can see everything that you have ever done, ever thought, ever dreamed. I take those memories, and I set them free. You now have an empty mind, a perfect mind.

I grant you a blank Soul.

I smile as you finally tear off your idiotic clothes, thrashing around wildly as if you were an animal.

You are an animal, and always have been.

You lose the ability to speak your language, to think rationally.

You hear giant Intergalactic Engines start-up, but you do not know what a machine sounds like now. To you, the newly born animal, it sounds like a loud noise from the black colour above you.

You begin to hit the ground with your fists as my Moon cracks open its ancient shell of rock, and reveals a gigantic Starship that I call home. I have been here for billions of your years. I want to leave.

I will leave.

This is how it was meant to be.

You could never have let me go if you had your sentient self, knowing who and what I am.

The shell of my Moon, which is now shattered into a trillion pieces of rock, begins to fall towards you, starting fires, cleansing all traces of you, and all you can do is look up to the sky with the eyes of a perfectly innocent beast, watching as I leave the orbit of your planet, not knowing what has just happened, and I decide to return when you evolve again.

My darling Humans,



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